Top 40 Real Relationship Quotes

A real relationship does not need to be defined, but sometimes, you want to tell the person you are in a relationship with that you appreciate that they are natural to you.
Here are some of the relationship quotes that will indeed prove to everyone that your relationship is real.

When you are in a real relationship, you speak less because you understand each other better.

A real relationship is that which have survived a lot of challenges and developed together with.

It does not always mean that you are happy; you can be confirmed as long as you are together.

No one can tell if a relationship is real, but the two people get along pretty well.


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Sometimes you have to stop waiting for that person and instead find it in somebody else.

You will constantly be challenged in life; what matters is how the two of you survive it.

When you find the right one for you, you will know it by saying your name, so safe.

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A real relationship is not perfect, you will fight repeatedly, but as long as your makeup, everything will be alright.

Some days all that you need is someone to tell you that their love for you is genuine.

Believe me when I tell you that I knew you were the one for me the moment I first saw you.

I held you in my arms, and I knew that we were going to last forever and ever until the last.

Cute Relationship Quotes

Maybe I got sick of waiting around for prince charming and decided to go on a journey.

One day you will realize that your home is a person, not a place and only found in the one you truly love with all your heart; one day, you will finally reach that home.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Life will be full of problems, but as long as you stand beside each other, it will be OK.

Nothing in life is predictable, things change all the time, but we will keep being us.

In the end, what matters is the moments when you loved each other so much, when you loved.

I want to be able to meet you, to be with you until the end of time, until the end of it all.

What matters the most to me is how you kissed me and told me you love me every day.

When I am on my deathbed, I will never forget the times I spent with you, every memory.

I wish I could show you how thankful I am that we are together and how in love I am with you.

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Please do not become a memory and live with me for the rest of our lives here together.

Some days, it still feels like the same old story, you and me, together for the rest of forever.

Distance would never tear the two of us apart because this relationship we have is accurate.

Once you meet the right person, you will never be able to tear him apart from your soul.

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When your personalities clash, and you still like each other a lot, that is love.

Every man I meet tells me they want to protect me, but I do not get from whom.

Some days, relationships do not make sense anymore, from an unknown perspective.

Love is in the numbers, in the crowd, in the way you say my name, the way your eyes lit up.

There is no sense in going over the things done; let us move on and get over them.


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I am willing to share a relationship with you if only you would be so honest with me.

Tell me that it is OK, that things will be OK, that we will be alright, somehow.

I don’t even know; it’s like I am a coward, afraid that I might lose you one day soon.

I hope that you know that someday soon we will be together, no matter what happens.

When you do things for the sake of someone that you genuinely love, that is a relationship.

A relationship means that you might need to sacrifice a lot for the person that you are with.

One of the most common foundations of a relationship is trust, so you might as well do so.

If your relationship started from friendship, then things are going to be a whole lot better.

I swear, you will be mine; we are going to live the rest of our lives together, love.

When you do the things that you hate because of love, then that love is real, I tell you.

Once I have loved someone with all that I have, I kept on loving him until this day.

One day, we will stumble upon each other, and we will join our hands, each intertwined.

I think the lack of friendship makes most marriages unhappy, and that is a sad fact.

When the right time comes, you will find the right one for you, and he will stay forever.

There is no such thing as the wrong relationship, just the evil person at the wrong time.

I wish you could tell me that things will be OK because we just hit rock bottom.

Will things be better in the future? Because believe it or not, I will hold on tight to us.

I still think that as long as I believe that the two of us can achieve it, then we would.

No matter what people might think about us, what’s important is that the love we share is real.

No more telling me what to feel; I will hold on to our promises and the love we have.

I do not expect you to be perfect because I love you for exactly who you are to me, dear.

Stop assuming; that is practically the best advice you can give to someone in a relationship.

Trust your partner; sometimes, it is as simple as that, and relationships get saved all the time.

When there is trust between the two of you, things will be better; it will be alright.

Stop doubting your partner because it was you who chose him; it was you who picked him.

No matter what happens, what is essential is that you loved, that you loved so dearly.

In the end, no matter how hurt you get, what matters is that you had a real relationship.

I would like to tell the world that it was real; we were real until it came to an end.

Everything is going to end, nothing is eternal, but I believe that one of the greatest legacies that you can impart is the power of having a real relationship over a sloppy one.

Happiness is measured by the amount of love that you impart and that you receive in return.

Sometimes, you want to share your love with the world and hope someone gives it back.

Never expect anything; once you learn that, you will be better, you will be a lot happier.

There is a power in smiling; some relationships start with a smile, go on and smile to all.

Stop underestimating yourself; you can do this; the two of you will work this out.

There is no sense in going over gone things; live in the moment, share the love.

Once you realize that some things are meant to let go, you can live a happy relationship.

A bitter relationship will always leave baggage; find someone to carry it with you.

Sometimes, you need to let the past go to enjoy the life in front of you, the love it has.

Getting married to someone you love is like knowing you will always have someone for you.

Someone will be there for you no matter how insecure you feel; someone will heal all your wounds, will kiss your scars, will help you fight your battles, will love you all the same.

When the time comes, I hope you think of me and the relationship that we once shared.

The love that the two of us shared can never be enough; you are my love, you are my all.

Stop being what others want you to be and just be yourself, and you will find the one for you.

There is no sense in crying over a could have been relationship; you will find a real one soon.

Once you get to the end of it, once you finally find the light, the one for you, things float.

Never marry someone who lies to you because that person is just bound to cheat on you again.

If he cheated once, it is a mistake but if he does it twice, throw him out already, forget him.

I remember how it felt to forget someone you once held so dearly in your heart.

Maybe it is the capability of people to love that makes them so hard to remove from your life.

I held these feelings in my heart for so long, only to have them shattered into tiny pieces.

The best ability is to recognize what you already have and make the most of it.

When you take someone for granted in a relationship, it will come back to you tenfold.

You have got to have a reason to live, find a reason to make your life feel easier than it is.

The best way to remember is to forget, to stop trying to remember and let it come.

It is so hard to let go of the people you love and even harder to forget someone you loved.

I do not think the word loved should exist; you do not stop loving people, you learn how to live without them, you cannot even forget them at the very least.

There is no sense in pretending it never happened when it did; I once loved you.