Top 50+ Mean People Quotes


There are a lot of mean people in the world, and that is the truth.
How you will deal with that is up to you; how you are going to defend yourself from them is also for you to decide.
They are the type of people who will say what they want to you without caring and being so crass.
They do not care how you may feel as long as they get to say what they want; sometimes, they will even do it on purpose to see you suffer.
Here are some quotes about those mean people.


Sometimes what you think of as mean people may just be hiding away their pain through that.


May you always treat people with care because how you treat them is what they view you as.

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The way that you act towards others is a statement of what you indeed are. That is the truth of it.


I wish that people would see just how much their view of other people affects them.


If only people could see their personality, I bet everyone would be more susceptible to change.


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Forget about what other people may say about you; focus on how you view yourself, boy.


Never let other people see you for someone you are not because that is plain mean for me.


Do not let people who are unkind ruin your day because it is yours to enjoy, yours to view.


Life may not have been so good to you, but it does not permit you to be just as bad.


It seems everyone is just faking it, and the rest is following after like it is but a trend to try out.



Mean people are often that way because of something that they have experienced in the past.


And here I thought I had found some friends, but it turns out that I have nothing but fake people.


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May something good happen to you, so you stop being as mean as you seem to be.


It takes a bit of heart to be good to people, and I hope you learn that it is that way.


People who pray for you to go down will never succeed, so focus on the good things, girl.


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Negative thoughts may always be there, but it is with positive ones that you can counter them.


May you never experience having to prove yourself to someone because you should never.


It is okay to be friendly to those who treat you in a not so pleasant manner, and it is just being kind.

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You need not stoop down to their level; show them that you don’t care for what they think.


It is saddening to think how many the mean people in this world is, just really too much, girl.


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I do not like mean people, especially those who pick the wrong day to tease you and fight.


Most people in business are mean people because you need to be careful of their time, dear.


May the vengeance in your heart be forgotten, that you might be a lot happier today.


Even the most unkind person in the world needs to have a friend, so be that person, my dear.


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Some people may not be at your level so try to understand them the best you can.


Most people on this planet turns to mean as they grow up; they forget how to smile, boy.


There is always some good to counteract any evil that lands upon this world, and I hope you get it.

mean people quotes


Most people tend to be on the unkind side or have no fun at all; in reality, that is.


There are thousands of mean people in the country, but most of them still have their freedom.


The true character is the things that he would do knowing it would be kept secret.


Being the wrong person does not happen in an instant. It happens slowly as you gain self-interest.


In your life, people are bound to show you how selfish they are at one point, do not copy that.


Sometimes, the best thing to avoid being unkind is to learn how to forgive other people too.


The nature of a human being is terrible, but they can be taught, those manners can be corrected.


Mean people will try to demean your life values, so it is up to you to face them yourself, girl.


You become who you associate with; if you choose good people, you get to be just like them.


The thing is to choose the right people so that they can treat you the right way, okay?


Many people do not bother me, but that is way different when you are trying to defame me.


Liars always seem that way; no matter what happens to them, they add up more lies.


The world will never be fair, that is the truth this life has, but maybe we can try to.


Some of those mean people will destroy your image to others, and that is the truth of it.


I wish that you would never let rumour define you and never let it try and destroy you.


Most rumours are just that, rumours spread by malicious people to ruin your image to others.


I wonder what the point of being bitter in this world is when it makes life so much harder.


But I tell you, if you do not want yourself getting unkind, learn to love those who do not care.


The more you respond to rude comments, the more you will fuel their fire, my dear girl.


Mean people tend to drive me crazy when you get annoyed at the silly things that they do.


There is a certain truth in that what goes around will eventually come back because it happens.


You throw a boomerang when you speak in lies, for there is nothing good about that at all.


One day, I wish you could be as less harmful as you because it has a long-term effect.


What is the sense in frowning at others when you can easily give them your smiles, my dear?


If you want to be correct, do what is rightfully the right thing to do and do not give in to lies.


Greed goes a long way, especially to people who let themselves be swallowed by it, girl.


Those who automatically disbelieve what you say without listening are mean people.


Maybe the best thing you can do at times is to walk away and forget those evil people.


Once you start not responding to them, they will annoy you more but eventually die out.


They will try and do things to annoy you, assuming they can so do not let that happen.


When they expect a reaction from you and give you nothing, they will get tired of that.


May you be the person who does not want to fight and instead listens and keeps listening.


Maybe mean people are simply those who are often misunderstood. Perhaps they are good ones.


If you respond to rudeness, soon enough, all the rude comments will be directed to you.


Never take anything other people tell you personally, and you are on your way to being okay.


The truth is people do not know you at all, so if they say something to you, do not mind them.


Rudeness generates more rudeness that is the truth, no more, no more minor, my girl.


When the tough gets going, you will know who is the real good people and the rude ones, boy.


Though mean people may frown at you, smile at them to tell them that you do not care.


Be cautious with people who smile too much at you because they might backstab you.


When you buy a gift for someone, you will be amazed at what a long way it can go, that it is.


Pray that all your enemies be blessed because they might just be misunderstood after all.


It takes a little dose of kindness to change the world and start with the wrong people.


It may as well be that the people who did terrible things learn to repent for all of the sins made.


You need not be in style or trend, but you need to stand for your cause.


There will always be unwanted people in your life, and it is up to you to deal with them, girl.


Why do crazy people like to comment back with harsh words when you do nothing at all?


Don’t be friends with mean people because they will only pull you down; that is the truth of it.


If you can tell me what it is about me that you do not like, maybe we can work it out now.


How do I get what I want when you always beat me down, telling me that I cannot.


I have to be strong even though there are rude people, and I need to show I can.


Sometimes they think that being rude shows they are vital when it but shows the opposite.


Even if there are many mean people in the world, I still believe that there are better people.


Mean people tend to stick together with each other and form groups to do their hideous acts.


How mean people came to be is something that I am not interested in for sure.


The facts that mean people exist mean that there must be good ones to balance it out.


Mean people will try to control you, but you must stand up for yourself, my dear.


The truth is that you can choose who to be friends with & being with mean people isn’t good.


Mean people must have had reasons for being the way they are, and I know they must have.