The 60 Healing Quotes

Healing is an astonishing ability of every living and breathing person who walks the Earth. It is spring, a mark of a new beginning. After surviving a gruesome heartbreak or a long-time suffering, the only road down for you is healing. Here are quotes to help you in your road to healing:


100+ Pain Quotes

No one goes through life without experiencing pain. As much as happiness is a vital part of human experience, pain is of equal significance too. Without pain, how can one grow? Words, like time, aids in easing pain, here are quotes to help you in your journey.


60+ Be Yourself Quotes

There is nothing more wonderful than being proud of yourself. Rejoicing in who you are and being contented of your character gives the heart a sense of peace that no other worldly treasure could give. Bask in the warm glow of these wonderful statements that revel in the joy of being true to yourself


The 60 Bullying Quotes

Bullying has become a worldwide controversy these days. It has hit a lot of lives, especially those of teenagers. Groups of sympathetic citizens around the globe has formed various support groups on anti-bullying, and the following quotes are thoughts of several people on the issue of bullying that could enlighten us all on the plight of the victims.


65+ Anger Quotes

Anger is a reaction to many things we fear. War and death is often a result of this madness, with rage and hatred trailing along. It is to feel a strong displeasure of hostility toward something and is associated with many negative things. However, we are not human if we do not feel this from time to time, but we must learn to understand why we are so and how to let it go. Here are some quotes about anger.


70+ Memories Quotes

We go through our lives experiencing all manner of emotions and feelings and with those come with the people and event associated with them. Memory is a person’s power to remember things and can, like an old movie, recall all those times both good and bad and reminds us that we are human. Here are some quotes about memory.


50+ Family Love Quotes

Family is a person’s basic foundation. The type of family a person has says a lot about what type of person he is. When everything else fails, our family are the only people who will love us and will carry us through life no matter what. Here are quotes that convey the beauty of family love:


60+ Truth Quotes

Nothing could set you freer than the truth. It makes life more convenient and bearable, for saying the truth is far much easier than inventing lies that would ruin you eventually. We can always be inspired by the truth, and this is agreed upon by the people who shared the following quotes with us.


50+ Revenge Quotes

As human beings, being vengeful creatures are already innate in us. When we feel that our dignity and human rights are being violated, we rise up and swear vengeance to those who stepped over the line. Whether revenge is good for us or bad, only those who have experienced it could elaborate on the true nature of revenge, as expressed in the quotes that follow.


60 Lying Quotes and Sayings

Lies have always accompanied mankind throughout the generations. It has built and destroyed relationships, has become the start and the beginning of wars. It has endured as long as Truth and it is one of the wicked elements a man could not rid himself of.


Sweet Sayings About Being In Love

Being in love is as true as they say – you are walking in cloud nine; you find yourself smiling for no reason; you are bursting with inspiration. Most of the writers throughout history used love as platform for their work. That’s the magic of being in love – It’s inspiring, motivating and uplifting. To preserve love in form of words is a beautiful way to do it justice.


60+ Fake People Quotes

As the world’s population gradually increases each day, the circle of people with a conscience and heart is slowly narrowing. Friends come and go, just as our trust in them does. True people became a rare gem, and finding them became a quest. Here are some quotes that speak of fake people and those who had experienced their company.


The 60 Goodbye Quotes and Sayings

There is hello, and then there is good bye. All of us are destined to leave a place or somebody; more farewells are said than hellos. An assortment of heartfelt good byes from all people from all walks of life is laid out for you to immerse yourself in.


70+ Strong Women Quotes

Women from all over the Earth are very much empowered, letting nothing block their way to achieve their dreams and goals, to assert their beliefs and opinions. That is why we have prepared these inspirational Strong Women Quotes to show appreciation to these magnificent women that are roll model and inspiration for all of us.


70 Disappointment Quotes and Sayings

According to the dictionary, disappointment is an emotion felt when an expectation is not met.
As we grow up, we all experience this in one form or another. Grades that are not good enough, the promotion that did not come, the let downs of love are all examples of these everyday disappointments that knock us out of orbit. However, we must rise above them in order to regain our equilibrium. Here are some quotes about disappointment that will soothe and inspire.


60+ Emotional Quotes

Emotions run free within every single person. Emotion is, in essence, what makes us human. Whether its anger, sadness, joy, and fear, we all have some emotion stored deep in our hearts and often times running across our faces. Here are some quotes about emotions that could make even the most frozen iceman melt:


70 Respect Quotes

It is an old saying that respect is earned, not given. I must agree with this most of the time. While you are so busy demanding for some respect, why not take a look at yourself first and ask it somehow a question like “Do I deserve to be respected?” things like that. Well, everyone deserves some respect. Just a little reminder, if you want to be respected, act accordingly. That led us to create a compilation of beautiful quotes about respect for everyone to read. Hope you enjoy!


70 Kissing Quotes and Sayings

One of the many affectionate manifestations of love is a gentle kiss on your loved one. It can express a lot of feelings in a single moment. As one of the pleasures of being in love, the following quotes are all bursting with passion and affection for that special someone we offered our love to.


The 40 Single Quotes

There is a lot of stigma that comes with being single, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. A lot of people are not looking for love, companionship, or anything otherwise. The truth is a lot of people enjoy spending time by their lonesome. You can be alone, but not lonely. Here are some uplifting, true, and often blunt quotes about the sorrows and joys of being single.


Thinking of You Quotes

Millions of people roam the earth, millions of them with different personalities, thoughts, and character. However, numbers would not matter if you have one person to think about constantly, and is thinking about you too. A collection of these thoughts are reflected on the following loving quotes that would surely inspire you to think more of your beloved.