The 60 Pain Quotes


Pain is constant in our lives.
As much as we want to avoid them, pain sometimes reminds us that we are mere humans. The only consolation that we have is we can think of solutions to ward off the pain away.
The challenges that pain gives us make us more rigid and robust, so let pain enter our lives, and you can show the world that you can deal with it confidently.


Pain could also touch even the nerve that is touched by pleasure.


Pain is a necessity because it makes us feel alive.


Be glad that you can feel pain; all of us need struggles in our lives to jump-start towards the future.


While denying that you are in pain, existing in the world makes you a lot more like a zombie.

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You can always find the pleasure of sweetness once you are through with the pain.


Of all the powers you need to have, secure the ability to inflict pain because if you cannot, others would cause pain to you, and no one could save you.


One is saved from pain by being polite, yet telling lies is in no way bound to politeness.


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You will only feel real effort when it starts to hurt.


When you deny and fear pain, it will only grow stronger. Accept and embrace it, and then it will bend to your will.


Pleasure is much easier to be deprived of than the pain.


Once you can go through the pain, it will be the most rewarding experience you can get.


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Pain, whether given or received, only adds to the burden we have inside of us.


Try to look at pain as an opportunity to grow and accept it to become more like our Savior.


Pain can never be digested by joy. It is only pain that feeds on more pain.


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Learning as we grow up always involves pain.


The memory of pain is all that we need so we can become compassionate to others.



When you feel severe pain, you will find that it drives all of our awareness from us and only then could we focus purely and perfectly.


Only love could free us from all the pain in the world.


One of the qualities that can prove our humaneness is the ability to feel pain.


Not only a person comes and goes out of our lives. So does pain, and so does joy.


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Being able to feel pain is a gift, for, without it, fear would not exist. Without fear, men would turn into monsters. Pity would not exist without pain, and it is our only saving grace, our way to feel humility.


To avoid tremendous pain, one must sometimes inflict pain upon one’s self.


Pain is worth all pleasure that follows after it.


If you ask me to escape pain, I could not imagine one that would not enable us to mutilate our nature.


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Let pain clip off our wings to prevent us from flying too closer enough to the sun to burn us.


Although pain disrupts our happiness, it does not remove that whatever it touched can still be healed.


Do not cry out and sulk because of pain, for it allows us to be more alive than the dead, which suffers no pain at all.


The man who spoils the flower of life could not expect to escape from the thorn of pain.


Being relieved of pain sends us into a frenzy of joy and freedom that would not be possible without pain itself.

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You can get the most fulfilling experience from an obtained wound than a roomful of lectures.


Pain is not made carelessly; it is thought over. It has blueprints and floor plans; it has elaborate designs and complex features.


I am feeling the pain that is too delicate to bear warrants anaesthesia.


The worst pain you would feel is not being able to do anything to remove it.


No one has lived long enough to test if time indeed heals all the wounds.


Instantaneous death is miles better than suffering pain for every day of a long life.


Jokes, touches, and comforting words could not numb the feeling of pain.


Pain is the teacher who is always ready to teach you all you need to do in your life.


The pain would not let you pass by without letting you feel its potency.


Pain may have curved your lips, but I can smooth it into a smile again.


Every path in the world is decorated with thorns.


All the front parts of our body are subject to pain because if we could not feel them during a blow, it could destroy those parts quickly.


The most severe pain that I have ever felt reminded me of the beauty of being alive.


Pain is pleasure’s shadow; its core belongs to smoke and its barrenness to its source.


Pain is the ever clinging part of us, while pleasure is merely an occasional visitor.


The quality of the pain you feel depends on how you let it affect you.


Pain is the most ruthless bully you could ever encounter.


When you struggle against pain, it sucks the life out of you. Give up working, and it would take you into its arms.


When you share your pain, it is not doubled; instead, it is halved.


Life takes us away from pain; it steers us away from the rocky edges that could puncture the life out of us.


Greet pain as you would greet fortune; shake hands with it like you would with joy.


The elderly are never surprised by pain anymore.


You could also be educated through the form of pain.


A room could accommodate everyone just for pleasure, while a narrow aisle is designated for those chosen by pain.


Some people shut out of life when they feel pain; they give nothing, receive nothing until they shrink away from life and become dead while living.


I could endure a pain that I am already used to.


A creature without the ability to express because it has no mouth is often called pain.


A person who enjoys inflicting upon others also enjoys receiving pain from anyone else.


Pain is easiest to wear on the outside.


You cannot go through life without being touched by pain. The hurts that we acquire become the measure of all our accomplishments and foolishness.


Pleasure’s shadow that is fed by pain is tragedy’s delight.


We, ourselves, invent imaginary pain because we could not function without them.


Our lives can be changed by the pain we feel.


The only pain was able to unearth the worthless dimensions of love and everything else except for itself.


All ports have ships sailing towards them, but not one escapes a life of pain.


When you feel pain, it removes everything within your sight except for the present.


When you have lived with pain long enough, it changes entirely into a different element.


Sometimes we think that we cannot endure the tiniest pain, but we are already equipped with the ability to take even the greatest agonies.


The pain never dulls anything; it gives the best shine to a gem after the hardship of digging it out.


Once you have gone through the pain, the memory of it gives pleasure to you.


There is nothing more natural than pain.


Someone who has not gone through the pain a person does could not teach how to handle his sufferings.


Pain is more accessible to come across than pleasure nowadays.


You can experience pain in a thousand ways, but pain itself is just the same. It is still pain.


We are never aware of how obedient we are to pain. It is when we feel an illness, and we call a doctor to attend to it immediately.


Be courageous, for pain ultimately comes to an end.


Pain could be controlled by opening and closing the door that lets it in.


No matter how long the pain seems to exist, it surely would disappear and be overcome one day.


Even when you feel the pain, it does not mean that you have to become what it is.


Once pain leaves you, it would be difficult to remember how it once affected you. It may mark you, but it could be buried too deep to be seen.


Pain is nothing but a coward, for it flees the moment that it feels our strong will to live and to knock it out of our system.


Pain is always present; you may close one door upon it, yet it would go knocking on another portal somewhere else.


Despite the ugliness of the scars inflicted by pain, always remember that you are surrounded by beauty, by laughter and love, and by nature.


Life always contains a great deal of pain, but the real pain begins when you start to deny and avoid it.


Sometimes, the happiest person you know hides the deepest pain one could feel.


Pain is not healed by time; it just turns them into scars that you could not feel at all.


The weakness that you feel leaving your body is pain.


I would instead choose pain over regret, for pain never lasts and regret stays with you forever.


The pain inflicted on one man is the source of pleasure for another.


Whatever pain you are suffering today would be your source of strength for tomorrow.


Pain gives us time and opportunity to grow. It is a challenge that God gave us, for He will not provide us with anything that we could not endure.