70+ Silence Quotes

Silence is the absence of sound or perhaps it is a sound in itself.

These days, however, there is so much noise surrounding us that we forget what real silence sounds like. Take some time, enjoy the peace that is listening to nothing and everything.

Here are some quotes about silence to help you hear it.

Silence is the loudest sound I have ever heard.

Silence is not consent. It is a mute protest of one who cannot put his feelings into words.

There is a time in the day, just before the sun rises, that is so silent, all you can hear is the creation of the universe.

Sometimes, those with so much to say are silent.


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Beware of the silent snake for it is the deadliest of all.

Being silent is a good practice. Often times, we just say what is on our minds without thought. To limit your words and only speak them when necessary is powerful.

Some people cannot stand silence for it is when in this state of sound can they hear their own soul cry in torment.

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The best people are often the people who you can stand to be around in absolute silence.

Silence is a habit that is hard earned but good for the soul.

To be silent when another is speaking is a great gift. People have the gift for speech but often lack the will to listen, which is why an attentive silence is most coveted.

Silence doesn’t always equate to suffering. There are times when one needs silence in order to listen to the needs of their souls.

In this present world, it is difficult to be silent. Often the quiet ones are persecuted for their silence, and the world refuses to understand them.

To sit and watch as life passes by is an art lost in time. Only available to the very young and the very old, this gift is what makes the elderly and very young children wise.

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Take note of silent children. Some cry and wail when they are hurt but it is the quiet ones that have deeper scars.

Silence is an inward scream.

A comfortable silence between two people often means a strong sense of trust.

When I see people, I always want to have a conversation. I don’t understand it but I just have to. That is why I’d rather be alone, for silence is a more preferable companion.

If you don’t know that silence has a sound, you have never been silent at all.

To know that there are times that one must be silent is a sign of wisdom.

A good friend knows when to stay silent.

People find peace in silence.

Meditation is the art of listening to your soul. To breathe in good intentions and exhale the worries of the day, to sit in silence, is to attain peace.

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Sometimes, silence can be fatal. When one could speak the truth but refrain could be the cause of many unfortunate events.

In the end, all there is left is silence and it is often a comfort to the weary soul.

The best threat is silence. Why bluster and shout when one can just stare coldly mute, letting the other person feel uncomfortable?

Silence is often when imagination comes alive.

It is a crime to silence another person. To do so would be to violate the very essence of humanity.

Contentment can be found in silence when the soul and heart are one.

There are things that are too great to be said that only silence can truly capture the moment.

You can always tell how important something is by the degree of silence involved.

Silence is often torture; a way for madmen to draw out something that could have been decided long ago.

Silence, like death, follows us like a shadow.

In the beginning there was nothing but silence. In the end, silence also awaits.

Once in a while, give yourself a break. Go somewhere where the sand meets the sea and sit there in silence. This will calm the soul and rest the mind, revive the spirit, and nourish the body.

Silence allows you to observe the world in totality.

Knowing when to be silent is a powerful weapon.

In order to appreciate silence, one must have time. You cannot rush something so profound.

The eternal silence that we are all destined to is a scary thing. Silence, however, when practiced regularly can add meaning to one’s life.

When you are in the midst of chaos, retreat into oneself for a moment of silence and clarity.

Do not be silenced by those wishing to belittle you. Stand up and say what you need to say, for there is nothing like being a voice amidst oppression.

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There is a certain kind of silence right before something big happens. The moment before a battle, in front of the stage, before a job interview. Take that moment, gather yourself then charge.

Some moments are meant to be experienced in silence, and that a single word can stain it.

Listen to those who seek to talk. For these people, silence is a cage and to speak is to finally be able to fly.

The best experiences are so grand that when the time comes to remember them, there is only silence.

Silence is often louder than anything said.

Sometimes, I become silent. Not quiet, but silent. I see people move their mouths but hear no words and it is on these occasions that I politely go home to enjoy it all to myself.

Silence is a rare treat to those with a busy mind.

It is all well and good to stay silent and keep under the radar, but when needs must, one must stand up and speak the truth.

Silence is a strange peace, where one refrains to talk while the heart speaks volumes.

When you’ve done all that you needed to do in life, you are to take your final rest, and be silent for all eternity.

It is in the deepest wells of silence can you truly find your voice.

Silence is a form of self-punishment. Where a secret is best shared, to truly keep it is to not say a single word.

We often feel uncomfortable around silent people. Why is that? Is it that we are insecure or is it that in their silence we realize we have nothing to say?

Listen to the elderly. That is the last gift you can give them before they are taken by silence.

It is from silence that music is born into this world.

Silence is an art. When else can you sit listening to the heartbeat of life?

Silence can be sharp like glass, it’s piercing tip slicing its way into someone’s heart.

The best recourse to ignorance is silence. One can learn so many things when one lets others speak.

To enjoy music, one must enjoy silence. How can one listen to sound when one has not heard nothingness?

It hurts when silence is mistaken for coldness.

The sound of silence is a sound so deafening that when one is not used to it, madness is sure to ensue.

True silence is the voice of God.

The most beautiful conversation can happen when two individuals are in absolute silence.

In this day and age, silence is a precious estate commodity, often pushing prices up and down depending on the location.

Silence is a luxury. To not hear traffic, ambulances, or otherwise but listen to the hum of nature is a gift that should not be taken lightly.

The art of communication is truly mastered when one can convey the truth of one’s heart in absolute silence.

Silence is a female art form. Everyone knows that when a woman falls silent, she is at her deadliest.

Our voices are an option. We are given our vocal chords to use, but we can also opt to not use them but use gestures instead. For actions in silence are better expressed.

The silent are blessed for it is their voice that is heard in the midst of noise.

Be still and be silent. It is when a person is in this state that he or she can benefit from the lessons of the Universe.

Truth is often best when spoken by someone who has remained silent until the right moment.

It is because of silence that words have value. When one keeps on speaking without meaning or rest, the words become junk and creates a bloating of the soul. When one becomes silent, one cleanses the unnecessary fat that fills the body.

The din from the Earth is nothing. All of us humans may shout in unison and it would make not a dent in the great silence that surrounds our Galaxy.

Noise is a human condition. We seek the loudness of days, the bustling and turning, and all manner of voices. Silence is the cure to this nonsense; an imposed period that ill greatly cure this ailing want of garbage.

Sometimes the mind just needs rest from the body. It is by meditating in silence that we can reach this state of silence, where one can contemplate the mysteries of time.

All religions in the world have one thing in common: a time of Silence. It is a widely shared practice by all those who seek the divine to try and listen to the voice of their god.

To remain silent could mean a death sentence. If there is truth, you must speak it, for the sake of honor and your fellow man.

Guns and violence, the barrel aimed, will force anyone into silence. It is the truly brave who, despite the threat, will speak volumes of the injustice done.

Silence is a cool drink from the spring of the Earth. It cools, sooths, and caresses the weary heart and heals the person from the poison of lies and noise broadcasted persistently in the air.

Have a heart and let people be. Do not intrude on their silence or solitude, for it is a place of their choosing.

Sometimes silent people become withdrawn because they do not know how to reach out. This is a good reason to bother but sometimes, it is best to know when people want to be left alone.