The 50 Status of Love

People describe love in different ways.
People can always relate to love, which makes the difficult life here on earth seem more meaningful and colourful.
Here are some love statuses to relate to:

People will always find time for you if they love you. Busily is relative.

You can always feel the connection to your loved one even if distance will drive you apart. That’s called love.

When we love, we always fear that they may be taken away from us, but we need to trust them because true love means trust.

Loving someone means forgetting your idealism and loving the person for who they are.


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Knowing that my heart belongs to you and yours belong to me is the reason why I stay positive.

It’s funny why our love for each other sometimes felt like an elastic band that grows together after stretching apart.

Love will not focus on what is lacking but focuses on what is excellent on the other.

60 Quotes About Love

As long as I have you, I will never need anything or anyone else in my life.

Since you came into my life, it has become more colourful and meaningful.

Knowing that you belong to me makes me feel happy any time of the day.

Loving someone is embracing them in every mood and every instance.

Best Love Status Quotes

Saying sorry doesn’t mean you are entitled to do it again.

You are always with me in my mind.

If keeping busy is no longer effective, that means you love him so much.

Best Love Status

I can never explain love because it’s something that I only feel for you.

Everything is fair in love, so it doesn’t matter where you from or what’s your past is. All that matter is you and me and what we feel for each other.

I hate missing you so much that It feels like dying.

I don’t know when I started loving you. Which I think is fair because I don’t know how to stop either.

I can never stop loving you because it’s only you whom I trust and care for so much.

Loving you feels so good, and you love me back feels even better.

Healing Quotes

I love the fact that we stick together no matter what obstacle we go through.

Your happiness is my priority, and that I don’t care about mine as long as you’re happy.

The only thing that makes me happy right now is you.

I keep myself busy trying to make a better future for us, and I love how your smile can be strong enough to refuel my tired body and soul.

Cute Relationship Quotes

I am in love with you and will remain in love until your happiness is no longer b my side.

I wouldn’t say I like it when time becomes slower when I’m missing you.

If there would be room for happiness, then your love is the only key to that room for me.

True love never fails, so don’t go crying over love that’s not true.

Love is the most potent emotion because every other emotion relies on it.


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Be with someone proud to shout to the world that he is lucky to have you.

You know he loves you when he is willing to take all the risks to be with you.

You can never measure the love you have for someone or the love he has for you. There is no scale for that.

You are the most important person to me, and I will never stop loving you.

I know that my heart can always be deceived, but I know that it is beating right for you this time.

When people are so complicated, I find peace and serenity that we both understand each other.

Every day, we face daily struggles, but as long as we are together, we can make it through.

Life sometimes gets so hard, and I want to run away with you.

If love is a vitamin, then I’d take your brand on overdose.

If you no longer love them, leave them. Don’t cheat. That is an insult to you.

It’s okay to be left. What’s not okay is seeing you love somebody else.

That moment when you can’t sleep, and you have late-night texts with your loved one.

I knew I fell for your great personality and not your looks when I saw you in the morning.

I have loved and lost. Seeing you smile makes me ready for the pain again. It will be worth it.

I am in love with you so much that being with you became my daily motivation to live.

I love sleeping. But I guess I love you more because I stay up to see you sleeping.

You are my favourite heartache, and I’ll keep getting more.

Love is very magical and wonderful when it starts. I hope ours will be more wonderful as days go by.

A lasting relationship is what I want, and I want it with you.

If you would make me feel alone, you should have left me that way rather than asking to stay.

My heart has been broken for a long, and it’s funny how it still beats for you.

I want to live the rest of my life living you because it makes this cruel world a lovely place to stay.

I love you in a way that I don’t want to own you; I like both of us to grow together.

I have always feared being broken and betrayed again. With you, it feels like everything is going to be okay.

I want to live life experiencing every great thing that life got to offer. That includes being in love with you.

Since I met you, I have lived more meaningfully, and I learned how to love unconditionally.

I was a dreamer waiting for love until you came to let me live the dream.

I would not want to spend my life thinking about what if. So I decided to take the risk and love you to the fullest.

You are that person who makes my heartbeat. I am alive because of your love.

I love you even when it hurts me. Just please don’t hurt me too much.

I would cross oceans and miles if I knew there would be you waiting on the other side.

I thought he loved me, but he was just afraid of being alone. Now, he makes me feel so alone.

Love is tough to define. You can only show it and feel it.

Love is not something that you tell everyone and do not mean it.

Love is making me strong enough to go through anything to get that high feeling.

Isn’t it funny how the greatest love stories start with just a simple…Hi!

It’s frustrating to realize that people can say I love you anytime and not mean it.

It’s sad when your partner will tell you that you don’t love her because you are always busy. To think, everything you are doing is for her.

Each day, my goal is to wake up the next day again with you.

I don’t know what you did to me, but I can’t stop loving you, and I can’t get enough of you every day.

I am the type of person that does not easily fall in love with someone. I didn’t know what magic you have since you changed me just like that.

If you would steal a kiss from me, I am sure going to take it back.

I feel so strong to break down through your walls and witness what a real fragile heart you have. I’ll take care of it forever.

I stopped counting my blessings since I met you. I didn’t have to anymore.

I often play on the safe side to prevent myself from heartaches. With you, I became fearless.

I am a troublesome person. The only good in me is my heart because you are in it.

Love your partner the way you wanted him to treat you. That’s the way to train him.

I am surrendering to love because I have been captivated by your smile and good heart.

I can’t stop thinking about you. I wonder if you would let me miss you for long or save me and get here.

You are the most special person to me, and I can’t just let you go.

No matter where fate will take us, our future is intertwined, and we will still land in our proper places soon-in in each other’s arms.

True love is those that are not funded—those who try to buy end up being more heartbroken.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing people run around begging for love. They could have just loved themselves to begin with.

I don’t have to know why I love you. All I have to know is what I am feeling is real.

I’m in the part when I feel so heartbroken, yet you were never mine.

How can I ever forgive myself if I don’t try my hardest to keep you with me each day?

We will keep fighting. The moment we stop will be more regretful. Our love is worth it.

I hate the word try and sorry in every relationship. I like the word love, fight and stay.

I thought love was not worth dying for till I met you. I am ready to catch a bullet for you any time.

I am not dreaming about luxury and popularity. I dream about you and me together forever.

If my love for you is a journey, I will never stop, and I will never rest.

It’s frustrating when I keep on waiting for you because the time tends to be slower.

The darkest nights seems the brightest days with you, my love.

I can’t remember the first time my heart starts beating for you, but I don’t want it to stop.

If you are a dream, I’d rather be asleep; but I’d rather stay awake than sleep since you are a reality.

You make me happy, sad, frustrated, excited and mad. What does that mean? I’m in love.