Top 60 Perseverance Quotes


Perseverance is a persistent determination to follow a direction with determination. It is a higher virtue that man, compelled by honor, must adhere to.
When feeling low, one must persevere despite everything.

Here are some quotes to help you keep on that path and inspire you:


We must persevere or perish.


There is no other recourse when all things are bleak. We must persevere or suffer disgrace upon death.


You are an arrow on the path to greatness. Let the winds nor the rains alter your course. Persevere to make your aim stay true.


Knock over all obstacles and destroy all those in your path. Your perseverance will break all that stands in your way to success!

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Do not be discouraged, for it is with perseverance that Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, and it is with perseverance. You shall also leave your legacy.


All things worthwhile need to be paid for by perseverance, determination, and dedication.


Perseverance is attempting to do something one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine times before the final two thousand.


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Perseverance is listening to Winston Churchill and actually following his advice.


Perseverance is a blade of grass beneath the earth in the dead of winter waiting to reveal itself in spring.


To persevere is its reward.


Perseverance is not a marathon. It is an Olympic hurdle where, in the end, after all the obstacles, no matter what speed, you become victorious.


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A path is not blocked merely because it is. Sometimes it is a test of faith in your spirit whether you climb over or break through it. That is called perseverance.


To lose a battle does not mean defeat but a chance to rally your strength and gather your forces. A chance, despite all odds, to persevere for a moment of victory.


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Do not stop nor accept surrender, for it is during these trying times that we must persevere.


Perseverance is looking at the face of the impossible and making it possible.


You cannot attain triumph if one does not add the element of perseverance.



You could not have conquered mt. Everest was it not for the spirit of perseverance.


The trick to getting things done is doing them but in such a way that you do not stop until it’s over. That is the secret, and it is called perseverance.


To persevere amidst a storm is to conquer nature, thereby conquering oneself.


A statue of great magnificence cannot be sculpted without the dedication and hard work of the sculptor. A long battle against the elements, only perseverance can create true art.


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Like the waves smoothing the pebbles on the beach into smooth perfection, one must be like the sea constantly crashing, an example of perseverance.


He who is determined to be king will be crowned with his perseverance.


By moving stone by stone, a feat of perseverance, one can move a mountain.


Like a seed beneath the earth, one must persevere and wait for the sun’s rays to warm the earth and push upward to become the tallest tree.


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It is not luck but perseverance that allows us the chance to win in one in a million.


Success is not magic. One must put in grueling hard work and perseverance in order to build the foundation of greatness.


To persevere in hitting your mark, one must keep the wheel constantly turning.


Persistence is the key to getting what you want. Perseverance is searching for that door which the key opens.

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Persistence is to know that though the mountain climb is high, one will soon reach the peak.


The only thing I know in this world is that in order to get to where you want to be, you have to be determined. You have to persevere.


In order to find the treasure, you must keep on digging.


You have to insist that you deserve your destiny. Persistence and perseverance and the conviction of your truth shall be your tools.


There are great stories of escape from fortresses, where the determined hero chips year after year upon the stone and eventually digs a tunnel deep enough to release him into freedom.


It takes an incredible amount of imagination to want to break through a wall knowing that beyond it is the realization of your wildest dreams.


The diligent worker will build a strong foundation of a house that will withstand great storms. Attention to detail and the perseverance in laying down the strong blocks that shall make his house great.


When one desires an object, one must persevere in all efforts to obtain that which he most covets.

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All life is a long voyage at sea, and it takes a stronghold and perseverance to reach calmer waters finally.


Perseverance is the drop of water that, bit by bit, is breaking the mountain into two.


Like Odysseus, we must defy the gods with our perseverance and will and cross the stormy seas to reach our true home, back to love and triumph against all odds.


In the age of instant gratification, perseverance is a virtue much ignored by the masses. Opting for the easy way, people these days work in unfulfilling jobs and give up their dreams for the sake of cash and convenience. But those who go after their plans will succeed because they know that what they want takes time, and the only chance they have is to keep going.


Pour all your strength into determination and perseverance, for this hard work will get you to where you want to be.


Failure and suffering are inherent to humanity. Thus perseverance must be learned and practiced to overcome these traits and find success.


Perseverance prevails above all else, for it is the engine running on passion and determination that will take you to all the places you wish to be.


Faith and perseverance are religious virtues of the church of the heart, for they are extraordinary talismans against human despair and are wings to take you to heaven.


The price we pay to have our hopes and dreams come true is a bit of our soul and perseverance.


There is no fairy godmother to wave a magic wand; only the reality is that one must persevere in toil, determined that one can live happily ever after through sweat alone.


Perseverance is a divinely inspired virtue, for no man can defy all obstacles without the blessings of the gods.


Trust in your determination and dreams. Persevere, don’t lose faith, and no matter what, keep moving forward.


With the perseverance of humanity, we were able to reach far beyond into space, reaching all the way to a new frontier of dreams for the future.


We owe it to those who came before us, pioneers who have paved the way through the unknown, to persevere in going forward for the troubles we see before we are nothing compared to what they faced long ago.


Encourage all those around you to persevere. This is a hope many can share, a collective heart among those who only wish for a brighter future.


Adversity is a test of perseverance. Were you to want something enough, something as trivial as an ending world will not be able to withstand your determination to keep going.


We must persevere through all hardships, for it is our duty. Nothing else is more important.


It is always nearest the shore that a shipwrecked swimmer will give up and drown. When life throws you into a storm, please do not stop until you kiss the sandy beaches, for it is perseverance that will save your life.


To fail once is not an indication of the end and eternal darkness; you must persevere to find your place in the sun.


Perseverance is a strength developed by the mind, like muscles are to a body, to lift the heavy spirit in times of despair and help carry it on order to go on.


Perseverance is somewhat of a trick of nature to help a person find a new beginning from a miserable failure.


Sometimes perseverance is the only thing that can save your life.


The Human Race is a long and arduous marathon that can only be ensured through perseverance and faith.


The wall you are trying to break through may only be inches away from giving in, so never stop chiseling, persevere, and you shall be rewarded with freedom.


When things seem the hardest, persevere. It is always the last boss that’s hardest to beat in a game, but you can have everything when you do.


There are many talented people in this world, but there are only a few who have perseverance, and you can see them all the way up sitting in the stars.


Maintain composure as the world falls around you and persevere in moving forward, for any hesitation in your step can bury you in hubris forever.


The only way nature can be overcome by perseverance, determination, and faith in oneself.


Contrary to popular belief, the first step isn’t the hardest but the millionth where one feels the tiring ache in their bones. The only way to reach wherever you want to be is to persevere, to take as many steps needed, and never to stop until heaven is in your hands.


Failure is inevitable, but the difference between mortals and heroes is that the hero will never quit.


There is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, but it takes perseverance to be able to find that which is impossible to see.


Perseverance and determination are the weapons you possess against adversity, and when you do not want to carry the weight to your sword, then all is lost.


To get to the future, you must break free from the past and persevere in going through the present, no matter how hard it is.


A journey is filled with danger in every corner, but if you do not persevere in going forward, then you stagnate, missing all the joys the world has to offer.


Do not pay attention to those who discourage you. They are trolls living under the bridge, waiting for your misstep and feeding on your fear. Persevere in crossing, for they cannot do anything to you once you have reached the other side.