The 60 Healing Quotes

Healing is an astonishing ability of every living and breathing person who walks the Earth.

It is spring, a mark of a new beginning. After surviving a gruesome heartbreak or a long-time suffering, the only road down for you is healing.

Here are quotes to help you in your road to healing:

The world may be filled with pain and suffering, it is also brimming with triumph and healing.

Healing teaches us how to live and deal with pain.

Pain can only be healed with the right amount of empathy and compassion.

God can heal wounds that no medicine ever can.


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Real healing starts from deep within the heart. You need to forgive yourself and find peace within yourself.

Worry only deepens the wounds and the scars from the past only impediments your road to joy. To find your road to happiness and healing, drop your troubles and embrace the present.

When a door closes, do yourself a favour and save yourself from the traps of regret. Don’t look back and focus your energy towards healing.

As soon as you wake up, is your mind crowded with the worries of the day? That only stops you from healing from yesterday’s battles. Focus on nurturing your soul. Do things that bring you peace.

The 60 Broken Heart Quotes

We have to realize that love is the ultimate healer. Love transcends all pain and emptiness. Love is the bringer of peace and the remedy for chaos.

Pain is the dark tunnel from which you need to get through from, while the light at the end of the long road is healing. You need to move forward to heal.

Writing is where the lonely finds healing from the chaos of words jumbling inside.

Healing does not mean forgetting the past. It means accepting what has been and moving forward, carrying the lessons learned.

Healing means taking a big leap of faith. It is taking the dive to the bottom of the cliff, letting go of everything that is holding you back from starting anew.

A virtue that makes us holy is the act of forgiveness. It paves your way to healing not just for you but to your offender as well.

Forgiveness yourself means healing others.

Honesty Quotes

In times of darkness, your only way out is the light of healing. You are freeing yourself out of the chains of pain and letting others celebrate your peace.

If you want to heal, you need to break down the walls of pain and anger.

Our body is an amazing machine. It has the ability to heal emotionally and physically, at the same time carves the lessons learned throughout the journey.

Music has the wonderful power to heal. As much as it reminds you of the pain from a memory, it instills courage to get you through your suffering.

If you want to truly heal, you have to let your guard down and let others in.

You can’t truly heal without accepting what has already happened. It takes great courage to do so. Something which has left you scarred is not easy to forgive, yet alone move on from it.

Space is a vital part of recovery and without the time to think and let in joy, openness and solemnity to start the process of healing.

Why do people plant gardens in their backyard? It is to remind them that flowers grow after the storm.

When good things fall apart, it means something great is coming your way.

Putting back the pieces of a broken heart is like trying to piece back a broken mirror. It is better to start over again than attempt to fix it.

When a broken heart listens to a song, it sends the heart to a journey of words and melody, of rhythm and healing. It helps soul see the light from the dark, and the good from the bad. That’s the beauty of music.

Words of kindness and healing are more valuable than a treasure chest of money.

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There is no other day than today to start your journey of healing. Embrace the sunshine, open the windows and savour the new day in. It will not be easy but it will be worth it.

Love has a great healing power. It has the power to change the world. It has the ability to grant peace amongst the chaos.

Time heals everything sayings that helps

Meditation can help us alleviate ourselves from anger, relieve us from sadness, releases us from stress and paves a way to healing.

The greatest contribution you can offer the world is by healing others.

If you seek healing, all you need to do is to seek nature. The trees, the sky and earth will remind you to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the world.

The start of healing begins by embracing life.

Sometimes, you don’t need words to help you heal. All you need is someone who will listen and a loving touch from another person.

A scar symbolizes resilience against pain and the decision that you’ve made towards healing.

Healing is all about letting go of the things that hold you back from growing.

Without pain, there will be no healing. Without healing there will be no wisdom gained.

Healing is finding your way to God and trusting him to mould with grace and strength.

The wish for healing is the best gift you can give to the sick.

Sincere words are honey for the soul. Empathy is the remedy towards healing.

An awesome way to heal is to surround yourself with children. The energy they bring is soothing and sweet.

Healing is taking care of each other and sharing each other’s pain until the wounds are closed.

Motherhood, in itself, is the greatest way of healing.

60 Healing heart messages that helps

I’ve tried all methods of healing – self-help books, counselling and seminars. But nothing will work unless you’ve taken the decision to move forward.

Live your life the way you want it to and you will inspire and heal others with your unique story.

The best method of healing is through love and friendship.

Learning stems from pain, then strength from healing.

Forgiveness is the first step in healing the wounds of the world.

Aside from time, healing is a matter of prospect and opportunity.

Whenever you are faced with an enemy, do him a favour and shower him love instead of your rain.

60 Quotes about Love

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. It means accepting the past as lessons learned, the scars as mark of healing.

The most powerful word that frees us from all the negativity is love.

Let go of anger and hate, it’s a waste of time, energy and healing.

Kind words heal better than the sweetest balm or the rarest honey.

Love heals all kinds of wounds – the deep cut from the body and the gash from soul. It remedies the hurt of the past and the agony about the future.

Nature is the best physician. The symphony rising from the birds, the sweet sigh of the wind, the glorious heat of sunset and the soft waves of the ocean are the best healers of the closed and wounded heart.

To heal another’s heartache is to cure the pains of your own.

Would you want to waste your precious years dwelling in pain and suffering? Would you rather enjoy the magnificent wonders of the world or drown in your tears until you wither away?

Seek God, the greatest healer of all, and all your worries, pain and darkness shall be cured with his loving Grace.

Sad songs have their way of healing. It helps you recognize that somehow, you are not alone and someone has gone through your pain. Melancholy lets in the light and pushes out the dark.

If you want peace, you have to start the healing within your own community.

If you are not willing to take the first step, the process of your healing will never begin.

Seek shelter in the arms of the Lord and no harm will come before you, only healing and salvation against your suffering.

Losing a loved one is the worst tragedy. Is there even a healing process for that?

To share your pain is to heal yourself. Everybody will lose someone. That’s part of the irony of life.

Praying is to heal the soul. Surrendering your pain to God is your greatest salvation.

Writing is therapeutic in many ways. It is the circuit of the lonely and the refuge of the heart broken. Writing is the healer of chaos, the insomniac’s pillow. It is the record of your past, the memoirs to look back to.

Knowledge is healing, forgiveness is peace.

When you open your heart, you are letting the light seep into your soul.

Healing takes time, like all good things to come.

Writing is the bandage for the wounded, the refuge of the broken.

A heart has the ability to repair itself even after shattering into many pieces.

It is only through experiencing the depths of suffering that you will only find healing.

The decision of healing is rising to your feet again and closing the door of the past without looking back. The lessons learned are the only treasures to bring along the rest of the journey.

You have incredible power to change and heal your journey. If you realize that power, you won’t ever think that you are helpless from then on. Claim that power and use it to heal others.

Daydreaming is soothing the heart, healing the soul and catapults the imagination.

Healing is difficult. Only the brave and the wise dare to take that road.

Everyone is damaged. It is just a matter whether you are bleeding or healing.

Criticising yourself will only bring your pain and suffering. Instead, why don’t you try loving yourself, for all your flaws and misgivings? This is true healing.

You can do this. You can start over again. You can rise, you can heal. You can continue your journey again.

What drains the soul? It is holding onto pain and neglecting the road of healing.

No matter how much evil lurks in the world, if you understand that there is light and healing within each man’s heart, you can walk with hope in your heart.

Distance soothes the sting of a broken heart.