70 Unrequited Love Quotes


Loving someone without having the same feelings in return is very much hard for a person.
Unrequited love is not something you will want, but sometimes we cannot help but love a person who does not love us in return.


Seeing you with someone else hurts a lot. I know I never had a chance with you, yet it still hurts.


I am willing to walk away if you always take me for granted.


You do not deserve the long term pain from the temporary happiness.


I could feel my tears drag down my heart like an anchor sinking into a deep ocean.

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They only see me when they need me; they do not love me at all.


To avoid the confusion of an avalanche of feelings, change the way you look at them. You may be sad yesterday and happy at present, yet do not let it ruin your day.


The moment that you lose someone that would be the only time that you will realize their worth.


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You have everything wrong, but I did everything that is right for you.


You would not be able to see the real sadness in me if you did not look closer.


Sometimes, the people you love are the ones who hurt you, while you do not realize that the people who love you are the ones you hurt the most.


You would only realize someone’s worth once they leave you.


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We are somehow responsible for some of our heartbreaks because we expect too much.


I started wanting myself when you let me feel that you do not want me at all.


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You have broken me already, do not expect me to come back running to you.


The scars left by a wounded love would never fade away. It could still hurt like it is still freshly cut.



It is hard to forget the person you love; it would be like trying to remember someone you do not even know.


It hurts so much that I keep falling for someone who is also falling for someone else.


Love and pain are a couple. One would not be confirmed without the other. A person should feel one, so they can appreciate the other. So there could not be love without the pain.


Love can be like heaven that could bring happiness to you, but it could also get a hell of a lot of pain to you.


You treat him like he is everything to you, but it would hurt so much if you learned that you meant nothing to him.


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You will never know how much I miss you.


I always see you smile, and it makes me fall in love more, yet it is not for me.


I gave you love that you do not deserve, and I was a fool for that. You had hurt me more than I deserve, and you were too cruel for that.


I have never felt this feeling, but I know what it is. It hurts like hell, and this is what heartbreak is.


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I fall harder each time we get the chance to talk.


It may be hard to pretend to love someone you do not love, but what is hardest is pretending not to love someone you genuinely love.


I gave you all the love I can provide, but you never returned it, and it hurts so much.


Even though you already broke my heart into pieces, I still love you with all the little bits you scattered.

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All those tears that I cried for you, once collected, would be enough so I could drown you in it.


I made the best mistake when I loved you, and it is my favourite of all.


You are my Prince Charming, yet I am never your Cinderella.


The pleasures we feel when we are in love only last for a short time, while the pain of love lasts for a lifetime.


Being in love could never be bought, but you could pay dearly for it through all the hurts and pain that you would experience.


I always fall in love fast and hard, and now I am afraid because it always never lasts.


No one ever deserves tears. If that person deserves you, they will not make you cry.


Only during separation does one know the value of true love.


If love is ignored and returned, it does not lose itself. Instead, it returns to our hearts to keep it soft and pure.

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Miserable pain is the result of an absence of love.


You are the only cure to my sadness, even though you are also the one who caused it.


You know that you will wait for that someone even though you also know that your feelings can never be returned.


It would be hard indeed to see the one you love loving someone else.


If you loved a person greatly, you would also be affected by the pain greatly.


No matter I tried hard to push you away from my mind, you keep coming back in. how can I forget you this way?


I love you with all my heart, but it still hurts to think I can never have you in my arms.


If you do not want to get hurt, never give anyone a special place in your heart. It would be possible that they do not know its value.


Almost everyone you will meet would have the ability to hurt you; you have to choose who one would be worth the pain.


Not knowing if you would forget or wait is the most painful thing of all. It would be like being suspended in mid-air.


Pain and sadness are two things that will always be present in a relationship. You have to know how to handle it to your advantage.


You are never mine, but still, I am afraid to lose you.


You may look for love at all the corners, but you would not find it where it does not exist.


I wish I could run away from you so I will know if you would follow after me.


I may walk by serenely and function normally, but I hold everything close deep inside to keep it from falling apart.


I know that I am still alive because I can feel the pain without any pauses.


My pain would be healed by my silence and my tears someday.


I wish you were here to wipe away the tears you made meshed.


You should know the limits to your hoping.


Knowing that the person you love the most in the world does not care about you is painful indeed.


I would do anything to avoid hurting you, but I did not know that you would not care if you were the one who would hurt me.


The harder I try to forget you, the harder I think about you.


I always have trouble sleeping because you are in my dreams. I wish you aren’t.


Teaching your heart to stop loving someone is more complicated than stopping the mind from thinking about the person.


I only forget the pain with the help of time, but it never heals my heart.


The worst part of getting hurt too much is feeling used to it.


The truth would rather hurt me for a bit of a while than be pulled by a lie forever.


Loving a person who is not there for you is the greatest pain one could feel.


While I am in the process of forgetting you, I can’t help myself from thinking about you.


Being happy when you are alone is the saddest thing in life.


Loving the wrong person is worse than being alone.


Only my silence and the tears in my eyes could stop the pain.


I will never be happy if I do not have you in my life.


The words trapped inside my heart can never be said to the one I love.


The one who could hurt you the hardest is also the one you have loved the most.


You have to cry all the hurt out so you can have enough space in your heart for your smiles.


There can never be anything as painful as loving someone who already loves someone else.


The more I tried to forget you, the more you kept pushing yourself into my mind.


I never want you to get hurt, yet it is okay for you if I get hurt.


What hurts the most is knowing that he does not care whether you are injured or not.


This pain has a purpose, so stay patient and keep yourself tough.


There is nothing that could fill up the void you just vacated in my heart.


I am sometimes grateful for the pain because it reminds me that I am still alive.


I am trying so hard to keep myself from falling, but I fall harder every time I see you.


I have to stop pleasing you because it is not effective anyway.


Keep on piecing your feelings together; someday, you will get what you rightly deserve.


I have loved you once, but now I do not feel a drop of affection for you when you left me for her.


I wouldn’t say I like it when everyone keeps on talking about their special persons when all I want is a special person for myself.


I always care for you, yet I would not hesitate to go if you push me away.


The moment you start caring for someone, be ready to get hurt.


No one knows, but I only smile to hide the fears that I have and laugh so I can hide the tears that I shed.


Unrequited love is a painful process that you would not know how to avoid.


Someday I would be loved by someone who will never let me go.