Troubled Relationship Quotes

Relationships are important to a person’s life.
They help a person feel a sense of belongingness and love.
However, not all relationships are perfectly happy and at peace.
Sometimes relationships are being tested to make them stronger.
Below you can find quotes about troubled relationships.
Please read them and be advised.

Quotes about Troubled Family Relationships

Not every family is perfect. Oftentimes, it requires a lot of maturity and love to be able to understand and accept each other. It is important to care about one another in a family, but sad to say, not all families are like this. There are plenty of families out there struggling with problems, and they are not giving up. So if you think you have a troubled family relationship, read these quotes about troubled family relationships.


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A family is bigger than their problems. Whenever conflicts and misunderstandings arise, it is always important to sort them out, learn from them, and love each other more.

A family will always have your back. No matter what differences and troubles you have in the family, they will fight for you when someone that’s not family tries to mess with you.

We have awkward silences in the family, but I pray that someday we can bring back happiness, laughter, and selflessness like a real happy family.

The more you spend more time with your family, the stronger the bond gets. The more you fight with your family, the weaker your bond gets.

I want to bring back the laughter and joy in my family because I want my kids and their kids to have a childhood full of belongingness and support in the family.

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If you think you hate your family, then think about the orphans who yearn to be in a family. That way, you’ll learn not to take your family for granted.

Businesses and negotiations should never exist in a family. Rather, there should be selfless support toward each other.


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When family members fight against each other, the young ones usually suffer the most. They will grow up depressed and question their belongingness in any community.

A family is like a house, and our bond is the foundation. We’re all important to one another. Take one away, and the entire house would collapse.

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Parents and children should always listen and understand each other. Parents should never think they’re always right and disregard the feelings and perspectives of their children. Such that children should listen to their parents for advice.

When you leave your family one day for selfish reasons, they will always be the first to accept you back with open arms when you fail.

Families may have dramas, but they tend to pretend nothing happened on holidays and just enjoy everyone’s company.

Despite all the drama, pressure, and conflicts I experienced with my family, I am still grateful that they supported me all the way. Without them, I wouldn’t have come this far.

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Sadly, some families are too messed up that they like to control each other’s behaviors and set standards instead of supporting each other’s differences.

No family is perfect; that is why we have each other who can accept shortcomings, but sadly, we dislike each other and put gaps.

We get married with our families’ blessing and form new families. But it’s sad how other people marry so they can have an ally against their own family.

Some families tend to outcast the black sheep instead of helping that sheep grow.

I am scared to get my family involved with my problems not because I don’t want them to feel the trouble I’m in, but because they gossip, make more drama, and worsen the situation instead of helping me.

Families should discuss what they can do to help nourish their children’s future instead of gossiping about one another.

You don’t choose your family. They are given to you for a good reason. So if you think trials and tribulations are being mismanaged, then step up and help sort it out.

Families are the basic foundation of our nation. If a person comes from a family with a good upbringing, he is likely to be a good citizen. But if a person came from a bad family with endless fights, heartbreaks, and misunderstandings, then he is likely to cause trouble everywhere.

The bond that links the members of the family should be not only blood but also respect and joy for one another.

A man is never poor if he has a good family. Rather, he is a rich and contented man.

When I was still a toddler, I was with my family and remembered how fun it was. When I grew as a young adult, things got a bit complicated. They couldn’t understand me, and I hated how they restricted me too much. Then more misunderstandings arose. Things got hard. But I still silently pray everything will be okay, and I am still hopeful that it’s still going to be fun like before.

As the saying goes, the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Family members are related by blood and bond, so why can’t we all get along and support each other?

Never post anything bad about your family on social media sites. Everything should be kept private and at least show some respect.

Motivational Quotes for Troubled Relationships

In every good relationship, troubles often seem to hinder how you care and support each other. That only means that you need to remember that your relationship with people should be a lot stronger than your problems. Some people forget that and fall into the trap of pride and leave the relationship. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, too. So here are some motivational quotes for troubled relationships which you can totally relate to.

Conflicts in any relationship are normal. They’re there to test the strength of the bond you have with each other. So whenever you are troubled with misunderstandings, never give up on each other. It will only pass.

Whenever you feel like leaving a relationship, recall the good times you’ve had and how beautiful it all was because bad times are just temporary. Good times are something you can always look forward to.

I prefer to live in drama because it’s more comfortable. It doesn’t matter if I get into a bad relationship or marriage; it’s easier to stay because at least I already know what to expect compared to leaving, starting anew, and facing uncertainties.

Some problems in a relationship aren’t so complicated to solve. Most of the time, it only requires a person’s maturity to handle them well.

Nothing is perfect. Nothing is certain. Our relationship is getting more toxic. And sadly, we’re getting more irrational.

I did not become mature through happy-go-lucky times. I became mature in the face of difficult times and challenging adversities.

I wouldn’t say I like it when people in a relationship make unjustified assumptions and end up fighting.

Always communicate with your partner because if you don’t talk, there will be a lot of stuff that she can’t understand.

There will come a time when you have to follow your heart away from the ones you love.

The more he irritates me, the more I understand myself.

