Top 60 Inspirational Love Quotes

‘If you haven’t loved, you haven’t lived at all.’
Our lives won’t be as special without love in our journey.
It may be painful, but you don’t get out of the clutches of love without learning a thing or two.
Here are quotes to help you see the kind of inspiration brought by love:

You don’t love someone for how perfect they are, you love them because they are imperfect, and that’s perfectly fine in your eyes.

Loving someone is not about changing them but helping them be the best version of themselves.

I am a train wreck, a ball of tears at 3 am. I am crazy. Just like autumn, I change without notice. But if you cannot deal with me at my worst, then you cannot love me at my best.

It takes less than a second to develop a crush on someone, a day to like someone, a few weeks or months to love someone, and a lifetime to forget someone completely.


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Love gives you strength like no other and unmatched courage, ready to cross the jaws of fire and inspiration to create a wonderful masterpiece.

You are like glue – I could not take my eyes off you. Your face is plastered everywhere, even in my dreams. Your voice resonates inside my head. I can’t seem to stick away from you.

A guy who truly loves his girl does not need to undress her to see her heart and soul.

60 Quotes About Love

If someone likes you, he will do everything in his power to be with you and to make you happy, no matter what.

Choose someone who makes your world a better place. Remember, physical beauty fades over time.

People were made to be loved. Their value encompasses everything else in this world. The sad thing about these days, things are given more than people.

Don’t settle for a relationship where you can be anyone but yourself.

Inspirational Quotes About Love

The only way to cure a broken heart is to let the hands of time heal it. The same goes for wounds and any broken bones – trust time to heal it.

Sexy is all about being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself in your most unlovable.

Anything with life is capable of love.

The 60 Quotes about Falling in Love

To be fully accepted and whole-heartedly loved by someone is the greatest miracle that could happen in your life.

I want to be married to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I won’t ask for anything else in this world.

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Do you know why being in love equates to sleepless nights? Because the reality is finally better than your dreams.

Love does not recognize any race. It does not discriminate. Love does not choose who you fall in love with. It is a mysterious attraction. Love is not perfect. It sees the imperfections perfectly.

A successful marriage requires you to fall in love with and to forgive the same person every day over and over again.

I am just an ordinary person with everyday life. I was not born with a silver spoon or special powers. But I have loved someone with all my heart. And for me, that makes my life really special.

If a thought of you equates to a blooming flower, you will turn me into a garden everywhere.


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The source of my greatest strength came from being loved by you, while all of my courage came from loving you.

If you love someone with all your heart, you will not abandon her no matter how many reasons you have to leave her.

I prefer to be happy alone than miserable with someone who does not care about me.

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The greater you love someone, the more significant the power you are giving him to hurt you.

A love so great is the one that sets fire the soul on fire; it burns so bright that it shines my way back to you whenever I need hope.

It was in the little things that made me realize that I would not want anyone else in the world to grow old with than with you when you add it up.

Love means having to forgive someone a thousand times and to give him a chance a thousand and one more.

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No matter how we try, we will never be a step closer to describing how much a heart can truly love.

Two souls join together, where they rely on the strength of one another and wipe the pain from each other’s hearts. I don’t think there will be anything more beautiful in this world than that.

Love is a double-edged sword. It can either light up your way or seal you away in the darkness forever.

The bravest feat one can do is to love and never expect anything in return.

Your heart is not bound to anything. Follow it and believe where it takes you.

Yes, I have been scarred by love too many times. However, I won’t let the pain rot my heart and keep me from believing in it.

You choose to marry someone not because you can live with him. You chose him because you cannot live without him.

Love is only a word unless you act upon it and give it a definition.

Lucky are those who find the person they can be weird with.

I believe that everyone will find someone that will change their life, a unique soul who will ultimately change the course of their lives.

A heart sings an incomplete song until it finds another heart to sing a duet with.

When you find that special someone you’d want to share the rest of your life with, you’d want to start that chapter with her as soon as possible.

Just like how a tree grew from a seed, love also blooms from the seed of friendship.

Fate will decide who will walk into your life. Although, those who walk out of your chapter are ultimately up to you.

Falling in love means jumping off the edge and trusting the other not to catch you but to join you in the fall as well.

A circle is better than a heart. While a heart gets broken, the circle goes forever. That’s why wedding rings are the symbol of an eternal union.

Love is about caring for somebody else’s happiness more than your own.

Love not only targets the heart, but it also attacks the body and mind as well.

Love is cruel. It leaves pain that lasts forever. However, it also brings forth happiness that heals that everlasting pain.

If you think life is messy, wait until you fall in love.

What scares me the most is never being able to feel this kind of magic again when I am with you.

You know, truly loved when you want someone to be happy even though you are not part of that happiness.

Love is the most loyal of virtues. People change. Feelings change. But love will always and forever stay. Not even death can tear apart.

Logic has no power over love. Even the smartest is turned dumbfounded by the venom of love. Even science can’t fully explain the mystery of love. Not even the philosophers got a step close to figuring it out.

We settle for love we believe we deserve.

Remember to nurture love in your heart. A life without it is like a jungle without trees or a mountain without stones.

A broken heart can be mended with the help of time, a gallon of ice cream, and, of course, your girlfriends.

Marriages fail not only because of the lack of love but also because of the absence of friendship.

Love is experienced by many, but sadly, enjoyed by few.

Love is made up of two souls bound into one.

Love is like karma; you give what you receive.

Being loved is the deepest feeling in this world. Not even the most precious of gems or treasures can ever compare to.

The first time you smiled at me, I knew that I was in big trouble.

A beautiful marriage is where an imperfect pair of people sees and enjoys each other’s differences.

The only remedy for love is to love more.

How can you explain love at first sight? How can you fall for someone as soon as you lay your eyes on them? How can one look at this person change your life forever?

Communication is a vital part of any relationship. When you are left with no riches in the world, watching the hands of the clock tick with each passing heartbeat, only exchange with your partner can make each second worthwhile.

If your heart is weary and drenched in a pool of pain, the only remedy is love.

Distance does not make the heart wander, but it only brings two hearts even closer.

Love tangles the wires of logic, sever the string of rationale and brings the brain to a halt.

In your arms, I found my shelter. In your eyes, I found the fire that sets my passion aflame. In your smile, I found myself daydreaming of days spent with you. In your love, I discovered the beauty of life.

When love trips you, it’s easy to recover. When you fall in love, it’s impossible to pick yourself up.

Romance is that which turns the dull everyday life into a glamorous party.

When you fall in love, questions will congest your mind. You are left with fleeting queries and haplessly grasping the dark for answers, only for your to find out that love posed the question and is also the answer.

Love is the pain that fills your world of black and white with bright and screaming colors.

I don’t need to want the heavenly bodies or the most precious gems in the world. All I need is a steady hand that won’t let me go when my world falls apart.

Love is what gives life a beautiful meaning.

I love you with words beyond the reaches of my tongue. I love you beyond the reaches of my mere limited sight. I love you more than I can ever describe in these words.

Growing old with you is one of the greatest dreams of my life.