60 One Sided Love Quotes


Nothing can compare to the pain of a broken heart and, even worse, being refused by the person you love.
Because of that, songs, movies, poems, and quotes were born to help you cope with the pain when no one you can share your pain with.
Delve into the quotes and ease your pain with the sections below:


My love for you has built me up, and it is also the one that broke me down.


Will I only be allowed to look at the back of your head? Will I only be allowed to daydream about your sweet lips and your starry eyes? Will I only be allowed to forever thirst for your love until my heart forgets how to love?


I pray someday that you will learn how to love me, but I plead fervently for the day that I will finally stop loving you.


I don’t think it will be possible for me to forget such dazzling eyes which captivated my every dream.

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Every night I lose sleep thinking of you while you go to sleep soundly in the arms of someone else.


Let me drown in my slumber forever, for, in my beautiful dreams, you are mine.


Every night, before I go to sleep, I ask God to grant me the strength to stop loving you finally.


60 Love Quotes


Here I am, breaking into tiny million pieces as you dance and succumb to his sweet kisses.


I hoped of hearing the words I’ve been whispering to you every day when you are not listening. I’ve yearned every second to be wrapped in those arms, safe and sound and loved. Oh, but I can only dream, I can only hope of someday, for you will never be mine.


You cannot erase the prints of someone you loved so much and gave you so many memories to look back to no matter how much time passes by.


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I trick my mind into hating everything about it, but I only end up falling even deeper and loving all of you.


Before you hit that send button, can you stop and look at yourself in the mirror. Is that the face of happiness or pity?



A thousand texts will not nudge his heart. Sweet love letters will not make him think of you, not even for a second. At some point, you have to wake up from this trance – he will never love you, and that’s okay. Don’t waste your time on him when there is someone out there who does love you.


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Unrequited love is like driving a car without wheels – it will get you nowhere.


No matter how much you say it, his heart will never soar upon hearing your voice, for it has already nestled in somebody else’s.


The thought of you in somebody else’s arms kills me slowly every day.


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You are only within arm’s reach, and yet it feels like you are miles away from me.


It tears me apart because we will never happen, but it breaks me more to give up on you, for you are all I’ve ever wanted and more.


Loving you is like living inside a storm. In the end, I can only come out broken, twisted, and shattered.


Loving you is like a drug. It’s addictive, but soon it will destroy me.

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Thoughts of you are like grass. Every single day, I weed them out of my brain, but it just keeps coming back the next day.


The only benefit I received from loving you is that I learned how my heart is stronger than I think it is.


I have to stop loving you. I have to stop wreaking havoc upon myself.


I never knew that a heart could bear so much pain. I never knew I could hurt so much and cry my soul out every time you cross my mind. I never knew my world would plunge into darkness when I started loving you.


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Tell me, will I ever stop craving for your kiss?


Just a drop of affection from you is enough to water all the flowers in my garden back to life.


He shot me down with that smile. He suffocated me with ecstatic words. He left me bleeding to death when he took my heart away.


Hundreds of glances I give him each day, but not one I get in return.


Please give me back my tattered and broken heart. I don’t know if I can bear to live each day with this emptiness lingering inside me.

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Hey, it’s been 365 days without you. Far apart we are, no words exchanged. And yet, here I am, foolishly and ceaselessly thinking about you with every beat of my heart.


Even if you tear me to pieces or even if you reduce me to ashes, I would still go back and give you my heart.


I’ve never really known the word ‘hopeless’ until I met you.


Loving someone who will never love you back is like going to war and standing in the line of fire with your arms wide open.


Yes, love is being vulnerable and fragile before another person. However, if that someone can never love you back, not only are you weak before him but tragic and desperate too.


She wrote you letters every day. She sang your name in the wind. She smiled only for you. And yet, all of this meant nothing to you. Now that she has gone into the arms of someone else, you are left haunted by the pieces she left you with. All you can do now is wander into the abyss of what-ifs and regret.


To me, you are the world, but to you, I am just a mere passerby.


All you’ve given me were scars, burns, barrenness and a heart beyond repair, but still, I will not have it any other way if it means I can love you more.


My greatest fear is not the monsters under my bed, but when you said that you could never love.


I am still trying to figure out why God has sent such a lovely angel in my life, only for that graceful being to destroy everything I’ve hoped for with love.


I want to run to you when the world is pressing on me. I want to succumb to your arms and bask in the warmth of your love. I want you to be the first I see in the morning when I wake up. I know, however, that this will only be forever a hopeless dream.


I’d never want to hear the answer. I’m satisfied with your quiet smile. I know that the answer will never be a sweet ‘yes’.


Don’t worry if you see me bruised and hurting. Just give me time, and I’ll learn to stop loving you soon…I hope.


I’ve said goodbye a thousand times. This time, I will genuinely leave. I will, for the sake of my sanity.


The façade may look perfectly fine, smiling and laughing, but deep inside, I am slowly eroding and falling apart.


She may be the perfect one for me, but I will never be the right one for you.


I believe I will come out of this heartache alive. I pray that God will grant me the strength to make it through.


I’ve lost count of how many tears I’ve cried for you. I don’t know how many nights I’ve stayed up thinking about you. I know for a fact that no matter what I do, I will never get over you.


My worst habit is you.


The more I convince myself to forget about you, the more I get stuck lingering on the thoughts of you.


You are all I’ve ever dreamed of and more; sadly, I will never be to you no matter what I do.


You came into my life, if not to love me, then what for?

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You are the lesson I need no learning. My relationship with you was a wall I had to hit with my heart.


I could only dream of you, far away, forever beyond my reach.


Will I never get out of ‘almost’? Am I to linger at the edge of a cliff and perpetually stare as you walk away?


He may be my everything, but for him, I am nothing.


Forever, you will be left with nothing but scars and a bleeding heart and a memory of him etched in every cell of your body.


I love you, and it kills me each time I breathe.


Even though he spares me no thought, I can’t stop loving him.


Be careful of those beautiful eyes. They will lure you into thinking that they sparkle just for you. They will lead you to feel like they do care. In the end, though, when you are no longer needed, they will leave bleeding and almost dead.


I’m just a glimpse, a passing thought, while you are like a tattoo in my mind, a permanent mark in my life.


I’ve already accepted it and come to terms with it, but why do I feel like my world is ending?


You will never be mine – that’s one of the facts I’ve already tested and proven.


Is it too hard to love me back? Is it that difficult to look at me? Will I ever be anything to you?


When you finally glanced back at me, my heart soared and leapt and danced to the music of the stars, but it wasn’t me that you were looking at…it was someone else.


Why did you make me feel like I am your world? And now you are telling me that I am just a cloud of mere dust on your road.


You are my favourite kind of pain, and I don’t mind bearing you for the rest of my life.


The more I try to hate you and forget about you, the deeper I fall and succumb to every thought of you.


Hearing those three words from you is enough to stitch all my broken pieces back together.


A day without you, even though I hear another name fall from your lips, is enough to keep me happy and alive.


I cannot bring myself to hate you despite being left shattered and torn apart by your very own hands.