Romantic Love Status Quotes

Are you undeniably, positively and irrevocably in love? Do you feel that any minute now, your heart is going to beat out of your chest? Do not be ashamed of what you are feeling. Please share it with your family and friends.
Let your loved ones know.
Here are some romantic quotes that can help you express how you feel.

There is no sweeter joy in life than you.

Having you in my life is like breathing fresh air for the very first time.

I have always wondered what it would feel like to fall in love. I stopped wondering the moment I saw you.

People fall in love in many different ways. For me, falling in love was like being struck by lightning. It happened unexpectedly fast, but right then, I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.


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I live in a different world that only you can ever understand.

Romance is not like the hot burning heat of newly burned wood. It is the slow and simmering heat of a fireplace, ever-present and ever comforting.

I always expected that falling in love would leave me breathless and gasping for air, the feelings so overwhelming that they would blur every other sense in the world. I didn’t expect falling in love to leave me calm and content, the emotions so serene that they do not drown out Everything around me, only enhance it.

60 Quotes About Love

Love is the most powerful magic in the world.

If I had to choose between you and the world, I would prefer you. For what is the worth of having the whole world at the palms of my hand if you are not there to rule it with me?

Your smile is the only light I need in the darkest of days.

Loving is you is not easy, but it is by far the sweetest challenge I have ever had the pleasure of encountering.

Cute Love Status

I don’t mind being lost if it means being lost in the depths of your sweet embrace.

People find me weird, but if being weird means being with you, then I’d gladly be the weirdest person in the whole wide world.

Loving you was unexpected, but it was the sweetest surprise I’d ever had in my life.

Romantic Love Quotes for Them

I was faced with two questions today- to love or not to love? I find myself knowing the answer without even having to ask myself.

She was the brightest star in my dark universe, and no one could ever compare.

If I told you that I loved you, would you tell me the same?

Smiling, I reached for your hands, and I found that the spaces between my fingers fit the spaces of yours like the perfect pieces to an ever unsolvable puzzle.

You are not perfect, but I find myself loving every bit of your most imperfect self.

Being with you is the only comfort I need in this scary and fast-paced world.

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You looked me in the eye, and I found my heart beating in perfect unison with your long and deep breaths.

I fell, and you caught me. That is all there ever is to the story of our love.

You are black hole personified, and I would gladly get sucked into the deathly embrace of oblivion.

When we love, we always strive to become better versions of ourselves.

The 60 Quotes about Falling in Love

Love, you cannot see it. You can only feel it.

I asked you where love was. You looked me in the eye and said that love was in my eyes.

People always told me that love was everywhere. I cannot fathom why they could not see that love was not everywhere. It was in the girl that I always sat beside in school, and she was blinding.

Too much love can kill you, they said. If loving you means dying, then I would gladly be the one to plunge the dagger into my heart.

Romance is not expensive dinners and blinding diamonds. It is not trips to Paris and bouquets. Romance is sweet whispers and warm embraces. It is lazy nights and homemade dinner. Romance is not grand. It is simple, and it is enough.


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If love was measured in galaxies, then my love for you is the whole universe and beyond.

My love was a duet, just waiting for the perfect singer to sing with. When I saw you across the room, my love sang, and your love sang with it.

I will love you with every single breath I take.

If you and I are meant to be, then love will always find a way to make our paths cross.

I thought that I had lost myself forever. It seemed that finding myself was all I ever needed. For in finding myself, I found you.

If the heart were made to be broken, then I would gladly have it ruined by you.

For me, home isn’t a place. It is a person, and it is you.

They told me to list ten reasons as to why I love you. I thought about them hard and long but only came up with one word, Everything.

I was always told never to play with fire, but how could I ever resist playing with the flames of your love?

Like a moth, I was drawn to the burning heat of your everlasting love.

To love someone means to accept that with the possibility of love comes the case of pain.

I find myself lost inside the depths of your deep and burning gaze.

Your love, it burns. But I find myself wanting more and more of it each day despite the pain.

I cannot help but smile as I think about the sweetness of your kiss and the gentleness of your touch.

You are the catsup to my fries, and you are all I ever need.

As long as you remember me, then I do not care if the whole world forgets.

I sleep at night basking in the glow of your love.

You are not perfect. Far from it, actually. However, despite all your flaws and imperfections, I still find myself falling deeply and irrevocably in love with you.

Your love is enough to get me through the day.

Twenty years have passed, but until now, every time I lay my eyes on you, my heart beats as fast it did the moment I realized that I was hopelessly in love with you.

I may be a fool, but I am a fool in love.

You are the cure to my ill and dying heart.

Your smile is a drug that I cannot live without. I have to see you every day to satisfy the everlasting hunger of my beating heart.

I will never want for anything else as long as I have you in my life.

Hold my hand and never let me go.

Every moment spent with you is like experiencing heaven on earth.

I never believed in angels, but I started thinking when I laid my eyes on you.

You are all that I want, and you are all that I will ever need.

You had me at hello.

There are many fishes in the sea, but you are the only fish I want to catch.

My breath hitched, my heart skipped. Everything was in slow motion as the woman of my dreams entered my life for the very first time.

There’s something in the way you smile that makes my heart skip a beat.

Yours is the only love I will ever need.

I don’t need anyone but you. It’s true.

I promise to love you through the good times and the bad. I promise to love you now and forever.

Some people want gold. Some people want fame. Some people wish to glory. And then there’s me…..simple, old me who wants nothing else but you.

You give me a reason to wake up in the morning and face another day.

Your kisses quench the thirst deep inside my soul.

My heart beats for you and only you.

Baby, it’s you and me against the world.

Do you want to hear the story of my life? I fell in love. That’s all you need to know.

Your voice is like a lullaby that chases the worst nightmares of my life away.

They said that you could only experience heaven after you die. I think they lied because right here, right now, I’m alive as can be, but I see heaven right before my eyes.

Forever and always, that is my promise to you.

The greatest gift God has ever given wasn’t wrapped in a box. It was dressed in a kind, a beautiful package I now call my wife.

I will fall asleep with a smile, knowing that when I wake up in the morning, I will be wrapped in your sweet and warm embrace.

Out of all the people in this world, no one has ever made my heart beat the way you do. So I choose you. Over and over and over again, without pause, without second thoughts, I will always choose you.

The moment I first saw you was the moment I finally understood the meaning of forever.

No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard the path may be, I will travel every road, and I will face every challenge so that I can have you back in my arms once again.

The crease between your brows when you think, the wrinkle of your nose when you smile, the snort in you laugh when you giggle, every single thing about you is perfection.

Forever is a very long time, but if I have to spend it with someone, I would gladly pay for it with you.