Powerful love quotes

Powerful love is indeed the best but also the worst thing that can happen to a person.
It cannot even be expressed in words at all.
There are a lot of wonderful things about powerful love. It is something to be celebrated.
A lot of people experience powerful love, and that is the way things are.
If you have ever had a powerful love, then you know the mysteries that it has.
Here are some powerful love quotes that should be able to give you a better idea about it as well.

Powerful love makes me feel like all the nights are just sunny dawns, and it is all ‘coz of you.

Without your love in me, I do not think I would be able to do anything at all, not even live.


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You are the very reason I think of myself as a limitless type, someone who can do great things.

For as long as I live, I will tell the story of how we met people that I will meet in the future.

You see, only you can make me feel like this: as if I am a feather that is floating around here.

Now, I know that the best thing to hold on to in this life is you because of our powerful love.

Being in love with you was not just a simple option. It was something inevitable, works of fate.

60 Love Quotes

The moment you think that things are impossible, think of my love and hope it encompasses it.

When I see you, this heart of mine tells me just how much I feel for you, and I love you for it.


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The truth is that I have loved you for a long time now, all leading up to this special moment.

Powerful love is amazing indeed, knowing you will be holding my hand for the rest of it too.

Parents’ Love Quotes

When I look right into your eyes, I know I have made the right choice. You were meant for me.

I think that love is very important because it can make people out to be happy, that is true.

You have absolutely no idea how hard it is to stop myself from thinking about you at all.

Nothing feels right the way your fingers fit the spaces right in between mine so perfectly.

Good Morning Love Quotes

Powerful love seems to be all I need from you to make my life feel a whole lot more complete.

I do not feel this way because of gravity, so I would not blame it but rather just play along.

The best feeling in this world is when you stare at me like I am the best person ever.

I am so in love with you, and for me, that means that I will be with you through everything.

Love knows someone can cheat and betray you but believes that they will not do that.

I promise to hold on to this powerful love that we share until the stars die and tides are gone.

I think that over duty, the best teacher ought to be love, that is the truth of it, I understand.

You were perfect for me, maybe not for everyone else but just me, but still, it matters to me.

What is love but a soul that lives in two separate bodies trying to find each other as well?

Just when I thought life wouldn’t be any better, you came along and proved me to be wrong.

Come live here in this heart of mine and let my powerful love be your sun to keep you warm.

I would pay so much if I could just hear you say the words I love you back to me that I would.

Everything that I do and all the hardships I have been in is worth it the moment you smile.

Love matters, and that is the bottom line, so you might as well learn how to deal more with it.

Give more, love more, and you will see just how much power it holds above all of us now.

Each time that I see you, I am reminded of the powerful love that we both share. I love you.

Sometimes, I cannot even see myself when we are together because I see you.

I hope that you accept all these feelings I have in me and realize they are all for you too.

No matter how many silly fights we go through, know that I will never ever leave you.

The truth is that even though I am not always with you, you have my heart all the time too.

You are the same song that my heart sings. This powerful love is sure a lovely thing to be in.

It is just that I feel like I am so much more than just me whenever I am with you. I love it a lot.

Being loved this way as I am loved by you just gives me so much strength above all things too.

When you are truly in love with each other, remember that it should never end, no matter.

To love him is to know that all the pain I have felt still is not enough, so just keep going.

If you ask me what powerful love is, I tell you that I know it now because you are here now.

Every human being has that desire to be in love and to feel love from another person indeed.

The most vital thing I know about love is that it can still demonstrate some fragility as well.

The truth is this: in this world, no matter what the hour or day, you need some love to fill you.

Some people call it the impossible, while others call it a miracle. I call it to be love, great love.

And one day, you realize that your heart is no longer yours, for you have fallen in love then.

This powerful love that we share seems to be written in the stars for us and our own destiny.

I do not think that a person can ever be completely rid of love or not need it a bit. He would.

To love someone is to be able to recognize something in someone that reminds you of you.

There is a place that you can only ever touch a person effectively: the heart for it is there.

You should be careful when handling a person’s heart, for it is fragile and easily broken.

The very first time that your powerful love touched me, I knew I was meant to be for you.

Love yourself and still love the world you live in and spread the love you feel.

I think that growing up with a person deepens the love that you feel for each other, matters.

In the end, all I wanted was to try out everything and come back to you feeling like a whole.

It was your smile that caught me, how it can be so tender and still look so loving to me.

There is no place else I would rather be but wrapped up in your powerful love. I care a lot.

I do not care for anyone else but you. That is how my love came to be. It is all yours as well.

In the end, I have discovered that sometimes letting go can be the same thing as holding on.

The love you feel, triple it, and that is just how much love I have for you right now, my dear.

I think that the best way to be loved is to be for who you have always been above all else.

Each time you fall in love, you will always compare it to the first person you have loved.

Maybe we should just flip over a coin to see which of us this powerful love holds dear too.

Whatever I know now of love is all because of how you showed love to me, honest and wise.

A loving heart is one that trusts beyond all precognition, beyond all lies and whatnots too.

Unless you learn to love someone else, nothing else is going to make sense in reality, dear.

Love is but an expansion of a person to another, sharing secrets and just laughing out loud.

I guess the best thing is that no one loses in this powerful love that we have. We both win.

Share your kindness and spread out some of the love you feel, and let the world feel it too.

Flatter me, and then I might start believing you but love me, and I will love you back.

There is so much more to you than you let on, and I can see it straightly into your eyes, true.

For no one else matters to me than you, and I would give all I have just to be with you.

There are two times I want this powerful love to be in, now and the rest of my life.

All that I am is yours if you want to take it. I am happy just being able to see you smile.

I look forward to the day when I can call you to be my life. I love you that much too.

I believe that love is the best gift that you can ever give to someone, so you need to.

Everything that loves touches is wonderful. It gives people a story to tell. That is the truth.

There is life when there is a powerful love that sees to us all, His love for us, friend.

Age may not protect you from growing older, but love lets you settle with it comfortably.

At the end, when love is not reciprocated, it is not lost but kept inside the person in love.

You will never lose when you love someone for you gain a lot of experience from it too.

I think you might just be the missing piece to my story, someone I can never forget.

The most powerful love of all is a mother to a child, risking and losing it all.