70+ Pride Quotes


Pride could always overshadow any feeling that we have.
It is both beneficial and dangerous for us; it is known as a two-faced being.
We should never let pride get the better of us because it would pull us down eventually.
Here are some quotes about the pride that would leave you wondering if you are or are not as proud as you thought you were.


Ignorance is always behind every argument that takes place.


You could still fall towards the ground if you were not careful while you are at the top.


You could be craftier than the other man, but you cannot be more artful than the rest of the world.


When you have enough pride in your blood, you could be louder than you want as a beggar and miles trickier than anybody else.

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A poor person’s pride is what the devil uses to wipe his breeches.


Once you have climbed the highest and reached the top, you must be careful because you will fall heavier.


Being dignified does not mean anything to me. I would rather be happy.


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You would not see anything above you as long as you are always looking down on others.


A proud man only gets satisfied if he is being compared to someone below him. Once the competition dies out, pride would also leave.


If we were only alone, we would never be proud.


Proud people only want to do something in a significant way but use only their strength. He is struggling with God, not with men like him.


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Sorrow would always descend on proud people.


The humble are rewarded with blessings, while God opposes the proud.


Whenever you think too highly of yourself, pride comes and devour you.


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We can fool ourselves with pride, but our true self would be whispering that there is something very wrong deep inside us.


You should train yourself to look down on somebody only when you are helping them up.



A person whose only goal is to be important causes the most mess in the world.


Only you could choose to commit yourself to pride, and you should know that it separates quality from weakness.


Incapacity is given credibility by feeling self-important.


The disguise that hides all our mistakes is pride.


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All legendary mistakes always have pride at their tail ends.


Pride is not a bane at all times. Sometimes it also uses itself to hide the hurt that we feel to shield others from getting hurt.


It would be best if you rejected pride within yourself, or heaven would never reside inside of you.


The want for a solution for every problem is always brought about by pride.


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Proud people would only want God to go along with them, not bend their opinions to fit God’s criteria.


Conceit is the one who gave birth to pride.


If you think that you cannot do anything without the aid of the world, then you are fooling yourself. But if you believe that the world could not do without you, you are making a big mistake.


You would never be contented with anything if you let pride rule you; only through having more of it could you move forward.


We always blame ignorance for our opposing opinions of things, but it is pride that let us do the opposite so that we would not be the last.

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Finding fault in yourself when you cannot find it in others could almost kill a man.


Look at how a man wins over his desires than watching him lose what he already has because pride would only betray us in our success and support us when we fail.


Pride could please itself immensely without concern for what surrounds it.


You would always see pride before destruction befalls you, and a wicked spirit is always there before a fall.


Even the noblest man could be tainted by pride.


There is pride behind every mistake that we commit. It is aiming at the glory of the higher abodes.


Disguised as the bully, pride is weak because it does not want to admit fears and avoids rivals.


Those who are small in spirit have tremendous pride within them.


You would not give anyone something that you do not have in yourself. So show me a man who hates himself more than he hates others.


There are two kinds of pride, the excellent satisfaction of our dignity and the sinful pride that is all ignorance.


Pride is selfish; it works on its own and for its benefit. It has no manners and is ignorant as always.


A person full of pride in himself would someday find enemies for himself and makes him hard-hearted.


Pride only wastes our time; it makes us open to deprivation and transgression.


Relationships could be ruined by pride. All kinds of relationships are present here or in the world above.


If you are full of pride, you are just beating yourself up. Your pride is your diary, your account of who you are.


Gratefulness and pride would never be seen in the same person, for a proud man is never thankful for anything.


The advice of others would just hit a deaf ear when you are full of pride.


Pride in our leaders could make them fall; that is a guarantee.


From the cup of pride rise all human sins. It can seduce you immensely with its glittering charm.


There is always pride before a fall, so it must be in tune with summer.


Our satisfaction is a property that would never be taxed because of its unpleasantness.


As your ego rises higher, your humanity sinks the lowest.


When you are full of pride, you will never notice how much grace you have given away and how little of it returns to you.


The moment you deem yourself to be a god worthy of others admiration, there would be people who would be delighted to offend you.


Pride could only be caused by our own will, not by others’ will.


The serpent at the garden has fallen prey to its pride, its desire to become like God, so look where he is now.


Only sorrow is available for those who are full of pride.


Look inside yourself and see if there is something you can be proud of. If there is, then look further because you would find something that would humble yourself.


The great irony in pride is that it can make people appear incredible; however, it lets others avoid becoming one.


There is a difference between pride and vanity. Satisfaction is when you think too highly of yourself, while vanity wants others to think highly of you.


Our mistakes always lie in our pride. We deem to become godlier, while the holy would want to become men.


Humility is suffocated by pride, and the devil would smile at this.


Pride’s feet are never on the ground; it is as unstable as being in an earthquake which eventually topples it down, while humility’s feet is firmly planted on the ground, never to be displaced.


Coldness and barrenness reside on someone full of pride.


You think that your pride would save you from your fall. You do not know that it is the reason for your downfall.


Proud men are only proud when they are on their territory.


The sea might be deep, and hell might be deeper, but none is deeper than the pride that has already burrowed within the soul.


Pride shields us from blessed gifts that would be purifying our souls.


Pride would rather be ashamed of being educated than ignorant, and he who has pride would often find this within himself.


God created pride that would be beneficial to humans, but there is also so twisted that it could only cause misfortune in men.


Pride is only considered with itself, but unlike a magnet, it only repels; it never attracts.


When you are full of pride, you would have your kingdom with you as its king.


Pride can only affront when it falls on the wrong hands, just like craftiness does.


Nothing could ever satisfy pride than the most costly things, and it can never be tamed or fulfilled.


The last indignity for a person full of pride is a disappointment.


We try to admonish others because of their faults. This is the work of pride so that others would not reprove us with our faults.


At success’ lap, pride almost always lies.


Pride would never be thankful for anything, for he believes he does not have everything he deserves.


Pride starts from an individual and could grow into a nation. They think highly of themselves, and from just being a lonesome creature, it propagates and fills the entire void.


Pride often hides behind the mask of humility, for humility is such a beloved creature, whereas satisfaction is the vilest of them all.


You would be imprisoned in your pride’s walls once you let it inside of you. You would not be able to see what is beyond it.


You could never blame a man for wanting the love of God, but you have to be careful, or pride would start to seep beneath you and devour all things beautiful inside of you.


A proud man is the king of all the fools; there is no single thing that is true or sincere in its words or actions.


Pride is the mother of all wickedness; without it, it would vanish from the earth.


Pride makes you want to put yourself on a high pedestal, even higher than God’s Himself.


There is no vice greater than pride itself.