35+ Respecting Others Sayings

Respecting others takes great humility. It means recognizing the views and wishes of other people, while intertwining it with your major decisions.
It is not an easy feat as humans to consider others as we are born to strive to live and survive in this cruel and merciless world.
We hope you will learn and instil in your hearts the value of respecting others with the following selection of quotes below:

Respect for others comes with humility first.

The greatest act of humility is to take into heart the opinion and desires of others.

The simple act of sincerely listening to others, I consider the greatest form of respect for them.

Respect for ourselves leads our values to the right direction. Respect for others steers our behavior to the right path.


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Respecting others is a clear reflection of your heart and soul.

Respecting others echoes the eminence of your character.

If you wish to reap respect, then you have to sow it first.

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Everyone, no matter the race, the origin or the social status, deserves respect.

He gives the most receives the most. Similarly, he who respects others generously, receives an abundant of respect in return.

You cannot earn respect without first giving it.

How can you learn to respect others if you have not learned how to respect yourself first?

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Even if I do not completely agree, I still respect the opinion of others.

Respect is the line that divides men from animals.

A mark of a true gentleman is to show respect to those who has no possible use to him.

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To show respect is to harvest peace.

As we grow and turn more chapters of our lives, we will learn how to respect the difference and individuality of the people who walked into our lives.

There is beauty in the virtue of respect that not even the eyes or the tongue can even begin to comprehend.

The biggest act of love that you can show your teacher, parents or your master is by showing them genuine and unwavering respect.

I will always choose the path of earning respect rather than inflicting fear upon my subjects. For fear is breakable while respect remains steadfast even if everything else turns into dust.

Nothing can compare to the value of being accepted and respected for who you are and what you are.

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If you know how to respect other people, it means you are raised well by your parents.

Someday, if I am to have my own child, I will make sure to first teach him the beauty of respecting all those that surrounds him.

It is our faithful duty as parents to inspire the virtue of respect, love and honesty to our children for the future will be shaped around those values.

You are only respectable if you know how to respect.

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If each nation know how to respect one another, no blood would have been spilled and no innocent lives would have been perished. The world would no war, only peace.

Do you want to know the first step towards greatness? Start by learning how to respect others.

The primary reason why marriages fail these days is because the respect between the couple fades.

To cheat on your spouse or your partner is the same as showing disrespect towards him/her.

If there is neither fidelity nor respect, then there will be no such thing as love.


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It does not matter whether you like me or not, all I care about is that you respect me as a human being.

A household without an ounce of respect between family members is like a tree hanging at the edge of the cliff. The stakes of survival after a terrible storm is zero to none.

A man who truly respects you will talk no ill about you when you are not looking.

A true leader will strive to earn the respect of his people, not impose an iron hand upon them and inflict fear in their hearts.’

To be respected is to be carved upon the barks of a person’s heart for the rest of his life.

You know that you are starting to earn someone else’s respect when he stops and listens with what you have to say.

Humility in one’s self is the root from which the respect for others grows and blooms.

A man who cannot treat waiters with respect is a man you should not consider dating in the first place.

Respect is similar to the concept of give and take, you cannot receive respect without first giving it.

Of all the disciplines there is, I think that respect stands the highest.

The death of humanity is when everyone loses love and respect to one another.

There is no higher honor that I have received from my colleagues than their heartfelt and unshakable respect to me.

Anything built without respect will surely crumble before the might of a fly.

Never tarnish anyone’s dignity. It might not mean anything to you, but to them it’s all they ever have.

He who seeks the beauty of the world must first learn to recognize the vile and dark that flows within its rivers.

A friendship, one that will last the test of time, is certainly one with a bountiful of respect between two people.

Anyone and anything which breathes deserves my utmost and unconditional respect. After all, giving respect does not require me to give up an arm or a leg, is it not?

Treating you enemy with respect already makes you a winner.

People who have lost sight of their value can only be cured with treating them with genuine respect.

Respect is one virtue you cannot counterfeit.

At the end of the day, people who can respect others are those who have a head start against the race with life.

Too much respect turns the mere other into an idol or a god in the eyes of the worshiper.

You should always remember to give yourself enough respect even in the face of this cruel world. Some circumstances may push you to throw it aside. Respect, however, will be the only thing left to you that no money could ever buy.

Respecting others reflect on your maturity. It takes a great amount of empathy and an immense consideration for others in order for you to master it.

Respecting your opinion does not mean that I ignore mine.

Unity is the force that gathers us together. Respect for one another is the rope that binds us together.

You can never fully understand another person’s life. But, if you learn to respect the complication and the circumstances he is faced with along the way, then you will have a little taste of what his journey is like.

Brilliance is only a dull mask if you do not know how to respect.

If you are caught up in your own excellence and fail to recognize that there is someone out there who can do better, then you are hindering yourself from further growth and learning how to respect another person.

Respect for another is a mark of an educated man.

Love is always accompanied with respect. I cannot do one without the other.

He who cannot speak his mind will never earn the respect of others.

Respect your woman. Love her. Open your mind and embrace the things that you can learn from her. Wrap in her comfort. Throw away the idea of being superior. There is no such thing that exists in a relationship.

To tolerate is to respect that we are human – that we are bound to commit mistakes and stumble along the way.

It is in our hands to make this world a better place. We can choose to respect one another and help each other grow and bloom to the fullest. Instead of filling the spaces with hate, we can open our eyes to the difference and recognize the uniqueness of each and everyone holds. We can choose to love one another. We have the power of choice.

Judging others is like submerging yourself in quick sand. You have to realize that everyone is different.

I do not plan to change even an inch of you. I love you for the way you are. I love you for the way you stumble and stood up smiling. I love how human you make me feel. I love you even more for teaching me how to respect you for who you are without saying a word.

If you are happy with who you are, if you do not resort to comparing yourself to other people, it only goes to show how you respect yourself and those around you.

Be as patient as a flower, waiting for the sun to rise and the rain to fall to bloom. Be tolerant as the barks of a tree, drenched in the rain and soaked in the sun, but still never bending. Be respectful, be generous and never do anything with the thought of getting something in return.

If a man and woman learn how to accept and respect their differences, love is found.

Believing in yourself that you can overcome whatever comes your way is the same as respecting the capabilities and the strength inside of you.

To raise a good child in this dangerous world, you are only required to encourage these simple virtues – love, respect, honesty, persistence and faith.

The heart is a temple where respect serves as the riverbed, where faith is the stones that guides the flow of the water and where the waters of love flow eternally.

A happy life is impossible without respect for yourself and for others.

A child learns through the actions of those around him. If he sees how his parents respect one another, he will learn the value of respect for himself as well.

Dear you, Yes, you whose are grazing upon these letters. Never ever withhold yourself of respect and for others too. Remember, anyone who is a living breathing being deserves such privilege. It does not discriminate. It does not judge. Respect is a right from the moment you draw your first breath. Give everyone the joy of respect, and never ever forget about yourself as well.