Quotes that give you Hope – Quotes about hope


There are many circumstances in our lives that threaten to crash our strength. When everything takes a darker turn, HOPE is the word that we hold on to. It can be a saving grace or a chronic poison. It all depends on how you use it in your life. Will it propel you forward or forever anchor you in the same place?


If you use the light of hope, it will give you flight. At the same, if you drink the darkness in it, it will clip your wings and never let you fly.


Hope is a double-edged sword. It can either keep you going or kill you slowly.


When everything else fails, there is only a single rope you can hold on to, that is hope.


The night is at its most beautiful when you can see the ocean of stars twinkling above you. That is how it is with hope. It shines the brightest when your world is plunged in darkness.

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It is a tragedy when someone lets go hope of finally reaching for his dreams, when he is only a step away from turning it into a reality.


After so many falls, when your knees and heart are bruised from it all, hope is the salve for your wounds and the ointment for your pain.


Hope is the silent prayer of the heart. Hope is the rain that soothes and the oasis that quenches your thirst. Hope is your lamp against the trudging darkness.


You carry it with you from the moment you were born. It is what made your parents cry with joy and swelling happiness. When you are scared of the monsters under your bed and you can’t run anywhere for refuge, it is your blanket that keeps you warm and lulls you to sleep at night. It is the ray of sunshine bathing in your face in the morning light. It is with this that you’ve build your dreams with. It is what keeps you going even though the odds are always in your favour. It is called hope. It is your trump card against life.


Too much of everything is hazardous. An excess of hope will do you no good either.

Hope for each sunrise and a new beginning is what keeps me pushing out of my bed, even if my heart is all in pieces.


Let him go. Do not cling to the hope that he will ever come back. Stop checking your phone for his messages or expect him outside your house, throwing rocks at your window. Do not expect that he will surprise you with flowers on your birthday. Fling that kind of hope away from your heart, but instead, hold on to the hope that you will make it out of this heartbreak.


When everything is in pieces, hope is what makes you believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow.


She is a maiden with locks as dark as night. She has the eyes that you’ll want to gaze forever into, swim on it and delve in it and never to return. Her skin are as pale as moonlight, as cold as a day without sunrise. She is both an illusion and a torch in your darkest nights. Her name is hope, a child born from the flesh of your dreams.


In every man’s heart, hope resides within.


Hope, when perceived in a wrong way, is a poison that is bound to kill you someday.


Quotes about Love


Love is to nourish the heart. Happiness is to fill your life with colours. Hope is to believe in the brightness that the future holds.


Don’t forget to focus on what’s in front of you. Don’t spoil the opportunities of the present. Instead, savour the moments that this time brings. Don’t let the blindfold of hope keep you enjoying today.


God has given us this life not to wallow in darkness forever, but to search for the brightest light called ‘Hope’ and use it to guide us towards the gates of His Kingdom.



When the present looks too daunting, just remember that a new day will bring a promise of hope and healing.


Abandoning hope is like throwing away the promise for a brighter tomorrow.


The foundation of every dream lies in the hope of seeing it come to life one day.


Quotes about Never Give Up and Stay Strong


Have hope and faith in yourself. You’ll be surprised with how far you’ll go.


Love, faith and hope – These are the only weapons that you need in your life.


There will be a train of disappointments that will sweep your way, breaking your heart into pieces. But remember, life is full of possibilities. Hold onto it, the beautiful promise of tomorrow.


Quotes about letting go and moving forward


The formula for a great life is to fill your heart with love, to work hard for your dreams and to have faith and hope in everything you.


Your dreams will not unfurl by itself – you need to have discipline and work on it day by day, fill every corners of your heart with the hope of its fruition and believe that you will get through whatever may come your way.


A road built with hope is a road full of possibilities. A road built on despair is a road full of misery.


Placing your hope in the hands of other people will surely break your heart, but trusting your hope in God’s Hands will, without a doubt, give you the strength and courage you will need to pull yourself out of any storm.


As long as hope resides within you, as long as you have the child in you inside your heart, your dreams will surely come true.


The greatest feelings to wake up to every morning are an overflowing feeling of love and a glimmer of hope to get you through another day.


Hope is your map and faith is your compass.

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The snow that falls slowly and perches upon the roof of your house, the sunlight that illuminates your room every morning and the warm scarf around your neck to protect you from the cold – that is the blossom of hope.


Giving up when you have come so far is like abandoning a ship in the middle of the ocean.


Hope is what gives strength to the desperate, power to the weak, and rain after a long drought.


Dance to the perils of life, sing the song of hope and let it resonate throughout your soul. Who says life is a smooth sailing ride? It will only get harder as you move on from one page to the other, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live it filled with joy.


To be without hope is like walking in a dark tunnel without light.


Hope is the canvas, faith is your paintbrush and your dreams are the colours of your life’s journey.


I’m Sorry Quotes – Apology Quotes


The world is cruel. People around you will hurt you. Misfortunes will befall upon you. Some of the things we desire the most are the ones that are going to destroy us. However, in spite of all these maladies, hope is the one thing that I will want to hold on to.


The fact that you decided to get off your bed and face the world means that despite of the hardships of yesterday, you chose to hold on to hope and to keep moving forward.


What’s my secret in life? I have no expectations and therefore, there is no space for disappointments.


You cannot sail into a new island without the hope of the wind blowing your sails into the right direction and the hope of finding it in the midst of the raging seas.


How can you know what the future holds, if you don’t have hope in your heart and soul of one day getting there?


It’s amazing how the hope for tomorrow can propel a person to keep moving forward.


That’s the power of hope, I suppose. It serves as light to those blinded by darkness. It gives courage to those who are stammered by fear. It feeds those who are suffering and weary the strength to keep on living.


If I can leave one mark in this world, I want to be that glimmer of hope to a lost soul – to be his guiding light towards safety, to be his sunrise and to be his sunset, his promise of a brighter tomorrow.


Use hope wisely. Use it to fuel your dreams and help you stand up against the odds. Don’t use it to weigh you down and make you wait aimlessly. Remember, it can be both good and evil.


Hope is the column of the world, the waking dream of every man.


Without the hope for tomorrow, a man’s heart will wither.


Hope is what turns fear into courage and weakness into strength. Hope will fill your dark roads with light to guide you through and your shelter against the storm. Hope will pull you up when you have dried up all your will to move forward.


I sincerely believe that birds are creatures of hope – Listen to them singing songs of hope, with their wings soaring the wind and yearning for a place where they can rest their weary. When the sun peaks from the horizon, they continue their search until the Promised Land is found.


Hope, if taken in excess, can lead to blind intoxication, spinning your world around until you can’t stand no more from drunkenness.


Hope can be the most beautiful and the ugliest thing to decorate your veins. The poison can travel all over your body and stop you from walking, or the adrenaline can wake up the strength hidden beneath the bones.



Quotes About Moving On and Letting Go


The dawn stretches its limbs and illuminates my room. The cold morning breeze fills my lungs with the chance to start anew, and my heart and soul rejoices for a new page to be written on. This is hope.


You can never be permanently broken. Humans have an innate ability to heal and to hope.


When you have hopelessness draping over your shoulders, all you need to do is omit the word ‘lessness’, and you have hope.


Always remember, there is an end to every storm.


To travel with hope is to travel with a destination.