Confidence quotes – Quotes About Confidence


In the modern era of supermodel media images and constantly seeing others’ perfect lives on Facebook and Instagram, true confidence is a rare thing. Yet, it is, in fact, an underrated magic pill: it helps you achieve goals, be more attractive, mentally healthier, beautiful, and ultimately happier.

Here are some funny and wise quotes about confidence.


It’s logical that success boosts your self-confidence. Not everyone knows that this also works in the opposite direction: be self-confident, and success will follow.


No one is perfect, but everyone has something beautiful that makes them something better than perfect: it makes them unique.


For those who can truly learn, there is no failure but only success.

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Being obsessed with what other people might think about you and how they might judge your actions is the worst prison you could ever get yourself into. Some people spend years there. Others might never get away.


Are you looking for ways to become confident so that you do that big thing? Go ahead and do it, and that is when you gain confidence in yourself.


If your love is jealous of you, don’t get angry because they are making it up; it is a message to help them become more confident.


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One of the greatest pleasures in life is defeating others’ opinions about what you cannot do.


Confidence is the key to looking beautiful, just like a smile is. The only difference is that you can always fake the latter.


Perfection does not exist, so you cannot be perfect just like anyone else can. However, you can be confident, which might be the difference that will lead you to success.


It all starts with you. If you believe in yourself, others will probably feel in you, too. If you don’t, no one else will.


Don’t wait for someone else to tell you you’re awesome. Tell it to yourself first, and you will be sure to hear that from others.


Believing in yourself is worth half the effort you make.


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Don’t let yourself believe in others more than you believe in yourself or trust others more than yourself. The person who will ultimately make everything happen in your life is you.


The more confident you are, the less you depend on other people’s opinions.


Everyone has problems, and everyone makes mistakes, but the most successful are those less influential.


The moment you lose self-confidence is the moment you surrender.



Confidence is the most attractive thing a woman can wear. On second thought, it works for men, too.


If you are waiting for a man who will love you and give you self-confidence, remember he may never show up in the first place. And if he does, his words might not necessarily help. All you need is right there inside you.


It’s not about how smart or beautiful you initially are. It’s all about how good you think you are.


The key to self-confidence is loving who you are when you win, but also when you lose, on your good and bad days, loving your flaws and imperfections as much as the good things, trusting yourself in every step, and believing that you are good enough for success, and most importantly, not needing anyone else to love you.


You can’t just become confident at once, it takes discipline and training, but in the end, you always wish you had started long ago.


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Confidence is about loving yourself, and loving yourself in its turn is about caring and caring about how you feel, about how you look like, and what is best for you. Never let other people’s interests stand in your way.


Being confident is like winning before you have even started. Lack of confidence is losing before you have created.


You will not become confident by waiting and thinking, but by taking action and making mistakes.


It’s easy to be confident among other people who trust themselves and are sure they will succeed, but try doing that when everyone.


Confidence is like a picklock: it opens many doors.


Ignorance and optimism are the true friends of confidence while knowing about possible problems doesn’t help.


With confidence, you can get away with pretty much everything. If you think you cannot do something, there is no chance you can pull it off.


There is a simple way to gain self-confidence: never allow other people’s insecurities to become yours.


True leadership is about giving confidence to your people. You can’t do that without having faith in yourself.

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There is a difference between being self-confident and self-assured: confident people expect a positive outcome this particular time, while self-assured people think they can always win.


Don’t fall in the pit of needing validation and appreciation of others. You’ll never build self-confidence this way. Appreciate yourself, realize that you’ve been given amazing gifts and that it is a shame to waste them on caring about what other people say.


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To become confident, start small. Set out for something straightforward, tell yourself you are going to do it and succeed, do it, and then tell yourself, “I told you.” Repeat with a slightly more significant thing. Retry if you fail.


To become genuinely self-confident, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and love both.


Just because other people have no confidence in themselves doesn’t mean they have the right to deprive you of yours.


Friends are not as valuable for the hand they can lend us as for our confidence in them lending us one.


Being sure you look gorgeous in that dress or with that makeup or that haircut is the best confidence booster.


Confidence is the ability to concentrate on whatever you are working at without being distracted by other people’s opinions.


The one thing that all great parents share is having confidence in their children because that is the only way to teach them to have confidence in themselves. Love your kids, appreciate them, and never allow them to think bad about themselves.


The number one obstacle to self-confidence is comparing yourself to others, which is a paradox because what confidence is really about is being unique. The reason the world needs you is your contribution, the difference you can make, because you don’t think, feel, or look like others.


Impatience is a quality of unconfident people. Eventually, knowing that you’ll reach your goal enables you to wait for it as long as it takes.


We tend to think that self-confidence is merely the effect of our past successes, while in fact, it is the prerequisite to our future victories. We are winning while being confident is a rule. Winning without being confident is a matter of luck.


Deep down, we are all confident and self-loving creatures. It’s fear that has made us feel unsure about our strengths.


When you hear a ‘no,’ it does not mean that you can’t do it at all. It just means that you cannot do it with those people.


Being unconfident is the greatest enemy of creativity.


Let’s face it. We’re rarely sure about the decisions we need to make. Don’t lose confidence, though: take the one you like better and struggle to make it right.


Lack of confidence encourages procrastination and creates conditions in which success is impossible to achieve, a vicious circle of failure.


Being busy is the first prerequisite for self-confidence. If you aren’t able to do something, it’s not forever. It’s always ‘yet.’


When you truly like who you are, no one else’s opinion is important.


Truly believing in yourself is as powerful as truly believing in God, but it is a million times less hard.


Perceiving life as a game helps to be less stressed out, and knowing yourself makes you more confident as you realize how pretty damn good your cards are.


Your confidence grows inevitably with age and experience, but you don’t have to wait until you grow old to enjoy its benefits.


The greater the challenge, the greater the risk of failure, and the more confident you’ll grow after defeating it.


Freedom of thought means everyone has the right to have an opinion and be heard. It also suggests that you may keep your opinion and never have to listen to what others tell you.


Self-confidence is a curious quality to have because it increases itself. The more confident you are, the more confident you become.


You can tell someone is confident when they are willing to compliment others and themselves and share their weaknesses.


Unconfident people are usually bad players. They can’t take risks.


It’s the unconfident people whose life is a never-ending race. Mine is a journey because I don’t care if I’m good enough. I’m somewhat interested in what the world has to offer.


Not being pretty doesn’t mean being unconfident. Something to look at has never been as good as something to do.


Being confident is like doing something you enjoy with your best friend, except that friend is you?


If you aren’t sure about your place in the world, it’s OK. Become confident and self-aware. There is always a place for people like that.


If you believe in what you do and what you want to achieve, self-confidence comes automatically.



Being confident makes your enemies doubt themselves.


A confident person is confident about others; unconfident people doubt everyone.


The strongest bond in marriage is built in mutual trust and confidence in one another. That is impossible to achieve without trusting in yourself first.


When I’m confident, I don’t have to think about how good I am all the time, so I get to do other things, some of which are pretty awesome.


Probably the only undoubtedly good thing about money is that they give you inexplicable confidence.


It’s the confidence, not the dress, that is attractive. However, it’s hard to be confident in an unattractive dress.


It’s not that confident people always win: sometimes they lose, but they try again, or they move on, and in the end, they win.


You can be gifted and smart, but having more self-confidence makes you genius than anyone else.