70+ Honesty Quotes

Everyone wants the truth even if it always hurts. No one deserves a lie, for it breaks trust until a point that it cannot be fixed.

There are times our honesty is being tested. Some we failed, some we succeed. But what is important is that we always ask for forgiveness.

Honesty is still one of the most important trait a person should have. Stay honest even if others are not.

When you tell a lie, you make your partner cry.

No matter how much we try to be honest there are just times that we needed to lie.

I still believe in the magic of telling the truth. Be honest and be blessed.


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You can never teach a man to be honest. Honesty solely depends on one’s ability to tell the truth.

A liar cannot keep a lie forever. But an honest man will be known for it forever.

No one lives happy if his life is full of dishonesty.

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In a world where there are no lies, lives a very happy man.

There are no perfect lies in God’s eye.

You can fool others but you cannot fool yourself forever.

One must always tell the truth, for truth opens the door of heaven.

It is always better to live a life without a lie than a life where everything is full of lies.

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When you start your day with a lie, you will end up telling another one.

Always tell the truth even if it hurts, for the truth shall prevail always.

Being honest is being good at all. It tells you who you are and what kind of person you will be in the future.

You may be good of telling lies, but you will never be good in our eyes.

Tell me honestly if you never tell even a single lie on me and I will tell you that you are lying. Even by looking in your eyes I know if you are lying or not.

When I am about to tell a lie, my mind would always remind me of speaking the truth and doing what is right. After that, I know I just made God smile.

The heart of a liar will never find its peace, but the heart of an honest person always finds its contentment.

The biggest lie you can tell the world is that you never told a lie.

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Honesty is the first step in achieving a better life.

Lying is like stealing, you just stole what is truth.

One way or another, all your lies will be spoken.

No matter how good your intentions in telling lies, you can never change the fact that you just made a big mistake in your life.

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If you think no one will ever know your lies, think again. Nothing in this world remains untold.

I have made the biggest lie in my life, and that is when I say I didn’t love you anymore.

For you I am a man without imperfections. For you I am the greatest. But my love, I want you to know that I am not what you think I am. I lied to you. And that was my biggest mistake.

God gave us the power to choose between what is righteous and what is not. I hope we always choose what is right.

You will never know a man until he reveals to you his entire lie.

Honesty is still the most important trait I am looking for a man. If he is honest, I’m sure he is also loyal.

I will never ask for more than my girl’s honesty.

I may have lie to you before but I already regret it. I hope you give me another chance to prove to you that I can be trusted once again in my life.

Of all the things in this world, honesty still remains the most important traits of a man.

You can never turn back once you let lie drive your life.

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Honesty is still on top in our family.

I can only tolerate one lie in my life. If you lie twice, you better be out of my life.

Let us always strive to be honest even if no one can or everyone else don’t.

I am a woman of high-integrity. I don’t tolerate dishonesty in any way. I prefer truth rather than facts. If you are like me, then I guess we will good friends.

One must not cover his unpleasant life with beautiful lies.

You do not have to tell me you like me if you do not. A lie will never make a difference.

An honest person loves what is righteous and hate what is evil.

Never judge a person with his lie. There must be a good reason behind.

Of all the lies you can hear, “I love you” is the most painful one.

Some just prefer lie than truth to cover up their life.

If you cannot be honest, then you cannot be trusted.

What it’s like to live today after you decide to live in truth?

A small lie can make a big impact. Think twice before you act.

Telling the truth is a first step in achieving a righteous life.

Pray when you think you need to lie. Pray when you lie. And most especially pray so that there will be no need for you to lie.

I can easily tell if someone is lying against me. It is a rare skill to know who you can trust and who you cannot.

Some people tend to believe in a lie right away but have a hard time accepting the truth.

The difference between a lie and a truth is your intention.

When you tell a lie, you just lose a friend.

I cry every time I hear you lie. It saddens me to know that all these time you are making me fool.

You can tell lie with others but never with yourself.

Accept the truth, forget what is not, and live your life right.

I have met different people all over the world, but the honest one are the best.

A single lie can change everything from good to bad.

I sometimes wonder if there is still an honest person in this world.

Always speak with honesty and all good actions will follow.

Being honest will never put you in a complicated situation.

I fell in love with a liar and now I am miserable.

It is easy to believe a lie if you know nothing.

I will accept an honest criticism rather than a false praise.

Honesty is important in any relationship, in family, in couples, and in career.

Know the right time to tell the truth, but never begin it with a lie.

Hurting him with the truth is better than hurting him with your lies.

Always and forever, your honesty matters.

When you are about to tell a lie, remember not to look on her eyes.

A beautiful lie cannot make your wrong doing right.

A lie is a lie regardless of color. So even a white lie cannot save you.

An honest man is respected, a dishonest man is condemned.

Dishonesty is punishable by my own law.

Being honest depends on how long you will stay true not only to yourself but with everybody.

You don’t need to waste your time on someone who doesn’t even know how to be honest with his self.

If someone cannot be honest with himself, how can he be honest with you?

Not every word I say is true, and I know you do the same thing too.

This is the only time I will be honest with myself, and it really feels good.

A successful man is an honest man. No one succeeds with all lies, maybe for some time, but not all the time.

People who are naturally good can’t pretend and can’t even tell you a lie.

Just because one hurt you by lying do not mean that everyone are like that.

Once a liar but now a very good man.

A friendship that is based on honesty and loyalty will most likely to stay forever.

I may not be as rich as her, but at least I am rich with good friends that are honest and true to me.

You are really good at lying, but you can never fool everyone forever.

I am waiting for someone that is honest and loyal to come into my life.

If I will be given a chance to turn back the time, I will go back to time when I say the biggest lie of my life. And that is when I say I don’t love you anymore.

The truth will always lead you to a happy and righteous life.

Honesty is learned first at home. It is a parent responsibility to teach their children the right things.

When you have a partner that is honest, you are a one lucky man.

No one lives happy in a life that is full of lie.

A dishonest person is dangerous one.

Choose someone who is never ashamed of the truth than someone who shows off everything with a lie.

A lie can destroy any strong relationship. If you will choose someone, choose the honest one.

No one would admit that they are lying. You have to catch him first.

If you want to live right, never tell a lie.

Be honest with yourself first, and you’ll be honest with everyone else.

Everyone is having issue with one’s ability to stay honest. In times like this, always remember to choose what is right.

Do not trust someone who failed to stay true to you. This kind of people is dangerous to be with.

Never allow dishonesty lives in your family. Teach your children the benefit of staying honest and you will never worry about them wherever they are.

It is never too late to say sorry if you have done something wrong to somebody. Start by saying the truth.

An ugly truth is always better than the most beautiful lie.

Choose what is always right and you will never fear the future. God’s promises to those who stay true are abundant and better life.