Trouble is a part of one’s life. So if you don’t share it with your partner, you’re not giving her a chance to love you more.

Always be ready to listen to your partner and to grow, change and improve what needs to be done. Remember that destruction in a relationship happens when you refuse to change.

There are plenty of reasons for me to leave, but there are a million reasons to stay.

I know things are tough, and everything is getting more complicated, but I’m still here, willing to make things work through thick and thin.

Aren’t you tired of insulting, disrespecting, and stabbing each other with hurtful words? Have you forgotten the feeling of smiling and laughing at each other’s jokes? And embracing each other as you gaze at the starry night?

We often face jealousy, fights, arguments, insults, and sadness, but we should never forget to face it all with love.

It hurts me when you rant on social media about our fights instead of talking to me so we can solve our problems.

Our relationship is like a house. We stay in that house because it’s comfortable and it shelters us. So let’s keep it strong and not let any storm destroy it.

You do not love someone when you can’t forgive, and you can’t forgive someone if you don’t love.

When you share joy, you feel twice more than what you shared. When you share sorrow, you only feel half of it.

Never build boundaries against each other, but build boundaries with your partner against your problems.

Do not ignore problems and do not refuse to talk about them. It’ll only make it worse and sprout more misunderstandings. But if you communicate with each other to address, you can get through it and grow from it.

Good communication in a relationship is talking and making sense when you talk to alleviate conflicts.

Disregarding your partner’s opinion because it does not align with yours would only make your partner feel like you don’t value him/her enough.

If you feel like the world is against you, come to me and tell me what’s wrong instead of keeping it to yourself and ignoring me. Let’s face life’s adversities together.

Rocky Love Relationship Quotes

A relationship is a complete package of love, romance, and intimacy, but it also includes quarrels and misunderstandings. When you are going through tough times with your partner, it can often frustrate you making you want to leave. But it would help if you didn’t consider leaving as one of your options. Learn to accept that troubles are normal in a relationship, and there are plenty of ways to fix them. So here are some rocky love relationship quotes that you can totally relate to.

He really gets in my nerves 99% of the time. We fight, break up, get back together, and make up. It’s a merry-go-round of love and hate.

I cry when we fight, not because I’m tired, but because the words he’s saying hurt, and I’m willing to take it all and not leave his side.

You know you really love someone when you understand that sorting out misunderstandings and problems is more important than leaving.

Whenever my babe yells at me during a fight then starts walking away, I start to give up my pride, hug her and tell her I’m sorry.

You say you forgive me, but you recall what I did wrong and make the situation worse whenever we fight again. I’m often sick of it.

He restricts me more often because he’s saying he’s protecting me from something, and I’m unsure what it is. I hate to be restrained, and it just leads to a fight every time.

Relationships are confusing and complicated, and they barely make sense. I guess that explains why I can’t bear to leave you no matter how you make me nuts.

I love you for who you are, and I hope that one day you will stop expecting me to be who I’m not and start accepting and loving me for who I am.

Love hurts more than anything. Therefore a lot of people are masochists. They stay in relationships where they fight and make up, and it never stops.

The only person who can love me the most is also the one who can hurt me the most. Love is just so cruel because it makes you so vulnerable.

There will be a time when obstacles will get the best of you and your partner. But when they do, never stop helping each other out.

You can see a person’s ability to love through his eyes. If it is bright and merry, then he is happy and contented. But if it looks gloomy but wise, then he has survived bad times with his partner.

To leave or to stay? I prefer to stay despite the pain I feel during every quarrel. That’s love. You never give up on someone, no matter what.

Never let pride tell you that your problems are more important than the person you love.

Some people tend to forget that giving up one someone hurts more than staying.

We have problems, and I know we’re not perfect, but what makes this relationship beautiful is that we still stay even when times are tough.

I do not know if we’re really meant to be, but we can prove it by choosing to stay and understand each other whenever we fight instead of walking away from each other.

Love is when you still stay and love unconditionally despite how things are getting hard.

I get angry at you and try to restrain myself from talking because I don’t want to say things that can hurt you.

Whenever we fight, I try to let go of my pride, hold no grudges and be at peace with you. That’s how much I value you.

I deeply care about you, and I am willing to set aside my own needs to prioritize yours because I love you more than my pride.

I don’t judge you as a person for what you did wrong. I want to point it out and give you advice on how you can improve yourself.

Let’s have faith in each other. We can do the impossible as long as we let go of every negative feeling and trust one another.

I do not gain anything from fighting with you to prove a point, nor does it make me feel better when you make a mistake. I want us to talk so we can make everything okay.

Love has its ups and downs, so let’s experience them together and have a leap of faith.

Let nothing tear us apart, not even pain, distance, and heartbreaks, because you’re the only person with whom I want to share good and bad times.

It makes me sad whenever you antagonized me when all I ever wanted was for you to listen to me.

We tend to hurt each other and create scars, but let’s also remember that you and I are the only ones who can heal it.

My life will never be the same without you, so I choose to stay with you and love you for who you are while waiting for the day that you’ll realize that I get hurt too and that you’ll change.