Negativity quotes


Negativity can include being hostile towards other people or having that lousy attitude or evil thoughts about the things you have, the people you work with or anyone you know.
One of the worst parts of negativity is that it affects you, but it also affects the people around you.
It would help if you learned how to knock off negativity, allow yourself to get rid of the negativity you have and all that.
You can gradually switch your thoughts from negativity to positivity ones.
It might seem not very easy, but eventually, it will all be just fine if you do your best.
Here are some negative quotes to help you out.


Negativity is the very tendency that a person has when he is being very downbeat & sceptical.


At positive something is going to be a whole lot better than any negative nothing.


When you are a negative thinker, everything would seem very difficult; try the opposite once.


As a negative person, what you need is to mend your nature to be happy.


Maybe now is the time to let go of the negative people in your life & be more of who you are.



Being pessimistic is having all the negativity around you attracted to your mind.


People are a bit more open to sharing their fears, but they should be sharing happiness too.


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The thing is that even with a cautious mind, you can still get those weak negative moments.


Let the things you think bring you down be your very source of fuel to back you up.


It is a bit horrifying indeed that we have to fight our people to keep ourselves safe now.


Listen and repeat after me as I say that you should have no time for any negativity.


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I have always believed that the very things we want to achieve all depend on what we want.


No matter what, if you can, try your best to turn your negative situations into great ones.


If you always try and look at what happens after, you will never be able even to try, sadly.


Stop accepting the expectations that other people have of you; do what you want to do.


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When you have some negativity in your life, fight it off with positive things indeed.


Know that only you have the power to change the outcome of what is going to happen in life.


The smaller your mind, the greater the negative thoughts are, so start growing yours more.


Do not believe that something can stop you; if you want it, go and get it.


The moment you think it will rain hard on you is the very moment that it will get a grip.


Of course, things will be difficult, and you will be bound to some negativity; fight it.


And I believe that waking up each day and choosing to live is already a step against negative.


To free yourself from negative thoughts, what you can do is embrace your humanity.


You make mistakes, but that makes you human, so you might as well accept that you will.


Try your best to distance yourself from all the negativity that might be just around you now.


Though it might seem so impossible, you must still give it a try and see what you can do then.


I can’t seem to hold on to any grudges or negative thoughts, and I like myself.


There comes the point in this life where the negative thoughts fill you up; try to forget all of it.


You have to learn how to forgive people, and by doing so, you become a better person too.


When you learn to separate yourself from the negativity around you, great things will come.


The only way to be happy is to learn to be satisfied with who you are; you matter a lot, my dear.


Stop focusing on the differences that you have with another and choose to be a better person.


Trying to destroy other people is bad enough, but you should not let anyone step on you too.


If you want to produce positive things, then the best that you can do is filter that negativity.


Ignore the negative things surrounding the person you are and focus on being loved.


Love is the best defence of all time when it comes to those negative thoughts in your head.


Let there be no space for any sad or bad thoughts but only happy and positive ones.


Negativity might as well be a disease since it is a very contagious thing indeed, sad truth.


Focus your mind on what matters, and you will see that negative thought won’t chip it.


Motivation might be the key that you need to be stronger and better; you have to try it out.


To all the dreamers out there in the world, never let anyone else stop you from being.


By letting yourself feel some love, things are going to be better and more possible as well.


If you can try and remove negativity from everything, positive things will come along.


Experiencing anger as well as sadness is normal, and if anything, it makes you more creative.


You can get beyond this, beyond all the pain and all the negativity in your heart, my darling.


Life is a tad too short to spend it out in negative thoughts; make an effort to be who you want.


It is best for your mental health to remove the negativity that you can feel surrounding you.


The strength to be able to tune out the negative ideas in your mind will give you confidence.


You have to keep your focus on the right track and not let anyone stop you from doing it.


The things you love to do are the very ones that will save you from the sea that is misery.


Do not let yourself drown with thoughts that should not even exist in the first place, my friend.


Some people have that automatic negativity to everything. It is scary.


Keep pushing and be patient because when the time comes, you will get what you want.


When the evil thoughts come back in your head, try your very best to push them away.


Those negative thoughts will only kill the creativity in you, so do the best you can do.


A raindrop falling in the ocean is how your positivity gets killed by those negative ideas now.


Negativity is terrible because you get this idea that you should bring other people down to be ok.


You have done and achieved so many things, so why dwell on the bad ones now?


If we try and give positive things to others, it will eventually find its way back to each of us.


The world is filled with fear and a lot of judgement, so we must be the carriers of happiness.


The best way to remove those bad feelings is to laugh out loud and be truly happy indeed.


Nothing good ever really happens when you let negativity rule over your whole life, indeed.


Drama is typical, everyone has it and goes through it, but we must know which can change.


Let us be the change in the monotonous cycle that people’s lives are being, bringing that joy.


When you believe things matter, they really will, so we might as well do our very best now.


I think things might turn out for the better the moment you drop your negativity, I think so.


To realize that good things come to people is a good thing; make it a reality right now.


The most crucial part is that you will learn how to do things on your own.


Happiness and negative thoughts are inversely proportional, and you have the scale on you.


The thing is that you are the one in control; you decide how good you want your life to be.


What is it with negativity that so many people are practising it so much above all else now?


All that matters is that you do what you can and not let anything terrible affect you.


You have to prove everyone wrong, and I believe you have the capability to do just that.


Strive better and work harder, and you will be able to do great things indeed, my dear.


I know just how many millions of things and problems you have but know that you can do it.


When you feel surrounded by negativity, try and think of happy thoughts to cheer up.


I believe in you and that you can get to more important things, so keep ongoing.


Stop and do not let yourself be miserable; meditation might help you get a grip.


The thing that comes in very handily is to try and do something that makes you very happy.


Stop emphasizing the negative things you see on media and focus on being happy now.


Tell yourself that you are allergic to it: negativity should not hold on you now.


The good thing is that you can learn to be happy; you can become a happier person indeed.


People will try to drag you down, but you have the power to bring yourself back up; go for it.


Letting go of negativity and people that exudes it means that you love yourself too.


When you overcome the negativity in your life, things will most likely be for the better indeed.


Do not let other people feed the negativity you feel, and try to connect with your inner self.


Worry and negativity are just a wrong use of the imagination that you have, my dear.


What you should do is delete the negativity you have in mind and try to be happier now.


You can’t keep spreading negativity and wonder why you are living a trashy type of life then.