Parents’ Love Quotes

Parents’ love is incomparable to any other kinds of love- it is selfless and unconditional.
This is the kind of love that never asks any return.
It is the love that never jealous, never wrong and never fails.
Parents’ love is genuine and pure, for they only want the best for their children.
With this, parents’ love should be appreciated and treasured.
With the help of the Parents’ love quotes below, we will learn to respect our parents more.
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Everything is replaceable except for our beloved parents.

The greatest love you will ever receive in your whole life is your parents’ love.

Everybody may leave and let you down. But even the world turns back; parents are there.


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Little did we not know, for all the blessings our parents had, we are the best.

The moment we open our eyes, we are loved because our parents’ love let us see the world.

Our parents always give us the best things in the world without a hint of struggle.

Don’t let yourselves forget the sacrifices and hardships our parents conquered.

Because of our parents’ love, they let us experience a comfortable life even it’s hard for them.

Even the world would turn its back on us; we can always find our parents’ wide arms.

No one could ever beat parents love, parents embrace, and parents care.

We could feel the worst feeling when we’re being rude to our parents and realize it after.

Parents did not just give life to us, but they are the giver of truth and wisdom.

Blood and sweat. Those are the things that parents are willing to shed. That is Parents’ love.

Parents’ love let us live a life beyond perfection. That’s how their love works.

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Somebody can love you, sure. But nothing in this world could compare to parents’ love.

No one could dare to compare parents love to others. For it is unique and genuine.

Time will come when you have to be a parent. Parents’ love is a gift from parents.

How many times did you say I love you to your parents and mean it?

We may never notice, but our parents’ love and support guide us in every little step we take.

Let’s appreciate our parents’ love, for we are the ones who should understand them most.

Since we first learned to walk, our parents have been there until we walked on a rough road.

Our parents wanted us to have a successful and comfortable life, for they knew how hard life was.

Because our Parents love us, they don’t want us to experience the pain they’ve gone through.

When you successfully reach your dreams, don’t forget the ones who built your foundation.

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Without our parents’ love and support, where do you think we get ourselves?

Our parents don’t want anything from us. They want us to be happy and contented.

As long as our parents see us happy, they are already satisfied and contented with that.

Love your parents above anything else. That’s the most significant thing we could ever give to them.


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Nobody will ever accept and love us for who we are, unlike our parents.

In the eyes of our parents, we are the most beautiful and significant ones.

Not all the time, parents are always at our side, love and appreciate them before it is too late.

Leaning to your parent’s shoulder makes everything okay and better.

When you’re going through pains and heartaches, parents also feel it and take it.

As long as your parents are there for you in every step you take, nothing complex matters.

Out of our parents’ love, we are created and brought into this world.

Don’t let someone break your heart, for your mother took nine months to bring it to life.

Superheroes do exist in real life. They are the ones who provide us shelter and food.

Parents’ love is selfless- they are willing to die for our sake to leave us unscathed.

Parents are braver than soldiers, for they protect us from the dangerous things in the world.

Without our parents, we are nothing. Without their love and support, we feel empty.

It doesn’t matter what state of family you’re in.

What matters in the family is happiness, for this will make the family alive.

We’re all getting old. As well as our parents. Do your best to make them feel loved.

No one else will accompany you to walk until the end of the world but just your parents.

When we’re sick, our parents’ love and care are the most potent medicine.

Don’t forget to pay your parents’ sacrifices. They played the most significant part in who you are today.

The most generous people in the world is our parents. They don’t mind having anything.

Be the ears and eyes of your parents when the time comes they can’t hear and see anymore.

No one is as blissful as your parents when they see you reaching your dreams little by little.

The supreme happiness of life is when we realize that our parents so much love us.

What is living without a parents’ love and endless support? It isn’t very sensible.

As we sit on the couch and do nothing, our parents are working hard for us.

Remember that our parents are shedding blood and sweat to feed us on a silver platter.

Don’t belittle your parents’ work or the way of their living. It is what keeps you alive.

Because of our parents’ love, we witnessed how beautiful the world is.

Don’t just dream for yourself and for the people that will come your way. Start with family.

Our dream is our parents’ dream, our love is also are parents’ love.

Cherish every moment you have with your parents, for this will not last forever.

Some children are longing for their parents’ love and care. You’re lucky you have them.

You can choose your friends and your significant others. But you can’t choose your parents.

Parents’ love is like no other, no one could ever defeat it, and no one could steal it.

Imagine your parents’ sacrifices and hardships at work to feed you.

We may be poor, but we are not lacking from parents’ love.

The love and appreciation we receive from our parents will always be priceless.

Parents’ presence will not appear on the surface forever. Thus, appreciate them.

The love and care that parents show to us should be treasured and cherished.

Obey your parents. Our parents know best. Or parents’ love knows best.

For children of God, the commandment we should not defy is to honour our father and mother.

The kindest heart we may ever know is our mother’s. And the most robust heart is our father’s.

Parents always wait for us to come. They may not say it, but they do.

Our parents are our home. Without them, we might be swayed in the storm.

Treat your father as your King. Never underestimate his judgments.

A king never let bad things happen in his kingdom-just like our fathers to us.

Be grateful for what you have. Our parents always want to give us gold ones.

It is not the parents’ fault if they can afford the copper ones for us. It is still priceless.

The warmest and most comfortable place you will ever be in is your parents’ love.

At least once in a while, don’t hesitate to talk to your parents. Shoe them your love.

Always show your parents that you are grateful to have them. With that, they will be happy.

The best relationship you will ever have is the relationship between you and your parents.

One day, we will stand on our feet and walk to our chosen road. But don’t forget to look back.

Please don’t leave your parents when they become useless. Take care and love them just like they did.

Your mother will be the best friend you will ever meet because mothers’ know us well.

My father is my most excellent protector; he shields every bullet that comes my way.

Appreciate each little things our parents have done for us. It is out of their love to us.

When you compile all the sacrifices of our parents, it is a massive work of love.

Because of our parents’ love, we have clothes, food to eat and a bed to lay.

No matter how life gets hard, our parents’ love will keep us safe and protected.

No one will ever change the fact that every parent in the world loves their children the most.

Imagine your life without your parents. How dull and frightening is it?

No matter how many times our parents scold us, at the end of the day, it’s just the talk of love.

It’s great to see that our parents can smile and live their lives to the fullest.

*Parents love make us blind- sometimes we don’t see them suffer, for they won’t allow us to.

Dream bigger and work harder. Not just for your future. But also for the end of your family.

No matter how many times we fail our parents’ expectations, their love will never change.

*Even the highest mountain or the deepest ocean can’t measure the parents’ love.

*Parents’ love is beyond infinity. Endless and has no end.

Treat parents nicely without asking for returns- that will be the best gift we could give them.

In every small thing we do, don’t forget to involve our parents for that’s what they do.

Our parents involve us in their dreams and prayers. Parents’ love is about selflessness.

As children, we have to take responsibility for our parents. Do it with love and endless patience.

To our parents’ eyes and minds, we are the best among the rest.

For our parents, their greatest fear is losing us.

*Parents’ love is about sacrifices. They are willing to take the pain just to make us safe.

*Parents’ love for their children is incomparable. No one could change it

There’s only one man we will love forever. It is our father. A father’s love is genuine.

The only man who held our hands and never let us fall was our father.

No matter how many times we fall apart and stumble on the ground, our parents will pick us.