30+ Sad Statuses


Life is not always full of sunshine and rainbows.
There will come a time when life will knock you down.
What better way to pour out your pain than by sharing it as your Whatsapp or Facebook status.
Here are quotes to help you express that sadness and help you get you through this tough time:


My favourite among my masks is a smile.


I choose smiling over crying because I know that no one will care even when they see me grieving.


I’m the kind of person everyone leans on to. They think I’m tricky like a sentinel, but deep inside, I am shattered to pieces.


They come to me when they need someone to listen to their troubles, but they run away when I go to them to tell mine.

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The moment your heart starts beating for someone, the gates of pain will begin to open.


There are times I wish that I had never met you.


We are only a yard away from each other, but it feels like a hundred or thousand more.


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I’d choose isolation than be with someone who breaks me over and over again.


I gave you my whole heart, but you gave it back to me in pieces.


I’d instead be pierced with the bitter and painful truth than forever live in the honey of your lies.


The time I felt most alone was when I was with you.


Best Love Status


I walked away with my battered heart in my pocket and not a single word of goodbye from you.


Even words cannot amount to the gravity of this pain, so crying is my only salvation.


Those who swore that they would never hurt you are, ironically, the ones who will inflict the bitterest of pain to you.


Cute Love Status


The way you treat me like I am invincible doesn’t hurt anymore. I got used to it.


After you have torn me into a million pieces, I don’t know where to begin and how to put myself back together again.



Letting you go was never part of the plan.


Your sharp words sent me to rock bottom. Your graceless touch burned me. Your empty gaze froze my heart.


I forgot to take my heart with me when I left you.


Words cannot measure the pain my heart is feeling.


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I love too much; I care more than I should; I forgive too quickly when it comes to the person who will never love me.


The sad thing is I fall for those who can never be mine.


You can never be mine. The possibility is zero, and that’s why foolish heart chose to beat for you.


Someday, I hope you wake up and realize how I broke into pieces.


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I’ve never questioned my self-worth until you came and made me doubt everything.


I wonder if I ever will know happiness again.


Please don’t let me go, or I will allow myself to fall into the endless void of misery.


When you gave up on me, you tore my world apart.


You kill me each time you pass me by like a stranger.

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The most beautiful of lies and the sweetest of pain came from your soft wicked lips.


Please, don’t beg me to come back or else I will destroy myself all over again for you.


I miss you so much, but I know you are nowhere close to thinking of me, even for a second.


Because of you, I am afraid to love again.


Will I ever get the courage to risk my heart again?


The moment you said goodbye, I ultimately gave up my faith in love.


My favourite among the lies you’ve told me is ‘I will never hurt you.’


The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew that I’d met my demise.


My biggest mistake was giving my heart to someone as broken as me.


I tend to fall for someone who never knows I even exist.


Sleep is my sweet escape from this cruel reality without you.


If you don’t mind, will you just let me stay here for a little while and love you from afar?


I know your lips won’t speak ‘I love you,’ and I know well that you will never shed a tear from me.


One thing for sure – you will never look at me the same way I do to you.


The more you smile at me, the more I drown myself from the truth that you will never be mine.


I pray to God that He will wipe all my memories of you.


You are the chains that keep me from going forward.


I will give you all of my time if I could give even a single second of yours.


I knew that this would never work, but I leapt anyway.


You are one mistake that I don’t mind having.


You taught me how cruel the world is when people like you are in it.


Whenever I try to run away from you, I end up going back to feel your touch again.


You gave pain a new definition.


I never did stop loving you, even if you have told me not to a thousand times.


My walls are so high. I’ve built them so tall and mighty so that I can never commit the mistake of loving someone like you again.


I don’t know how you manage to sleep so soundly knowing that you’ve smashed someone’s heart into pieces.


I cannot hate you after all the pain I’ve been through because of you.


I’ve been strong for too long, and now I can’t stop myself from crying.


If you don’t mean it, do me a favour and don’t say it, or you will hurt me again.


I am so tired of your excuses. I deserve more than this torture you are doing.


I lost myself when I dove into those beautiful eyes.


I chose you because I thought I could fix you. Instead, you smashed everything that I know I am.


If it hurts so much like this, I don’t think I’ll ever want to fall again.


For a while, it stops. Then it comes back, and I’m on my knees again.


I’ve never known pain like this before.


I’ve melted the keys to my heart and made it into a tall fence so no one can snatch my heart away ever again.


If you count the tears I’ve shed for you, it is as deep and dark as the ocean.


Each time you say her name, I plunge to my death again.


I think I am only ever allowed to look at you from afar.


The harder I try to erase your every touch, the more painfully I cry in my room and search desperately for traces of you.


Awake or asleep, I cannot escape your cruel love.


The day that I will finally forget you do not exist.


Here I am, all alone in my room, bleeding from everything you did, and yet, I still want you.


I can’t bring myself to believe that you have walked away from me.


The proof that hell existed is the day you said goodbye.


I have forgotten how it feels like to have peace and happiness circulating in my body.


It will never be the same again. After you left me, everything around me turned black and white.


I stopped believing in happily ever after the moment you walked out of the door.


So hell feels like this.


I stopped and picked up a rose. I took it home and nurtured it in love. One day, I pricked my fingers on its thorns, not knowing it was deadly venom.


As the years go by, your touch, your every whisper and traces of your love never really did leave me.


Let me go. Please don’t call my name. Or else, I will come running back to your arms.


This is one of the days when even the brightest of sunshine can’t peer through the dark clouds inside my heart.


What did I ever do to deserve this kind of suffering?


The world will always be a nasty place as long as people with empty hearts like you exists.


I want the world to stop spinning. I won’t go away and never go back here again.


You left me so broken beyond repair.


No matter what I do, I cannot forever hide this overwhelming pain behind this mask.


My pain is so immense that it overflows and becomes tears in my eyes.


I wish I could never stop pretending that I’m okay.


’Are you okay?’ is one question that I am dreading to hear.


I will keep pretending I’m okay until it feels like a second skin.


Weather forecast in inside my heart – sweeping storms, eternal darks skies and endless rainy days.


I tried to hate you. I wanted to wish you ill. In the end, I take them all back and curse myself even more.


Even my own heart looks so foreign and alien now after you crushed me.


I love people who will give me a taste of pain unimaginable.


You are that rare kind. You look so beautiful and yet, so volatile and venomous.


My heart has now turned into an endless void of darkness and emptiness.


I don’t think that there will be enough love in this world to lift me back to my feet again.


I have managed to endure the pain that came in my life but not this one…not the one you wreaked upon me.


Chaos, danger, toxic and lethal – you are all of these and more.


I’ve run out of duct tapes and strings to glue my pieces back together again.


My eyes changed after I met you. It has lost its lustre and its life.


I am so tired of what we have. I am fed up with what I am when I’m with you.


Can you leave me alone and let me bleed until I can feel no more?


I woke up one day, and I was okay until I passed by in the hallway.


I know that I will never be important to you, and it kills me every time.