Sweet Sayings About Being In Love

Being in love is as true as they say – you are walking in cloud nine; you find yourself smiling for no reason; you are bursting with inspiration.

Most of the writers throughout history used love as platform for their work. That’s the magic of being in love – It’s inspiring, motivating and uplifting.

To preserve love in form of words is a beautiful way to do it justice.

There are things that you can’t control in this world: change, death and the gravity of falling in love.

Pain builds you walls around your heart. Love is the hammer that tears it down.

“Love is seeing the imperfections, the broken little pieces and the little mundane things as life’s irreplaceable treasures.


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Was it her loud and wheezy laugh, her knobby knees, or how bad she is with dancing? Love is such a strange thing, isn’t? It makes these imperfections look like the most beautiful thing in the world.

No matter what you do, you cannot grab the wheels of love.

Falling in love is a leap of faith. All you can hope for is the jump to be worth it.

Inspirational Quotes About Love

Love pushes you to be a better version of yourself. It teaches you how to dance to the rhythm of your racing heartbeat. It makes you sing to the tune of the butterflies fluttering around your tummy. It teaches you how be brave and take the risks of heartbreak.

Just a glimpse of her, to hear her voice or a nudge from her, if that’s not too much to ask.

All I can see when I close my eyes is a picture of him. And so, I went to the doctor to find out about this disease. The diagnosis? I am poisoned by love.

The 60 True Love Quotes

It started out with talking on the phone until the break of dawn, long drives around the town, watching the sunset and dinners for two. Until I stopped and realized, I have fallen in love.

A steadfast marriage requires falling in love with the same person over and over again, everyday.

Falling in love is like a moth being dangerously pulled into the flame.

Falling in love is the part where you are blinded by the glitter of the chase and the thrill of seeing that special person. Being in love is seeing that person clearly each day, the good and the bad, and deciding to stay.

Falling in love is standing on the edge of the knife. You risk yourself of the happiness in spite of the danger of getting hurt.

I pray that he will catch me when I take this fall.

Love pushes you without warning. You are looking at the edge and love will push you off without a word of a warning.

Distance nurtures the heart. It strengthens the bond of two people in love.

The stars in his eyes are enough to chase away all the monsters under my bed.

Love is the rainbow after a terrible typhoon, the pillars you lean on to regain your strength, and the cinders that keeps you warm in winter.

Falling in love is a scientific puzzle, unexplainable by any theories. There is no pill to make you fall in love or take the feeling away. It is a phenomenon, a craze and a mystery.

You wouldn’t know it had hit you until you lie in your bed one night and all you can see when you close your eyes are visions of him.

Soulmate Quotes

Sure, it might not work, I might get hurt. But with such a colourful soul like that, could I even dare to resist?

What is this fire running through my veins? It keeps me awake, stronger than caffeine. It sends my hand scrambling for a brush to paint this picture brewing inside my heart.

You’ve written down your list: tall, handsome and athletic. Then you get someone completely unexpected. That’s how love can be so ironic.

If you don’t want to get hurt, if you don’t want the experience of heartbreak, then do your best not to get captured in the nets of falling in love.

No one is safe in the clutches of love. In one point or another, one will chance upon it on his/her journey.

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Fighting it is futile. Don’t resist it. Let love take you on an adventure.

Opening the pages of love is embarking into a new chapter. You are thrown into a different world. Everything is new and exciting, dangerous and tormenting. It’s a rollercoaster but it will be the best one you’ll ever have.

The highlight of my day is to hear you call my name.

Love turns the sullen into poets, the lonely into artists and the detached into an obsessed.


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There are no impossible in the world of love. Anything can be more colourful than you expected, yet tormenting than you prepared yourself for.

Love is a game wherein two people need to propel each other in order to reach for the finish line.

Merciless, raging and destructive and yet, you keep holding on to it even if blood is dripping from your wounds. Oh, love, why do you need to be so cruel?

The words spoken by the poets or the paintings that graces the Louvre do not do love justice. Nothing ever could, I guess. Only when you’ve felt the pang of its venom travelling in your veins that you’ll believe this is all true.

Love is the ultimate fall of the strong and the grand victory of the weak.

Stick with the person that fills your life with wonderful things to look forward to, someone that challenges you to be better.

60 Quotes about Love

You know that you love a person when you stay by his side even though he annoys you all the time.

Love is abandoning fear and taking the courage to venture into the unknown.

Love is holding hands in spite of the differences, the disagreements and the misunderstandings.

To love and be loved in return is the greatest exploit of men.

Do not try to understand love. Many have tried to uncover the puzzle and failed over and over again.

