Cute Aunt Niece Relationship Quotes

One of the best kinds of relationships is that of an aunt and niece relationship.
An aunt treats her niece like she’s her own daughter and a niece treats her aunt like she’s her own mother.
The relationship is mostly very close and special, almost like best friends.
Moreover, having a niece is one of God’s greatest blessings.
Aunt niece relationship is what makes family ties exciting.
For an aunt, it is always a great feeling to see your niece with your guidance.
So here are inspiring niece-aunt quotes and sayings that will certainly remind you how wonderful this relationship is.

She is like my second mother, she’s there for me and she supports me all the way. She is my aunt.

An aunt is like a mother too. She will take care of you and love you unconditionally.


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It always makes me happy when my niece comes over for a visit. Her smile resembles her mother’s. And I love her just as I love my sister.

When I feel lost and confused sometimes, I also seek advice from my aunt. She is wise and she always assures me that things are going to be okay.

It’s good to know that you have an aunt around who also cooks the best meals and loves you just like how a mother loves her daughter.

My aunt is a great part of my childhood. When mama was busy with work, she would look after me and play with me and make me feel safe. Best aunt ever!

My sweet and loving aunt will always be one of my favorite persons. She is like mama, but cooler!

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When mama and I had troubles, auntie was always there to support us. She would never let us be stuck with our problems because we’re a happy family.

Ever since my niece was born, I was always so happy. Now there are more things to look forward to when I visit my sister!


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My niece is bright and beautiful just like her mother, and of course, just like her aunt.

I am lucky to have a niece like you, and I will always be here for you whenever you need me through your ups and downs.

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You are a great to me, as an aunt, and to everyone in the family. You are my niece and I will always love you for who you are.

Families are even better when you have a cute little niece who’s always happy to see you.

Life is exciting when you have two moms; there’s my mom and there’s my aunt. They look a bit the same since they are sisters and I don’t look much different from them since we’re a family. And I’m more than proud that I have them both in my life.

An aunt can be a mom, a best friend and even a sister! She’s the best and I’m lucky to have her.

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My niece is like my daughter and I love her so much.

Wherever you are, or wherever life takes you, you’ll always be my niece and I’ll always be happy to see you soon, my dear.

I may not have a daughter, but I am happy to have a niece because she adds joy, beauty and love to my life. I will always be grateful for that.

I’ve enjoyed seeing my niece grow into a beautiful young lady, and I’m glad to be one of her guardians until now in her adult years.

My little niece makes my life a lot sweeter.

Ever since I was little, my aunt has always been my guardian who is always ready to look after me. Now that I’ve grown and have my own family, I miss visiting her and I look forward to spending time with her like we used to. I love my aunt.

She is strong. She is beautiful. She is independent. She is my idol. She is my awesome aunt.

An aunt is someone very special whom I see as a mother to be cherished with love and warmth.

I love hanging out with my niece. She enjoys how goofy I am and it warms my heart.

I don’t need to get married and have children. I have a niece who I treat as my own daughter, and that’s more than enough for me. I love my niece.

I’m going to teach my niece to be a strong woman. I will be her guardian who will not only protect, but teach her to protect herself and be elegant in her own ways.

I enjoy having my nieces around. They always fill my house with joy and laughter.

My aunt is single and she doesn’t have kids. So I’m happy that I’m her niece because she’s got no one else to spoil but me. She loves me so much and I love her too.

I used to teach my sister how to dance, now it’s time for me to teach her daughter how to dance better.

I will share my hobbies with my niece. It would be nice to have someone who hikes with me, bikes with me, skates with me, dances with and does everything I love with me.

Only my aunt can hug me like my mom, keep secrets like a sister, and share memories like a best friend.

My dear niece may be my sister’s daughter, but she will always be my best friend.

I think I’ll be a bad mother, so I made myself an awesome aunt.

My aunt is awesome. She understands me like a best friend and loves me like how a mother loves her daughter. I love my aunt so much.

If nieces were like gold, then I have the best treasure in the world.

My niece is beautiful and bright, obviously just like her aunt.

I really look up to my aunt ever since I was a little girl. She is strong, independent and compassionate. Just what the world needs. I love her so much.

As a niece my greatest hero is my aunt for she is my second mom. She loves me like im here daughter

As I grow up my love for my aunt grew bigger and bigger and I love her so much.

Aunt is the most valuable player in my life for she supports me with all her heart. And I love her like my second mother.

Vacation is great when it’s in your aunt’s house for it’s the best place to be. I always look forward to my next visit.

So many people I can trust the best one is my aunt. I trust here with all our life.

My greatest treasure is my niece who fills me with joy and give me reason to keep on thriving. I love her with all I am

Best part of being an aunt is seeing your niece smile like the sun so bright I can feel the warmth till I feel as sleep.

I will protect my niece even if my life depends on it. Till I breath I shall protect.

As your aunt I will treat you as my own daughter for that is how much I love you. Love you darling.

