45+ Valentines Status

Every fourteenth of February, Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide. What better way to show your love for your most important person than to greet them with a happy Valentine’s or maybe post a status online to show them how much they mean? To you.
Here is some of the best Valentine’s Day status that you can try out.

I will love you from today until the day that I take my very last breathe in. Happy valentines!

You are like the air I breathe; you make me feel alive, you keep me busy; I love you so!

You make my heart beat faster every time I see you, and I want to tell you happy Valentine’s!

I have fallen for you so many times, more than you know, more than I know, my Valentine’s.


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You are my heart; you are my love; no one can ever tear us apart because I love you so much.

I want to be with you all the time; I want to spend my forever with you, my dearest love.

You are indeed the love of my life, and I would not have it any other way; I will always love you.

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I may be single, but I am not crying alone in my room; happy Valentine’s day to me as well.

Sometimes, it is better to be alone than let other people hurt you and break you apart.

Love will not feed you; you need to work hard for that and keep your relationship going.

I have a strong heart, it has survived so many pains and sufferings, and it still beats for you.

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I thought that I had a heart made of steel, but you came by, and it melted away, you fool.

I want to be with you all the time; that is what I think about when I am all alone.

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I wish that I could stay beside you every day to live through life as you do.

Of course, true love withstood the test of time, and it will keep on doing just that; I hope so.

I used to believe that love would last and be there forever, but then it came to an end.

Lights surround us; even in this pitch-black darkness we are in, that is what love is.

Love will make you feel like everything you do is adored by the person who loves you most.

The one who loves you most is that one person who makes you feel special, always, I guess.

If they cannot make time for you, why would you keep on making time just for them, huh?

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If you were given a chance to fall for someone without frills, who would it be and why?

Nothing is better to celebrate this Valentine’s day than to eat some homemade chocolate.

I love chocolates and today is the day I get to receive them; I am super excited for yours.

The thing I look forward to the most during Valentine’s day is the flowers and chocolates.

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Thank you, I wish I could tell you just how sweet you are to make me something so precious.

You are the cookies; you are the sun; you are everything this Valentine’s day is about.

Honestly, you are the best person in the world, and you deserve a happy Valentine’s day.

I hope that you are happy with the things you do, that no one will make you cry and all.

Let me kiss you on the forehead and tell you how much I genuinely care about you right now.


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If you can wait for me, I will just be gone for a moment with the best surprise for you ever.

I will always love you; my heart will keep beating for you, my dear Valentine; I love you!

Never have I loved anyone else the way I am loving you at this very moment right now.

I wish I could tell you that I loved you the way you are, so you do not have to change for me.

You need to realize that you can have everything if you ask for it; he will be there for you.

On Valentine’s day, make it a point to take your parents out on a date; they deserve it.

Valentine’s day is not for lovers alone but for anyone who has loved someone before.

Who knows? Maybe you will find that person meant for you today on Valentine’s.

I have never met someone as sweet as you in my life. Would you be my Valentine’s today?

I wish I could tell you how amazing you are, that you are funny and sweet, you know?

I wonder if you know that you are charming, that you are the person you are meant to be.

I wish I could show you how much I love you. Will a dozen roses be enough for that?

Some days, it is never enough to tell you that I love you; I need to show it as well.

I wish I could be the one for you, the one you will let love you until the very end.

For today, you need not do anything; I will give you some extraordinary service of myself.

I will show you what Valentine’s day is all about if you just let me get to that part today.

I love you; I just wanted to reiterate if you have already forgotten that I said it.

Today might be the perfect day to tell him that I love him; it is Valentine’s Day, after all.

I do not think I can ever survive another day without you again, not Valentine’s day.

When Valentine’s day is getting near, the first person I think about is you; what do I do?

Even after so many failed attempts at making chocolate, I will not give up on making you one.

I wanted to give you the best flowers for this Valentine’s, so I planted my rose garden.

You are the reason for everything I have done; you are my inspiration, my Valentine.

Dear boyfriend, I want to hear you say those three words and mean them, thank you.

I wish I could have given you the best chocolates in the world instead of what I just gave you.

You are the most appreciative person in this world, even when I do not give you anything.

I am lucky to have you in my life, to be able to see you every single day of this life of mine.

You are my love, and you will always be my Valentine even after all these years that come.

You make me feel loved as I have never felt before, and for that, I still thank you until now.

Will you let my love make you feel that you are loved? Will you let it embrace you fully?

I think that the best kind of love in the world is that which asks for nothing in return at all.

Can you tell me what kind of love you have for me? Is it familial love, or is it erotic love?

How much do you love me? I know that I love you so much that I want to be yours tonight.

You make me feel special like I am the only girl in this world that you truly love, no one else.

I hope you are mine; I will make you happy, I will make your chocolates, I will do anything.

You will never be mine, and that is the worst thing that happened to me in this life.

I wish I could be reborn as your boyfriend; I want to experience love.

You are so good to her, my best friend, and I love you for just that; happy Valentine’s day.

You accepted me when no one else would, and I will forever be in your debt, my love.

You are lovely; you are fantastic; you are beautiful; I just wanted to remind you of that.

You make my pulse race and make my face blush; you are indeed one of a kind, my Valentine.

Thank you for making me feel this way; I have never fallen in love until this day.

If you are honest with me, I will be honest with you just as well; I will tell you all of me.

I am a writer, and the best way to show you my love for you is to write a story about you.

I hope you notice that every poem I write is about you and my feelings for you.

If you could see through me, you would know just how much it genuinely loves you so.

Forget the world, forget everyone else and focus on the love we have for each other.

Happy Valentine’s day, and may the gods bless our love story and make it a whole lot better.

You make me feel magic in the air; you make me believe in pixie dust; that is how foolish I am.

Some days, I think you will hurt me eventually, but I still choose to love you.

Even when you tell me that you do not love me, I will keep loving you just like you are.

You are the moon and the stars for me; you are the reason why I am still breathing and alive.

I love you! I just wanted you to know that I still feel the same way I did three years ago.

I wished for you for so long, and here you are right now in front of me, and I am left speechless.

Do you feel the static between us every time our fingers touch one another because I do?

I think that we are meant for each other, that even the universe cannot tear our love apart; happy Valentine’s day to you, my one true love, I love you.