The 40 Proverbs on Love

There are so many sayings about love, and some days, you want to share it with the people that are important to you to remind them how much you care for them and how you feel about them.
Here are some of the quotes that you might want to try out when you feel that way.

The truest sign of wisdom in a person is looking at his heart and seeing love within it.

The best love in the world cannot be extinguished by even the greatest fire ever.

Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder; it makes you wish that you have him beside you.

Accidents happen all the time, but I am ready for it all as long as you are together with me.


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If you promise to be beside me all the time, I will promise to be in love with you forever.

All I ever wanted to be was beside you; what was ever so wrong with that, you tell me now.

Good things happen to kind people, and I am still here waiting for those good things to happen.

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When I look back to today, I hope that I will laugh off all the rejection I received.

And there were times when love was not kind at all when the pet did not like me.

One day, someone will love me and show me that love is truly magical and wonderful.

Kindness is the best kind of love; it can move mountains and is more potent than force itself.

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Sometimes love comes after marriage; that is truly one of the saddest things ever, you know?

How does love become love itself? The first thing you need to do is to give it away.

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No matter how many people try to stop it, love will eventually find a way to exist, okay?

When you find someone to love, find someone who will stay through the bad nights.

The goal of life is not to find someone you can love but to find someone to be with forever.

It is sad to think that the person I once loved became the person I had long forgotten.

Love will find you no matter where you are; love will find you and will let you feel again.

Friendship is practically the best foundation that love can ever have; you know him better.

Like all things necessary, love is invisible to the eyes; you only feel that way because you do.

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The heart’s capability to believe in the impossible is one of the best things there ever is.

Love always find a way; it always finds a reason to become what you want it to be, amazingly.

You know you are in love when you keep considering another person’s happiness above yours.

Love does not make the world go round and round, but rather it makes things worthwhile.

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Love is such a formidable force, it may be invisible, but it is the greatest of them all.

The best thing about love is that it is free, you need not pay for it, yet it is a treasure for all.

The world would not be as beautiful if there is no love on its surfaces, in its corners.

Love can transform a person from a selfish to a giving person; it changes people all the time.

Love makes people shine so brightly; it makes them better people; it makes them great.


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Loving is the best feeling in the world; it makes people so happy, it makes them sparkle.

Love makes people stronger; it gives them the courage to believe in the impossible.

Amazingly, love only requires a person’s heart and the capability to sacrifice a lot of things.

There is no great love that comes without sacrifice. That is just the way love is; you sacrifice.

Things will be better; believe me, it will be okay as long as you do something with love.

Love has the power to unite everyone in this world if only people believe in its power.

If love is a thing, I assure you that it will be infinite; it is never-ending and incomparable.

Let me tell you that I love you no matter what happens; I will always love you the same.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me; I would not change a single thing.

I love how you smile at me as if you are looking at the entire universe as if I am just that.

Love is only for those willing to love, those willing to give up what they have.

The best things in the world will only be felt by the heart, never seen, and love is one of them.

The best feeling in the world is to be loved in return by the person that you love just as much.

I want to be something in your life; I wanted to be someone for you, is that okay? Or is it not?

The moment that we are most alive is when we begin to fall in love, that is great.

I would change nothing about you, I love you, and that is the truth; I love you so.

If you need someone to lean on, I will be there for you; that is how great love truly is, girl.

You are the reason I am living; you are my reason for living; you make my heart race.

Love is genuinely like war itself; it is easy to start, but it is the hardest part.

I want to show you that all you did for me were not in vain, that I will do something for it.

If you need someone to be with you, to embrace your insecurities, let me be that person.

You are the one that keeps me on my toes, and I thank you every single day for it until now.

When the whole world decides to walk out from me, I need someone to be with me, will you?

Love can never be tamed; love is something that keeps being so wild, that makes it love.

Love is exciting as it can never be predicted; love without challenges is so overrated, truly.

Love will not imprison you; you need not understand it; you need to feel it.

Once you happen to stumble upon love itself, do not let it go; let it be the one to embrace you.

To love someone means to forgive them endlessly. No matter what they do, you overlook things.

In the end, love did not just save me; it turned me into a better person; it made me better.

Love is indeed an eternal thing; some aspects may somehow change, but the essence will remain the same forever and ever.

You have to do the things you do with love, and you will do something more productively.

When things are done with love, masterpieces are created; that is the reality of life.

What I love about old houses in history is that once upon a time, someone loved them.

I believe in the power of love to heal broken hearts; I think of what my heart once was.

I wish I could tell you that love is the answer, but most of the time, it just is not the answer.

I will think of you as the best person ever, and you will feel about me the same; let it remain that.

You will always be the first person I love, the one I cannot live without ever, my dear.

Love did not change things; it made it worse; love is neutral; it can both be good and evil.

I hope you see how glad I am that I fell in love with you and no one else; you make me feel in a way that I have never felt with other people before, and I love you for it.

These feelings are my treasure; they make me feel like I can reach the sky and do anything.

THINGS BECOME MUCH EASIER once I put my mind to it, especially when I put in love.

Those efforts I put in because I loved what I was doing mattered the most.

It is kind of sad when the person you love cannot love you back, relatively low.

There is no greater love than those that withstand the test of time; that is the greatest.

I have often asked myself if indeed you can learn to love a person. Eventually, I beg to disagree.

When you genuinely love a person, you love him despite his appearance, despite his social status.

You may be a person to them, but you are the whole universe; I love you so.

Loving you did not make you the most handsome in my eyes, but it made you dearer to me.

I would change nothing about you, I love you so much, and love conquers everything.

One day, someone will walk into my life and show me what love is; I still believe in that.

Someday, the right man will pursue me the way I deserve to be; I have to wait for it.

A little longer, and I will finally be with the person who deserves my love, with the one who loves me without prejudice, with all that I have.

It is never too late to change; it is never too late to fall for someone; it is never wrong to love.

I hope you will realize that loving a person will change your life, making you feel alive.

There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a bad person; you would know it.

Most of the time, falling for the person is just a matter of feeling it eventually.

Love, at first sight, is not love at all, do not base love on appearances, ever, know him better.