Love will turn the rational into illogical, the wise into foolish and the strong into weak. It abates and yet, it will give you a taste of the most powerful of emotions.

No one gets out of love unscathed. Even falling in love will leave you with the most colourful of scars.

If you are a stickler, you’ll be surprised that you’ll the find the most imperfect so perfect when you are in love.

Oh, what is this madness? All the songs that play in the radio are about you. The pictures I see everywhere are photographs of you. The sunrise reminds me of your laughter and the sunset, your tears. Am I cursed with the power of love?

At first, you dismiss it as a simple fascination. And then, that admiration turns into butterflies circulating around your head, turning your cheeks cherry red from just a sight of her. Let’s not forget your heart attempting to break free out of your rib cage from the mere mention of your name. A glimpse from her is your death wish.

Love is the milk and sugar in your coffee, your espresso in the morning. Love is the maple syrup atop your pancakes, the cherry on top of your vanilla sundae.

Being loved by the person you adore is the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, only a lucky few have experienced it.

Love, like anything in the world, if too much, is destructive.

Love is stronger than an alarm clock. It is so powerful that it propels you out of your bed since you have a person to look forward to. Love is more potent than any drug in the world. It sends your adrenaline rushing, your cheeks flushing and your hands trembling with the mere sight of him.

Love is Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Independence Day all rolled in one. Each day is a grand celebration of life.

Humans are made to fend for themselves. When he starts to care for another as much for himself, then that is called love.

Falling in love is like your first day in college – you have so much unknown and exciting things waiting for you. The first bell is the voice of your special someone – it sends chills in your spine. The library, the gym, the lockers and the field are the things you cannot wait to explore.

Love is seeing with the heart, not with the mind.

There are many attractive people in the world, and yet, only that special someone will have a hold in your heart.

Each day, I only grow to love you more and more, every part of you, every flaw you have.

You know you are in love when reality is finally better than you dreams.

I’ve met so many and yet, you are the only one that makes me write your name in the corners of my notebook. Take note – I don’t normally do that.

Without love, what is the journey for all about?

The more I look at you, the more I am able to see that the world can be a beautiful place.

Love is a gift. A present meant to be shared and nurtured.

I never thought that I will fall deeper and deeper. I only hope I can get out of this water.

Love is dangerous. It can make you feel so alone and so far apart from the person you love.

Your kisses are the sunshine I need to thaw the frozen corners of my heart. Your eyes are my window to the grandeur of the world. Your love is the light that guides me back home.

The world without love is a world deprived of the glinting oceans, the twilight skies, the thick lush forest and the earth we walk onto every day.

Falling in love is always an unexpected surprise. It sneaks up on you when your guard is down.

Do you ever fall in love gracefully? I don’t think so. Love is messy, chaotic and apocalyptic.

Falling in love with him is like flying through the galaxy of twilight, breathtaking and utterly euphoric.

The magnitude of my love towards you is unquantifiable. And yes that is so true.

I need you just like how the bees need the flowers to survive and make honey. Without you I have no purpose.

With you I am like a child who constantly needs love. That is how much I need you my sweet pie!

In my thoughts I have already grown a garden because each time I think of you are equivalent to one flower.

I came to know what love really is because of a person who made me understood is. It is you my sweet angel.

I think the whole and actual meaning of love is you my dearest love. I love you.

You can be as annoying as a mosquito sometimes but I will rather spend each annoying moment with you than to spend a peaceful moment without you.

If love has a name, it must be you. You and you alone. I love you my beloved!

Each time I see your contagious grin, I can’t help but fall in love with you again.

Loving you gives me pleasure but loving you more gives me ecstasy.

Love may be incalculable but I discern deep in my heart that I love you more my sweet darling.

I will by no means stop neither at adoring you nor adoring you more. I will make every effort to love you the most.

I will in no way ever conceal nor refuse that I love you. It is something that I am undoubtedly most proud of. I wish for you to know that honey bunch.

I will carry out anything that I can; with all my capacity and strength to love you even further.

I wish for the whole world to recognize that I adore you more and I care for you the most. I am proud of it and I will by no means reject it.

A being like you ought to be loved but you deserve to be love even further and deeper.

Each second of my life that is spent in thinking of you is a second worth spending for.

My love for you is like an abyss, it is mysterious. It is deep and its end is unknown.

Like our universe, my love for you continues to expand as time passes by. I love you my loving angel.

I think that it is impossible for me to tell when I will stop loving you. It is comparable to asking the sun when will it stop rising in the morning.

When I die, the last face that I want to lay my eyes upon is your lovely face, the face of the woman who captured my heart like no one else.

