70+ Memories Quotes

We go through our lives experiencing all manner of emotions and feelings and with those come with the people and event associated with them.

Memory is a person’s power to remember things and can, like an old movie, recall all those times both good and bad and reminds us that we are human.

Here are some quotes about memory.

A single beam of moonlight can shed to light all those memories forgotten in the darkness of the night.

We must look back to the joys and sorrows of memories of yesteryear and be thankful that who we were then is not who we are now.

Memories are vital to those who do not wish to repeat past mistakes.

Man may horde gold and jewels but the true treasure of time are strings of pearls we call memories.


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Like fruit, some memories can be rotten. It is best to throw those out so as not to contaminate the rest.

True heartbreak is when one lover forgets a memory the other holds dear.

Our minds are like a jukebox of memories where one single coin can play something random.

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When I am sad, I close my eyes and run through all the memories I have of when I was a child. The laughter and carefree summer days can make a most dreary day bright.

Good memories are talismans of light when you are all alone.

Photographs these days are wonderfully convenient but there is nothing like shutting your eyes and playing the memory in your own head.

Always keep a playlist of good memories to ward off the chill on cold empty days.

When we look back in our memories, it is always the little things that are the most precious, often not knowing its value until you recall it.

A memory is as effervescent as a woman’s perfume. As she passes by and we inhale the scent, vaguely remembering it as she disappears in the distance.

Your memories tie you to who you are. All that you know, love, and treasure are kept in your mind and holds you together making you whole.

Make everyday something worth becoming a memory.

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The best thing a parent can give to a child is wonderful childhood experiences that he or she will remember as a lovely memory.

People often wish to forget those who broke their hearts but the memory should be kept as a reminder of the beauty of the moment with that person.

Beware of those who sell you false memories, for it is they who want to steal your soul.

A memory is a child in summer creating and collecting to store in its treasure box.

Each memory often comes with an emotion, for it is the heart that remembers through feeling.

Do not make a fool of yourself, or if you do make it spectacular, for the moment will forever be immortalized into memory.

Memories are warm blankets to warm us on the coldest nights.

You can never be truly alone when you have your memories.

The most hurtful memories ought to be shared. It is by remembering that one exhales and heals.

Some memories are nightmares that one has had while awake.

When we start forgetting, we start losing ourselves. Memory is what makes us human.

Forgetfulness is a trait shared by many, but if you are remembered by one such as that, that you are nestled within that person’s memory, you have truly made a mark indeed!

Beware the memory of a woman; it is as great as an elephant’s but as fierce as a tiger’s.

Memories are lighthouses. They pulse brightly, giving light to the ships that would otherwise be lost at sea.

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A memory is a tattoo, painful at the moment, and either beautiful as time passes or a source of everlasting regret.

Although our memories might seem sharp, they are the edited version of time.

Memories of triumph are doses of good cheer on an otherwise bad race.

The human body has an excellent memory. It seeks the lover’s touch, the mother’s scent, and the sensations of the environment.

The memory of smell is often the most powerful of all sensations. One whiff could take you back to place you’ve travelled and allows you to experience that time again.

A memory is a truth of a time that has long passed.

Memories are dangerous things. A flame that can warm you may also be the match that sets you on fire.

I always wake up every day determined to make excellent memories.

Nothing last forever, but memories borne out of a monumental experience will live on longer than your lifetime.

The best thing you can offer an elderly person is your time and your ear, to listen to their memories replayed before they are gone forever.

I sometimes wish I could completely forget something so I could relive it again. Sadly, I only have my memories.

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People remember things differently. They all have a different perspective of an event. This is why it is such a treat to revisit old friends and talk about memories, to share, to laugh, and to be young again.

There are some things you will always remember and when you try to forget it, it creeps back behind you and surprises you.

Never let go of painful memories. They serve as a reminder to not touch the flame again.

As people age, friendship merely becomes something of a shared memory of individuals who are nothing alike and have nothing in common.

Some days I dream of memories, of a time that had passed but was so poignant that the sleeping mind wants to relive it.

Others live in the past of their memories, of the good times they had before, and often forget that there is still a future ahead of them.

When we meet some people, they are so impressive that they leave a lasting mark. In the memory bank of the mind there is a file with their name on it.

Friendship is sharing memories of good times and bad, and the weird crusty things in between.

A best friend is a person who will remind you if you so conveniently forget to mention an embarrassing part when retelling a memory.

Moments are made to become a memory.

Memories are what binds us to the Earth. Without this gravity, we should all fly away, lost in space.

Journal writing is the art of turning a memory into art.

A single memory is better than a thousand fictions.

A moment first experienced becomes a memory that is hard to forget.

It is said that upon death, we recall with great clarity all the events that happened in our lives. May your memories be worth the life you have lived.

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Such is the power of memory that the ancients created a god to watch over them.

There are just those days when all you want to do is to plug your brain into your computer and delete those obsolete memories you would rather forget.

The memories that make you sad are important. They remind you of how happy you could be.

In the wake of tragedy, we often want to live in the memory of our past. However, that memory is nothing but ash and dust, for true life happens in the present.

Always remember those who have wronged you. This is so you are reminded to never trust these people again.

Memories are files labeled for future reference.

Some people will try to steal your identity by giving you false memories. Be strong, know your heart, and remember who you are always.

Amnesia is horrifying. What feeling can you have to look upon an empty shell who is devoid of memories?

Our memories connect us to our soul.

If we do not remember the memories of our past, we cannot create new ones for our future.

Some memories are so vivid they are written down. These are called memoirs.

Miseries of the past, the dark memories, should be cleaned monthly like the cobwebs in the dark corners of a house.

I sometimes miss my memories, as I had forgotten them.

The mind is a secret garden, full of memories. Those that blossom and are fragrant are of the good times, the weeds and biting insects are the bad, and then there are the trees that grow tall and proud of accomplishments and triumphs in life.

To the gourmand, memories are always associated with food. Food for the soul, on sad days there is soup, wine and chocolate for romantic lovers past, great big meals for family, cheesy treats for good movies, and so on. One can forget food, but with food, we always remember.

Memories can either be medicine or poison. A cure to an ailment, but a sleeping death if one has too much.

Try not to dwell so much on the memories of the past. If you are having a hard time now, the thought of good times past will surely make your heart ache in sorrow.

Stories are memories passed down from one generation to the next to remember the lessons that one should keep throughout life.

Your childhood home is a place of memory. Not metaphorically but literally. There is nowhere else you can see the notches of height, the colored smears on the walls, the stain on the carpet, the silverware drawers and not see children running around as if time had not passed at all.

Memories are like specters. They haunt the halls of your mind at night, wailing and rattling, moaning as if in pain. The only way to banish these ghosts is to create beautiful new ones.

It is a true friend that reminds you, who gifts to you back your memory, to make you remember what it was that made you who you are.

Music evokes memories. There is nothing like listening to a song and reliving a time that had gone by. This is why people write them; to remember, to immortalize, to make sure someone somewhere out there can share the burden that was this person’s past.

Often there are world events so great that they become the shared memory of the collective consciousness of humanity.