Top 35 True Love Feeling Quotes

People often say that true love feeling can only be felt once in a lifetime.
But how do we know if it already has occurred in ourselves? We will see that we are under its magical spell when we do not feel so nervous by its presence when it keeps us motivated and encouraged and makes us feel like the same familiarity of a home.
True love is indeed only felt once in a lifetime, so instead of fooling around, why don’t we cherish it? Here are some quotes to help you express yourself with your one and only paramour.

Have you already had given birth? That’s one true love feeling you’ll ever feel in this world.

Listen to my heart’s symphony; that’s the sound of my heart when it’s a true love feeling, baby.

Do you know that feeling when you dream of falling? That’s not what a true love feeling is.


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When I stare at you, I am madly I will become for being trapped into this true love feeling.

Are you some voodoo thing? Because you make my heart feel the genuine love feeling.

Hear my heartbeat, and I dare you tell me that what you feel isn’t true love.

I bet you’re a magician because you stole my heart with a genuine love feeling in disguise.

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You must be an OB because you helped me give birth to true love feeling at the right time.

True love feeling is how I felt when our lips met, sweet and super romantic, love…

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Are you happy when you’re with me? Because true love feeling isn’t always this way, baby.

I wonder why your parents didn’t name you like true love feeling. That’s precisely what you are.

Your beauty will fade, but nothing to worry about because I’ll always have a genuine love feeling for you.

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One day, someone will realize what a true love feeling is, and that person will be me.

True love feeling is hearing you say my name, and then suddenly, nothing else matters.

I wondered if you already felt genuine love because I was born to bring it to you.

You should marry me because true love feeling is what I offer you, dear, only that, for you.

I wonder how you’ll feel being with someone without this thing called true love feeling.

When I met you, I heard something rang in my head, and I knew I was under true love feeling.

True love feeling may not always be sensual, but it will always be something magical.

My hypothesis is true love feeling is the way to forever; care to develop this theory with me?

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Do you know what my favourite animal is? Deer — because you are so dear to me.

I never knew that I could taste a piece of heaven in this world until I came to know you better.

I want to call you with something that rhymes with morning and evening — darling.

I want to be your sweetheart in this world full of hookups and cheating and lying, would you?

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I have never been in forever since the day you showed it to me, and now all I want is you.

I cannot figure out how you managed to break my walls and find my lost soul, but you did.

You must be some tangent line because you kissed me once and forever began.

Is your name Hayley Williams? Because you look like my one and only paramour, my honey.


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I heard you being hunted by pirates because rumour has it that you are the greatest treasure.

You are taller than me, but I think we are the same size because we are ‘soul’ mates.

I suppose you think that forever exists, so I challenge you to prove your theory to me.

Rumour has it that you are an alchemist, so now, can I make an eternal flame with your heart?

I wish to have a love that’s pure and eternal in this world full of shallows and external.

Were you born on All Souls Day? Because your birth marked the presence of my soul mate.

I thought that lost souls were just crappy things until I found you, and you’re so beautiful.

You know what, you’re like the water flow because I want to go steady with you.

Is your heart capable of earth bending? Because your love is so strong and steady.

Do you like relics and symbols? Because I can be the emblem of your love.

The witch must have crafted you to lure me because your smile tastes like a sweetheart.

You must be some ancient tribe because I know that my heart is your object of affection.

Our love may not be as perfect as perpendicular lines, but I appreciate the day we met at a common point.

A pirate’s blood must be running through my veins because I naturally stumble upon a treasure, and that’s you.

I bet you were stuck in elementary mathematics because, until now, you’re still my number one.

Are you sure that you know how to count? Because you’re always number one.

I want to be your only lover in this world lost forever.

You have this close resemblance to sugar and spice because you’re a true sweetheart.

Your love is like an eternal wildfire because it never ceased to burn in my heart.

There must be some Spanish blood running through your veins because you’re my inamorato.

You don’t need to be a pirate to catch a treasure because you got me at one hello.

What are your favourite words? Mine is ‘I do’.

You’re so good at chess that you invented the word ‘soul mate’.

Our relationship is like water in laminar flow — constant, nice and steady.

I don’t need forever to know that you are the love of my life.

I want to be the life of your love in this world full of the love of your life.

I want to live in the present with you by my side because that’s enough for the absolute love of my life.

You don’t have to study linguistics to comprehend my heartbeat.

You are a natural language master because you understood my heart when not even talking to you.

Let me describe you in Spanish — ‘Mi more.

I never knew that my mind and heart would agree on something until I found my true romance.

If you want to be with me, make sure you’re ready because I’ll make you fall in love more than that of gravity.

My profession is related to chemistry, but my passion is dedicated to our love story.

Your love has always been the greatest fascination to me.

The angels must have mourned when you chose to stay with me and be my love.

I am an aspiring artist, and I’ll make a masterpiece of your memories in my heart.

Our love is like that of parallel lines, it will never meet, but you’ll always be my paramour.

I thought that only glittery stuff was the only precious thing until I met you.

Aren’t you afraid? Because you’re about to experience the depths of true romance.

I want to be your happy pill in this world full of Netflix and chill.

Are you some wild vine? Because you make me feel like we are intertwined.

You must be made of bad cholesterol because you make my heart throb a lot.

I want a role play with you wherein I will be yours, and you will be my alter ego.

I want to create a world wherein you’re my kindred soul.

It would help if you were the sign because I can see that you’re the one who promised to me.

I stumbled upon you in the crossroads of our destiny, and I knew we were somewhat intertwined.

If I wanted genuine love, I had to choose you.

In the depths of my fantasy, you play the role of the love of my life.

Your love feels like home to me.

We don’t have to get married to prove that we are each other’s one and only.

Your loving flame tickled my heart.

In the afterlife, I will be waiting for you, and we will be two happy souls.

You must have some hidden magnet in your body because you have attracted my soul that easy.

My love for you is so rare that it transcends the reality of two parallel universes.

It’s hard to make some pick-up lines, but it’s harder if my beloved won’t be mine.

I have created these pick-up lines for you, hoping that you’ll hear my heart out too.

When I met you, I instantly knew that I wouldn’t have to live my life alone.

My heart was in trouble and awe when you told me that you loved me so.

I don’t have to be a doctor to prescribe you were taking some Vitamin Me.

I’m so good at astrophysics, yet I still don’t understand why my world revolves around you.

Excuse me, and I like to ask if there is still enough room in your heart for me?

Do you believe in lost souls? Because I was so lost until I found you.

My name should have been ‘Diamond’ because I am yours forever.

You will always be my universe.

If forever is a lie, then our relationship does not exist.

I want to call you my ‘F’ — ‘fiance’.

I longed to be engulfed in the flames of your love.

I can see that you’re a physics lover because your love transcends the fourth dimension.

Love matters and I’m a matter, so therefore you love me.

All these emojis and symbols, and still, I longed to be the image of your love.

I never thought that people could be the most prized possession until you made me fall for you.

You’re a terrible singer, but you’ll always be my paramour.