Your kisses and your stares will at all times remain to be a part of me, a part of my life.

If I have to use hugs and kisses as a way of expressing my love for you, we would be hugging and kissing until time ends.

I am no singer but your love for me and my love for you made me do so. I can sing the melody of my heart and rhythm of my soul both are longing for you.

Loving you is not my decision or my choice. It just happened. I am glad it happened.

I need you because I am deeply in love with you without knowing the reason why.

Your voice melts my heart like how the sun melts a chocolate with its rays. I love you.

Hearing you say you love me reminds me that you are worth the long wait that I have endured.

You are my soul. You are my mate. Together, you are my soul mate.

You meant to me like a how diamond is meant to a woman. You are my diamond!

Loving you is like playing a song in a loop. I may know what is the next tune or lyrics but that only makes me love you even more.

To be apart from you makes me feel like an injured being because I just can’t seem to go places without you by my side.

I am no poet but your love for me and my love for you made me do so. I can write and put the words in rhymes because of you.

My sincerest gratitude to the person who made me experienced the mystery and magic of love.

Love is something powerful that no one can ever control it. We can only have a taste of it but never control it.

A person can’t refuse love. Once love arrives at the doorsteps of your heart, you have no choice but to take it in. Even if you already know that you will only get hurt, still you can’t refuse it.

I do not want to be with you now because I want to be with you for all the coming tomorrows.

I will continue to love you even if you will not love and do not love me anymore. All I know is that I can’t stop loving you; if I do I will die.

My love for you has created walls around myself and my heart so no one aside from you can get inside it. I love you.

I want to create borders around my heart so that my feelings for you will be guarded forever.

I love you just like how a mouse loves cheese. I will nibble you slowly so I can savor all the taste of you, your sweet and salty flavor.

If you will become a mouse then I want to become a cat, not because I want to devour you but because I want to chase and go after you over and over again.

I just love how your lips taste like sweet milk; it makes me insatiable and goes crazy over you.

You are the flavor of the chocolate that I have been long searching for. Not too sweet but not bitter as well, just the perfect blend of two flavors. I love you my sweet chocolate!

The feeling of being in love with you makes me want to go to a quest to find a unicorn and ride it up to the clouds while singing the song of my heart. I love you!

Whenever I see the clouds all I see is your face. Whenever I see the flowers all I see is your smile. My love for you is making me see lovely things in ordinary things. I love you my flower!

I thought that the sweetness of couples in the movies is being exaggerated but here we are sweet as a honey. Love really makes things happen.

All I wish is for both of us to continue loving each other until the sets for both of us. I love you my destiny!

Love can make your life blissful for years and make it miserable in a second.

If our love story is a movie then it would have been a box office hit and number one in charts for years and it will be a record to beat.

How awesome it is to find an awesome person like you who made my awesome life extra awesome. We are indeed a couple of awesomeness.

At first, I was afraid to fall in love with you because you might reject my feelings, how relieved I was when you told me you love me too.

Love is not a matter of whose love is greater than whom. Love sees equally, it does not quantify people’s feelings.

Love is so mysterious to the extent that it does not know its own mystery.

Love can put a smile on a person’s face while breaking the heart of another person. Love has its reason in doing so.

In love, degrees, academic achievements and high grades does not make you invulnerable in falling into its traps of heartbreaks and pains.

Love is the only thing in the whole galaxy that can make smart people dumber than dumb.

Love is the single thing in the whole world than can make weak people stronger than strong.

For some people, love is their main strength while it is other people’s core weakness.

Love has this habit of making people fall in love to wrong people first before leading them to the right one.

Love likes to play jokes on people who can’t handle jokes well. To some people, love is the biggest joke of their lives.

All the books about love are useless and pointless because you can’t put love into words. You cannot read love. You cannot study love. You can only experience and feel it.

Love is not always giving and forgiving. It can be selfish and greedy at times.

You can’t call it love if you are doing it a little less. You can’t call it love if it is also too much. Love is the perfect balance of all the feelings with a little bit of everything.

Love needs faith and hope. It can’t continue to go on without the other two.

A love with a pinch of fear can’t be called love after all because love is fearless.

A love which is requiring lots of things can’t be called love, it is called parasitism.

When you finally found the one there is this invisible thread that connects both of you. You are tied to each other forever even after death.

Love can only endure what the heart is willing to endure. Our love may want to go on further but once the heart surrenders, love has no choice but to stop as well.

We can admire lots of people in our lives but we can only truly love one because once the heart found its mate, it attaches itself to the other half and seals it for good.