80 Heart Touching Quotes

Nowadays, people use social media to express words they cannot dare say in person.
That’s why there are quotes like these to help you utter those feelings you cannot say in front of that particular person inside your heart.

When I miss you, and my heart can’t take any more, I count the days until I can bask in your love again. Somehow, it eases some of the pain of missing you.

God provides the first pages to our love stories. It is up to us if we are to continue and turn the leaf to each chapter.

When I close my eyes, you are all that I see. When I open them, you are all that I want to see.

After being broken like this, I don’t think I’ll ever be my old and happy self again.


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Missing someone means that you are in love with him.

Whenever I think of our happy and memorable moments together, I smile like a fool, and my heart soars like a bird in flight.

The more you believe it will work, the harder you will fall when it fails.

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After this, it will never be the same again, and that’s what scares me the most.

I like how you made me feel confident despite my low self-esteem. I adore how you made me feel beautiful during the times I felt worst. I love how you made me feel so loved even though I never believed I deserved this kind of love.

In loving, hurting is an inevitable part of the equation.

Some people are gifted in hiding what they truly feel in plain sight. They wear the mask of a smiling face because it’s the easier way out.

Heart Touching Quotes

I admire people who make it through the day when they are breaking, bleeding, and falling apart deep inside.

Now, every rhythm, every lyric, every song on the radio are all about you.

I tried not to burst every time our hands brushed against each other.

Since I met, each day we are apart will feel like tearing over and over forever.

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I will remain as a mere shadow until someone realizes that they need me.

My secrets have no other place than inside my heart. I don’t think there is anyone in this world I can put my trust in.

No matter how many tears I shed, no matter how hard I cry, my broken pieces won’t ever bring you back to me.

It breaks my heart how much we need to suffer when we travel the roads of life. Isn’t it wonderful, though, how we manage to survive all of these heartbreaks miraculously?

If I can protect my heart from pain, I’d rather be alone for the rest of my life.

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Deep inside, where no one else can see, I am bleeding, I am crying in anguish, and I’m burning to ashes.

Move on. Leave this painful chapter. Let your heart lead you out of this heartbreak.

The only way for you to break away from the shackles of this pain and sadness is to grab the courage to move forward and never look back.

The way I can’t sleep at night because of this pain coursing all over my body reminded me that this is how it feels like to be alive.

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The heartbreak, the scars, the bleeding and the pain, are my reminders that I am human.

I thought it was impossible to have a heart as cold as ice until you came and tore me apart.

My cries of anguish, my tears are my prayers.

The only thing that keeps me from holding on is hoping that God will one day save me from this suffering.

Scars are the trophies, the reminder that you have survived a numerous avalanche of suffering.

It rains once in a while. Do not lose hope! The sun will break through your dark clouds and bring joy into your stormy heart once again.


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The number of breaths you take, multiply it by infinity, is the product of how much I adore and love you.

After breaking your heart to pieces and you still can’t bring yourself to hate him? It only means that you genuinely, deeply and madly love him.

Genuine love does not fade with time. It only grows more robust and more beautiful.

When you meet your soul mate, your heart will sing its duet, dance perfectly to its every beat and soar higher than you thought it possibly could.

After all, that’s been said and done, the burned bridges, the broken strings and the words left unsaid, you will begin to understand why you have to go through all of that.

When the lights are low, and everything is plunged in darkness and sadness, never forget those who were there and never let you walk through all of that chaos alone.

All I want is somebody I can love with all my heart and who will do the same thing shamelessly.

Do you mind if I never share you with anyone else? I’m pretty selfish when it comes to you.

People change. That’s a fact. If you keep believing they wouldn’t, it will only hurt you.

A drop-dead gorgeous face does not equally mean a beautiful and charming heart. Beware.

I’d rather walk around with a smile even if there’s a hurricane inside my heart than show up with tears in my eyes and have people shake their heads every time they see me.

After I made you my whole world, I am afraid that you’ll only see me as a mere island among your continents.

There is no need to feel lonely when loneliness is my only company.

Every text from you is like lighting up each star in my starry skies.

Someday, I hope to find someone who will look at me the way I look at you.

I want you. I do…if that’s okay with you?

The problem with me is that I care too much, and I love like you are my whole world.

The past cannot be redone, be edited, and be returned. All you can do is accept what has been done and move on.

It is not always easy to follow what’s right and what your heart desires. At some point, you will have to choose one.

A sweet, silent and tight hug means more than a thousand words to a grieving heart.

Wouldn’t it give you comfort knowing that someone cares and loves you deeply somewhere out there without you knowing it?

People who have built towering walls around their hearts are people who loved and cared so much before but got their hearts stepped and torn to pieces in the end.

Most of the time, it is the heart that moves on last when your mind already knows it’s over.

The harder I try not to plunge into the edge, the closer I get to falling.

I don’t need someone who would promise me the world. All I need is someone who will hold me tight when everything around me is falling apart.

We used to update each other every minute of every day. What happened now? I do not even have the slightest idea what’s going on with you directly.

All my dreams and wishes came true the moment you started loving me.

You cannot dress up or put your personality under a disguise. It shines forth like a bright light in the middle of darkness.

You are the only person in this world who has the power to make me smile even though I having a strict and worst day.

Keep those good and best memories in your heart because someday, somewhere, you will want to hold on and replay them over and over again.

People who love the deepest and truest are the ones who get hurt the most.

This person who was once my world has now turned into an entirely new planet which I knew not even a single thing about.

Life does not mean 365 days of sunshine. Sometimes it rains, and a storm comes along. So, my friend, you are allowed to fall and break. Just don’t forget to get back up again.

Promises are just empty words until you prove them with action.

This suffering and pain will make you stronger. I hope you find comfort in that.

Don’t try to understand everything. Some things are meant to be felt and cherished that need no logic like love.

I am scared of being this happy because this might be a preamble to a great tragedy.

You should learn how to love yourself for a day will come when no one can love you but yourself.

Do not strive to get the approval of others. The only person you need to exceed the expectation of is yourself.

Sometimes silence is better than filling the void with empty words.

You will not find love in someone’s heart where it does not exist in the very first place.

Sometimes you need to get away from everything to see who will do everything to get you back.

Life is meant to be used to express your vivid colours, not waste your time trying to impress other people.

One day, I hope to get away from the sea of this misery and let the sunshine of happiness fill my skin again.

I wake up every day hoping to see you and make my day even brighter.

I don’t think there is a need to be so frightened when you are not even mine in the first place.

I choose to cry sometimes because it eases the burden I have in my heart.

Someday, one day, I will get out of this mess, and that’s the hope I’m clinging to.

I admire people who choose to smile even if they are falling apart inside.

If I don’t move, if I keep lying on the ground, I won’t be able to move on from this heartbreak.

I wish I could laugh again like how I used to…before the heartbreak came in and changed my life.