60+ Smart Quotes

There are many kinds of people who walk the Earth.
Different personalities and characters could be found in each and every person. One of the most endearing people might be the smart ones because you would be able to deal with anything rationally.
You do not need to be intelligent, just being smart enough to know what is right from wrong could let you go on with your life in this world.

Those who desire have also found the start of their achievement.

You will be dominated by self if you do not dominate it first.

Do not run after making great things immediately. Start doing small things in the greatest way possible.

Selfishness never has helped with achieving anything. It is always born out of a greater sacrifice.


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You can achieve whatever your mind could conceive and believe.

Deadlines are for goals which are our dreams.

Just keep on fighting, and success would always be within your reach.

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Opportunities have nothing to do with ability.

Other able men are always behind an able man.

I do not care if other men do not know me. What is more important is my desire for ability.

Someone who can make me do whatever I can I who I need in my life.

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If a man would set sail only on a smooth sea, he would never be a skilled mariner.

I have to treat you like the person who is capable of becoming anything, because if I accept what you are right now, I will just make you worse.

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You would only feel inferior if you let others feel that. Do not give them permission.

It would only be considered as work if you would rather do something else than that.

Perfection is possible if there is pleasure in your work.

Do not do something you do not love.

Do whatever you want with your place in this world; it is yours. It is your life, make it the life you always want to live in.

You can never go wrong if you put love and inspiration in anything that you do.

I cannot die of boredom; I would rather die of passion.

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What lies within us is much greater than what lies before us or behind us.

Do not mind money; you are already a success if you wake up in the morning and if you go to bed at night.

Have positive and successful people around you.

Do not wait for success to approach you; you have to go to it.

Love is all you need

Between a successful person and the others is the difference of a lack of will, not of strength or of knowledge.

Sometimes, when you take the wrong step in the right direction, which is where you will find success.

You will know that it is success if you have a peace of mind that you have done your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.

Happiness is the key to success, not the other way around. For if you love what you are doing and you are happy with it, then you will become successful.

Either ambition exceeds ability or ability exceeds ambition, your success would still be limited.


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The ingredients to success are often times fiery enthusiasm, persistence, and sense.

Only your resolution to succeed is what matters the most, always put that in mind.

I do not mind whoever is going to let me; the question is who is going to stop me.

Success should always have a key, and that is action.

When you can create a building out of the bricks thrown at you by others, then you are the successful one.

I would rather strive to be a person of value than to be a person of success.

I may not be able to change the wind’s direction, but I could adjust my sails so I can reach my destination.

Excellence is achieved by repeating what we are doing.

If you do not take this shot, then you miss 100% of it.

You will be successful if you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe.

I would rather fail than be accused of never trying to succeed.

Never make the same mistake twice. Success could only tolerate a mistake done once.

It is not the destination but the journey that makes success.

You have to be ready for whatever opportunity that would come so you would reach success.

Always think of yourself as successful because success is a state of the mind. You have to think it to achieve it.

If something inside tells you that you cannot paint, then paint the best that you can and that voice would never be heard again.

One of the main ingredients of success is the belief in yourself.

The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.

Just when you are closer to success that is when you give up.

There is no meaning in achievement if you do not have progress and growth.

A man would feel that it is success if he feels within him the throbbing power to do anything he wants.

If you see whatever is down the road, then you have the aptitude to succeed.

Champions always star from being a contender before becoming successful.

There is little difference between the road to success and the road to failure.

The beginning of all success is the certainty of purpose.

You have to look for the place where people are going and get there first. That is how you pursue success.

Success would never be achieved if you would only dream of it. You have to work on it.

Success is achieved if you do a common thing uncommonly well.

You can use your attitude to lock the door of your success or to open it.

Doing the best that you can out of what you get is real success.

Success is in how you do it, not how you get it. It is in trying, not in achieving.

If you are able to focus intently even if you are just an average man, you would get success surely.

You have to apply actions, knowledge is not enough. Willingness is not enough, it must be done.

Do not wait for your ship to arrive, you have to swim out and meet it.

I have found a thousand ways why it does not work. It is not only failure.

What you do with failure is how you are able to reach your success.

You have to know what failure is before you succeed, so you would know what to avoid.

Success could always rise from failures. Failure is not the only stepping stone to success, so is discouragement.

Learning from your failure is what brings you to success.

Airplanes take off even if they are against the wind. Remember this if you seem to think that everything is going out of your way.

Fortune always has a stepping stone, and that is adversity.

There are three words that could sum everything that I have learned through life: it goes on.

Focus on the light could only be felt during times of darkness.

Do not let discouragement descend upon you so you can succeed.

Whenever you make a bad bargain, never let it go.

If you never made a mistake, you have never tried anything new.

It is better to have knowledge than just wondering, and it is better to fail than to have done nothing.

The feeling of enthusiasm would never be lost in failing if you know that you are geared towards success.

There are 25 more letters, so do not worry if plan A fails.

Do something you cannot do, fail at it, and do it again. The only thing is you have to avoid the things you have done wrong before.

One door may close, but do not look at it for too long. Remember that another one would always open.

If you do not take risks for now, you would be sitting at the same desk for the next 20 years. Do not take no for an answer, always persist.

You know that you have the makings of a leader if you can get your members to do something that you want because they also want to do it.

Integrity is the most powerful persuasion tool that you have.

You have to walk behind your people first before you can lead them.

You should look at what your company could be instead of what it already is.

You would be able to transform vision into reality as a leader.

Recognizing a problem before it becomes an emergency is true leadership.

The best prize that life could ever offer to you is the opportunity to work, so you have to work hard.

You have to lose your fear of losing sight of the shore first before you can cross the ocean.

The limits of our life are within what we can make of it ourselves.

You must put yourself at a responsibility of a higher standard, do not excuse yourself.

Decisions built me, not my circumstances.

Rely on your values when making decisions. They are your guides like a beacon in the night.

Build a fire within people instead of lighting a fire beneath them to get their best efforts.

Care first about your people before you show them how much you know.

You have to get something done first before you get rewarded and appreciated.

The customer pays the wages, not the employers.

A leader and a follower could be differentiated by improvement.

You can fully experience life through wealth.

The best servant could be money but it is a terrible master.