70 + Past Love Quotes


There is nothing more to explain about past love, you should have put it all in the past, but the problem is when it comes back when you are left to be the person with the choice to give in or to give up.
Here are some past love quotes that will help you to make that decision, somehow.


Of course, there are far greater things than those in the past, but I loved him then until now.


You were nothing more to me but a stranger from the past, and then here I love again.


It feels so stupid to fall in love with your past love, with someone you already had trouble with.


Sadly, it is tough to forget the people in your past, even harder than you think it truly is.

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You may say that you would never go back to him now, but once you see him, it’ll change.


Past love is just that the past, someone who should be forgotten, never remembered again.


And I hope you will find the resolve to be the best person you can be despite your past love.


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Your past love will have you broken into pieces before you can even try to make things up.


It is sad when you think about it, about all the people you have loved in the past, that it is.


I wish I could tell you to move on, to stop loving your past, but I know how hard that is.


I do not know how to stop loving the person in my past, so do not ask me for advice.


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The hard part in all of it is that I still see him in all the places we used to go to.


I still wish for the day when I would be beside you, even if you are in my past now.


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I want to be with you, no one else in the past, but things change, and so does feelings.


There is nothing better than having your past be a memory to be forgotten, nothing more.


If there is one thing I can wish for, I would want to redo my past, to go back to where it began.



There are only so many words I can tell you, all of them probably about him, my past love.


You are my past love, the one that I will keep comparing every other love that comes by to.


I wished and prayed that you would continue being my past love; I cannot wait for any more.


I wanted to be with you until the end of time, but I have to put you in my past today.


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I wish I could have told you more about what I did before, but it is not possible now.


Is there any way I can ever put you in the past and bury you in it? I wonder, indeed.


If I can change you, I would have, if only for some time, maybe the future would have too.


I wanted to be with you; even if you are of my past, I wanted to bring you to my present.


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It is so hard to forget the people we have gotten used to, all because they suddenly left.


Some days, I want to cry my eyes out and forget the world I am in right now.


It feels so sad and nostalgic whenever I go to the places we used to hang out in.


There is no way I will take you back no matter what you say or do; I am over you.


I wish it were that easy to get over you, to get over all the things we have been.


If I can tell you about the things that I love, would you so much as help me to do just that, girl.


Boy, would you make me feel something that is not real, buried in my past?


I wish you would give me a reason to be the person I want to become, not the one I was before.


I honestly want to be with you, but you are of the past, and you shall remain that way.


No way am I ever going to come back to you, believe me when I say that is true, honestly.


If there is a chance to be with you, I will take it then, but now, I am a more robust, better girl.


I am no longer the girl you left broken one day; I am so much better now; I am a woman.


You can no longer sway me with your looks or with your words; now I know myself better.


I am a changed woman; I will no longer like someone because of their looks; I will choose me.


Why am I finding out now that I see no purpose in this life that I live without you today?


I wish you could have stayed, I hope you would have visited, but all you did was leave me.


You left me like shit, and I do not even know what to do anymore, you know, it is just so hard.


I wish there were more reasons to be the person you love, but nothing is left now.


Watch me as I move on from you, as I put all our memories behind, and you passed me today.


Starting right now, I promise that I will never talk about you again, ever, I will forget you.


One day, you will see me, and I will not even recognize you at all. I am sure of that, boy.


You broke my heart into two, so how dare you come back to me and tell me that you love me.


There is no way I am ever going back to you, ever. I am me, and that is what I will always be.


You make me dream that the past is the present, but I woke up to empty your space.


It is still empty, the place in my heart that you left vacant the moment you left me, a while ago.


You made me believe in magic only to make me forsake it anyway eventually; what is the use?


I wished you could have told me that you were the one that would hurt me and leave me at all.


You showed no signs of weakness until the end until you told me that we should break up.


I wish you would have stayed in the past; you are my past love; why did you come here?


There is not a single chance that I would come running back in your arms after all you did.


There was once a chance, and you took it for granted, so do not dare come back asking me.


Let me be the one to tell you now that I have no intention of taking you back, dear past love.


Dear love, you should be in my past; I should be way ahead of you now, so why am I here?


I want to forget you, keep you in the dark, just let me go, please, my past love, let me go.


How do I get there and move on like you did when you left me five years ago from now?


I hope you are doing fine, even if I am not; I hope that one of us could have been happy.


It seems that you are enjoying your life after we break up; it’s funny how much you once cried.


You once told me you could not let me go, and then you broke up with me, really ironic.


It is a paradox how much you love me and always hurt me back those days.


I wish I had known you would hurt me; then, I would not have said yes to you from the start.


Had I known you would change as much as you did, I would not have started liking you.


I had hoped that your love for me was accurate, and you proved me wrong; how great of you.


You used to be the reason I woke up; now, you are the sole reason I want to keep sleeping.


Some days, I feel so depressed; I cry and curl in bed all day because I cannot take it.


I can no longer hold it within me; it feels like every breath I take is toxic; it suffocates.


Is there a way to stop the pain that my past love has brought me and is bringing me?


How do you heal a broken heart that your past love has given you as a parting gift?


You left me in pieces, and you did not care about one bit and told me you were sad to go.


Stop making a fool out of me; I am not the person you thought I am; I am much better now.


You were the best person for me, and I had let you go; you will be my biggest regret forever.


I will make you regret leaving me; I will show you that I was worth it, so much more.


I am so much more than before, and time tells me that my past love will look back at me again.


I wish that I could go back to the times when my past love and I were still together, forever.


Had I known that things would be like this, I would have thrown it all away for you, my past love; I would have crossed oceans to get to where you are right now.


I loved you so much to the point that I did not see through your betrayal, my past love.


Why did you have to do this to me? Why did you have to jerk me around, dear past love?


I am so scared to do the things that I want to do, but I will keep doing them because of you and because I have to show you that I am better now dear love.