From moon and back is how I measure my love you my niece.

Sugar, spice and everything nice is how perfect girls are made of but cookies and milk is how I summon my niece.

The moment I realize I’m an aunt is the moment I realize I’m the happiest person in the entire universe.

As long as I breathe I will take care of my niece for I know she will do the same when I grow old, a treasure worth keeping.

I learn many things thanks to my aunt for she guided me and taught me everything I need to learn.

The best teacher for me is my aunt who teaches me stuff I should learn for my future. Now I’m equipped with my aunt’s wisdom.

Trying best to give my aunt the best as I can do so that she will be proud to call me as her niece.

I soar high for I treat my aunt as my wings as I fly high for she elevates me to greater heights. I’m forever grateful to my aunt.

Time will tell when I repay my aunt for all the gift of wisdom she gave me.

Saved from ignorance, I’m eternally grateful for my aunt for keeping me on her wings.

As long as the sun shines bright I will support my niece for that is my vow as the day I turned into an aunt.

Rain to storm I don’t care; nothing will stop me from taking care of my niece. I love her til my last breath.

Dream high my little butterfly I will guide you throughout your journey; uwritten rule of what it takes to be an aunt.

Sleeping at night with my niece is the best thing in the world for she brings me comfort.

I’m grateful that I have a niece that brings me joy every day in my life.

Creating a path for my niece is the tiring yet the most rewarding task I could ever have. I will never give up on my niece.

My sister gave birth to her daughter, automatically she had two moms with me as her aunt and mom.

It’s funny how your smile can turn my dull colorless day into a colorful one; my niece is the best thing that have ever happened to me.

All nieces are beautiful and awesome and obviously it’s from her aunt.

What makes me the luckiest aunt in the world is when you became my niece. I will cherish you forever, darling.

A niece is a gift and a treasure that I will not trade anything in this world.

Everything is nice when I’m with my niece.

A niece is a best friend given by nature.

A niece is like a spoonful of sugar that brings sweetness to your life.

There are many ways to become a mother, my niece needs me with all her life.

I was the one who thought my niece how to walk confidently in high heels.

The only who can give you a hug like a mother, share love like a friend and keep secret as a sister is no one else but your aunt.

My niece is not just my sister’s daughter but also my best friend.

I might be a bad mom, but I can be the crazy perfect aunt you never wanted.

If my niece is a treasure, then I might have the most beautiful gem in the world.

A niece is very awesome she’s not my child but my sisters. She’s the person I can spoil far or near.

Being your aunt is a pleasure especially to you my awesome niece. You made every negative turn to positive in my life and that’s the best gift I could ever receive.

Niece are like your friends but way cooler.

No matter what life brings out for you my niece, I will always have your back.

A bond that grows stronger with time is the bond of aunt and niece.

Nieces are like the sun that brightens up your day.

No one can measure how much I love my niece or she brings me joy with everything that she do.

Do your best never give up il be right here by your side being the best aunt I could ever be.

To have a niece like you made me the luckiest aunt.

My sister finally made something nice, she made you, my niece my love.

God gave each of us angels mine is my aunt, and I love her with all of my heart.

I just don’t call you aunt I call you best friend and I cherish you.

Having an aunt is like Hitting two birds with one stone, you love like a parent and act like a friend.

My niece didn’t just turn my sister into a mother she also turned me into an aunt.

Don’t tell mom but aunt cooks better food than mom.

Great sisters levels up as a great aunt.

We are bonded with blood kept together by love for our love grows as time goes by my niece.

Near or far you can never get rid of me as your aunt.

My niece hug makes everything better

Never forget little niece you can do anything your heart desire just believe in your self and you will accomplish greater heights.

You are the best niece ever,your love and the joy you bring will never fade in my heart.

Being a sister is an honor but having a niece is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

I always wanted to be came an awesome aunt now look at me owning it.

When your mom and dad says no don’t hesitate to call me –aunt.

I never felt this loved till someone made me an aunt.

Trust me I know better than your mom my niece.

From the start you were my niece in the end you became my friend I love you with all my heart.

If you think my niece is cute you might not have seen me yet.

Aunt sometimes a mom always a friend.

Your mom just won’t admit it but I’m better at spoiling you than her, my niece.

Who knew my little niece would make such a big impact in my life.

Everything is greater when shared with a niece by your side. I love you so much.

Whenever your parents scold or ground you, always remember I’m always here, your aunt, waiting to hug you.

My love for you as an aunt is forever and you have my word for it.

When God was sending gifts, my niece was the greatest one of all.

I never thought that my sister’s daughter can give me so much hope in life as a single person.

As I transcend from sister to aunt, it is the best day I have ever had in my entire existence.

The joy of having your niece around beats the joy of having your sister ever.

You will never know what to do when you first become an aunt it’s a leap of faith.

In time you will understand the joy of becoming an aunt for I have taught you all the things you need to learn in your life.