75 Future Quotes


The future can be far away or as early as in the next few minutes.
Humanity has been fascinated by it but we can never really know what the next day brings.
The only thing that sustains us is our own hopes and dreams.

So here are some quotes about the future that will help you and inspire you to look forward to tomorrow.


I cannot fear the future because the unknown does not scare me.


We cannot let the past shape what will happen to our futures. The past is something we cannot change but the future is something entirely up to us.


The children of our generation will inherit the future we are building for them right now. We must take care of it, so they can lead lives of prosperity and happiness.


We are obligated to push forward to realize our futures.

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The future is a place where we can repair the faults of the past.


We must learn from our action of before and now in order to secure ourselves a bright future.


The only movement is forward, the only destination is the future.


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We do not need to have our future read in cards to know what will happen. Our actions now will determine our fate.


We can rewrite our past if only we can secure our future.


Fortune tellers make money by telling people the future that they decided will already happen. Fortune tellers essentially make money through reassurance.


The salvation we foresee in ourselves for the future is created by the sins of our past.


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We cannot rush tomorrow for the future is a time we have to wait for. It cannot be held and promises cannot withstand. Tomorrow has to become today for it to make any meaning.


The future belongs to those who seek it. Those who see beyond what has been made and can see what will be.


The future is the realization of evolution. We change every day and tomorrow is another one of our future selves.


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The future is an abstract concept that cannot be truly grasped for today is the closet we can get.


Our actions of today will cause the effects of the future.



I am mindful of my past for it is the mistakes that I do not wish to repeat that will ensure my future.


We are so obsessed with time travel to the future and to the past because humans are obsessed with what-ifs.


Optimists only see a bright light at the end of the tunnel, the future fulfilled, never mind the darkness they must pass through.


It is when mankind forgets priorities that his future is doomed.


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We are doomed to repeat the past if we do not learn from it, and if we cannot learn from it, we have no future.


I always tell children to not rush towards the future. As I have come to realize as an adult, a childhood is something you ought to have for as long as you can keep it.


The future is like a magical cave. There is certain death, but oh, all the treasures!


We compromise our futures when we continue to ignore the signals from the past appearing in the present.


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Change is the wave that brings about the future that washes clear from the shore from the detritus of the past.


We say we are assured of our future but the truth is that we all desperately want our wishes to come true.


What we do in the present shapes the destiny of our future.


Uncertainty is the dark curtain that separates us from our future.


Thinking about what will happen in the future is an exercise in science fiction.

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The future is inevitable, another apocalyptic horseman following change, cutting down the weak and laying down the ground as a foundation for more marvels to come.


There are a million futures that depend on which path you are going to take.


Today was once a future, an idea that we did not experience until it arrived in the morning.


I cannot fear the future. There is possibly nothing else to do as it will eventually arrive but is fiction while we wait.


We have more hopes for the future that we have for the present.


It is our duty to take care of the present to protect our future because that is a place where we must all go in the end.


If you keep worrying about the future, you are sure to miss it.


Remember that the next day is a fresh page that you can fill. There is nothing so bad you can do today that will ruin the rest of the pages for life.


It is up to you to control your future for in your hands are the reins of the present.


Life is an oven, the past raises the dough, the present bakes it, and the bread we eat is our future.


An autobiography is incomplete because it will never reveal the future that has not been lived at the time of writing of the book.


Live for the moment, not for tomorrow, for the future is never certain and it will always follow the lead of today.


We are all building a future from the pain of our past and the struggle of our present.


The reality of the future is just a good night’s sleep away.


Clocks go forward because time is linear. Our lives move forward to the future because we too are linear.


Whatever poisons we had endured in the past, we must make sure to leave it behind as to not infect the future.


When one forgives another, the past cannot be changed, but the future can be assured.


A bright future is one that is founded on purpose and zeal, with a direction upward, and a goal that must be fulfilled.


The key to the future can be found in progress and science and a healthy curiosity for the beyond.


Even the most wretched creature has a future. Even the holiest has a past.


Only look back to see what things you can change to make sure of your future as you look forward.


Dreams are the Universe’s way of showing you a future that could be.


The only time to truly live is at this very moment of our lives. The future is tomorrow, the past was yesterday. Treasure always today.


The more we fret about the future, the more uncertain it will be.


The future is an empty promise if not acted upon today.


We must be wary of what we make our future for there is no way we can return to the past and undo the damage we inflict upon ourselves.


People have no faith in the future and cling onto the past, further compromising what good change could be.


Tomorrow was made for children. It is the future for those who cannot make up their minds, at least, not yet.


The future is a funny thing, you take your eyes off it for a second and then you’re already there.


The future is built upon the ruins of the ancient past.


The future is a myth for we are not going on an endless line, but a loop that makes tomorrow yesterday and yesterday something we will do tomorrow.


Trust not time, for not even the past is a certain thing, and the future more so.


Go toward the future gently. Do not tread upon seedlings planted yesterday that shall grow into a giant tree tomorrow.


The future is beginning all the time.


Your future destiny is something you can control with your own hands. It is your destiny to shape it.


Every day we add something to the life we ae building so one day in the future we can rest easily in it.


Today is both the realization of the past and the future.


We might not have a future, who knows? I live my life day by day.


Never trust another with your future. That is something that is entirely yours and if you insist on giving it to another, you don’t deserve it.


Seeing the future is a curse for until you reach that point of your vision, you will be living in the past.


The future can begin as a simple idea in the mind.


We can plan all we want, but there is nothing that can prepare us for what will happen in the future.


We have to live today fully. Today might be it. Today might be the last day of your future and there is no more tomorrow. And by then it will be too late.


The future lies in the whimsical dreams in the minds of children.


You cannot run away from your past. It is an integral part of your future.


It should not be the only thing we think about but to completely ignore our future is making sure you have none.


Focus on what you can do today to ease your future.


Nobody ever thinks of not being able to do what they wished when they retire. We forget we are mortal and our bodies age and wither with time. We put so much stock in the time we are supposed to have and waste the present on storing for a future we won’t be able to take fully advantage of.


The future of tomorrow cannot be escaped from today. We are all responsible for the coming times.


The future looks bleak but it is a beautiful aspect of humanity to still think of hoping despite it all.


The future is in the hands of those who take charge of it today.


The seeds of today will be harvested in the future of tomorrow. We must tend to it well for the sake of all.


The future must be welcomed for it brings about change and progress and moves us to our destinies.


Remember to store all that you can today for the famine of tomorrow. The future might not be so bleak but it pays to be ready.


We owe it to the Future of Humanity to safeguard what we have from our own greed and avarice.