Sacrifice quotes

There comes the point in your life when you have no choice but to sacrifice.
It is essential to be able to sacrifice yourself and know when to make it.
After all, when you sacrifice, you will get something in return.
However, the best type of sacrifice is that which does not ask for anything, someone willing to sacrifice all that he is and all that he has without any questions asked.
A sacrifice must be something done not through force but by someone’s own will.
Here are quotes about the sacrifice that should give you a better idea about it.

I think that is just part of it that you have to sacrifice for them when you love someone.

There is something that can be said of people who are willing to put themselves on the line.


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I am honoured for the safety of the people and the greater good you were willing to give up.

It is the best thing, believing there are people like you who put their welfare lastly too.

Those types of people inspire you for being so selfless, and you want to be them too.

Now, you need to realize that you are going to sacrifice some things for those people then.

Like them, you want to experience and understand how you can make things happen too.

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Someday soon, you will realize that there is so much more to life than your happiness.

Choosing the right thing over the best thing for yourself is something to commend you for.


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There are times when you have to sacrifice a precious thing even when you do not want to.

You think it is okay to get hurt if it means you will be helping out others, an act of kindness.

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The best thing is having someone who will do all they can to help you out now.

When something feels genuinely wrong, you do the right thing, which means a lot, all in all.

And a sacrifice is something that must be made voluntarily, never through force, never that.

To set yourself aside to help other people is one of the best gifts that you have.

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I think it is noble that people can believe that there is still hope for humanity too.

It was in the intent to give out what you have to make other people happy.

There are moments when you need to step down so that you can help someone else get up.

She was that girl, and she is the one who taught me the real meaning of the word sacrifice, dear.

It is through humble and small things or measures of help that big things eventually spring up.

Maybe now is the right time to give yourself some revolution, to help other people too.

Whenever you feel that compelled to put someone else over yourself, it is giving freedom to.

He showed me that a sacrifice must be made for love and definitely with passion as well, really.

Maybe it is not the hero that always saved the entire world but the one willing to die for it.

There are not that many willing when the price to pay is their life in exchange for it.

Humanity is beautiful for the acts of kindness that they are willing to do for the other person.

It was such a joy to watch him for the longest time now. I must sacrifice that to be a better one.

There are no limits to his horizon, and I loved him dearly for that; believe me, now, I beg you.

If you do not cause sorrow to another and only think of the benefits for the other, it is love.

When you try sacrificing yourself for the person you love, that is the moment it is genuine.

You give up the pleasures and the joy of the short term to have happiness later on.

A sacrifice should be your last choice once you have exhausted all the other options you have.

The other half of you should know when it is necessary to give up the fight before all else now.

Regardless of what you want to do in life, you have to tell yourself to keep going as well.

When a sacrifice is no longer an option, what you do is believe in yourself above all things too.

The best option you can have is the ability to stand tall in this life, be more of you too.

When you make a sacrifice, make sure that you stand by the purpose of you doing it, above all.

The essential thing in the world is knowing which items are worth losing a limb for.

The best person in the world who has given it all up for you would be your mother, dear, too.

I cooked because I needed to, but I stayed because I wanted to make the world a better place.

There is real magic in being able to sacrifice yourself above all else freely, and I think this is it.

If only the people knew what they were missing, they would give all they had up.

Your dreams are only as far as you let yourself get to be; you can achieve all you ever want.

When you get it quickly, you do not value it as much as what you love well.

There is a much greater importance to the things where you have to give up a lot for all in all.

You must be willing to tear out your very own, sacrifice it and know you can’t have it back.

Promising your friends that you are willing to lay your life down for them is good.

What you do for others without asking for anything in return will come back to you later on.

The most important thing, in my case, is the ability to see what is to become, to give up for it.

There was once a night called the feast of sacrifice where people gathered around the bonfire.

For such a long time, I have wondered what you are willing to give up for the cost of love?

Remove the doubts in your mind along with the regrets and tell me this is what you did it for.

I think aspiring for something is good because it pushes you to do things you have yet to do.

I know how hard it is to sacrifice, but before all else, please consider this one time, I beg you.

A mother tries her best, give up time & effort to send her son to the school she wants.

I wanted to come home to take care of my father, even if it meant I had to move back home.

I am more than willing to give my life for people if it ever comes down to that too.

God loved the world, so he had Jesus to sacrifice for him; that is the key to things.

There are things in life that you will do even when you do not want to for other people.

You get to compromise with someone so that you can all have good things at the end of it.

It is okay to fight, to let go and to hold on simply because it is a part of the life we live in.

I am telling you that one day, all the things you gave up will be worth the result of life too.

I bet you that the ultimate thing ever, even better than anything, so for now, sacrifice yourself.

A good life can be earned if you are willing to work harder and give up your happiness.

It is okay to laugh later and work hard now if it means you can be happy later on.

The most successful people understand the fact that you have to work hard today for later.

A strong person knows when to give up things to achieve the goals he worked for.

She let herself hide in a small cabin with your friends; you better nod always means yes too.

To gain something, you must give something back in return, which is the law of life.

There is no clear path if you want to succeed; you must painstakingly take every step of it.

If you need pleasure, you must find it from within you, and you cannot just avoid the pain.

If it is for the better good of many people, what is stopping you from making that sacrifice.

And as time progresses, you get to know yourself better, and you can see who you are.

Because you matter, and so does the person you come to be, and that is the key to a good life.

Sacrificing the happiness you feel is necessary, and so you do to see others happy too.

It has always been a part of life to give things up for the people that matters most to you.

Should you be asked to sacrifice today for the people of tomorrow, would you do that too?

There is a need to give up on things you have to get to where you want to be later on.

The road to success is bumpy, and you need a lot of things along the way too.

For now, it should be enough to know that you have a lot to give up and work on then.

No one knows when to make a sacrifice, so no one is prepared in doing so at all now.

I have heard your heart, and I am proud of how much you are willing to make the sacrifice.

Brotherhood is but making a sacrifice to be able for others to do what they should.

When you are willing to sacrifice your life for someone else, that is what family is.

People who are more than willing to sacrifice things are the best type of people for me too.