50+ Deep Love Quotes

A love so deep is rare in this world.
If you are lucky enough to find it, never let it go! It will turn your rather lacklustre life around into n exciting rollercoaster ride.
Celebrate the beauty of deep love with these quotes below:

Love is a motion that travels between hearts of two people.

It travels in a speed of light and comes when you least expect it. When it knocks on your door, welcome it with a warm smile and never let it go.

The magic in your eyes have stirred my rather still and lifeless journey. The ripples have set my dark and starless night alight with fireworks. I never would have thought that deep and precious could feel so good.

When you breathe my name so softly and so sweet, in that moment, I knew that you there could be no one else for me but you.


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You are the one who taught me there is to know about love.

There are all sorts of love in this world. A deep and true love, however, can heal the wounds inflicted by the other.

One look is enough to make me fall for you over and over again.

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To bear losing the person who made me feel genuine and deep love is impossible.

Loving you is my number one choice, a necessity for my survival.

Deep love is worth fighting for, all I’m living for.

Being in love with you is my life’s greatest treasures.

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You are my princess and I am your prince. Our hearts are our castle and our deep love is our happily ever after.

Love is the home for the wandering and tattered hearts.

Deep love is liberating to the frightened heart. It sets free all the inhibitions of fear weighing down the soul.



Judgement is never needed when it comes to loving.

It’s more than just the craving of your warm skin; it’s the thirst for your love and the touch of your soul.

It doesn’t matter how it began. All that matters is that it started and it changed my life completely.

Your love has thought me how to be giving. It taught me how to brave and keep on living. More importantly, it showed me how beautiful this world is.

The kind of love that is so deep sets the soul afire and gives the heart wings to soar across the sky.

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The only person I can tell everything to, all that has unfolded during my day, and every silly things and mistakes that I had committed in the past is you – only you!

Love is the morning to the heart covered with an endless night. Love is the sunrise and sunset, a brand new beginning for the lonesome heart. Love is the pulse, the heartbeat, the wave that keeps on flowing.

When I look at you, I can only see a future filled with wonderful possibilities, happy days with you and deep true love I can dive into.

Deep love has chased away all the darkness that has covered up my life.


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True love is to learn about ourselves through the eyes of another. It is to discover parts of us we don’t know and is yet to discover.

Just single arrow from love is enough to turn anyone into a poet.

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Love is the hope which keeps the hopeless alive.

Deep love is a chapter that unfolds a canvas which is yet to be filled with colors of love between two soul mates.

True love sees it through – the best and the worst times, the laughter and the tears, joy and sadness. That’s what love is. it stands strong against anything.

If loving you is a crime, then I’m willing to pay the price.

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Deep love will witness thousands of ‘sorry-s’, millions of ‘thank you-s’ and endless ‘I love you-s’.

Love is a journey where flowers bloom each step of the way until your world is transformed into a sea of prism colors.

If you don’t mean it, please don’t say you love me because I might do something foolish like trust in those words and believe it.

To love is to expect nothing in return. To love is to risk yourself to open fire. To love is to accept the other person despite of all the flaws.

Please never think that you are ordinary. You are my universe and the stardust in the skies. You are my blue skies, my sunrise and sunset. You are my world and I think there is nothing ordinary in that.

Deep love is the force which turns the dull into colorful, the boring to amazing and the sad to happy.

The spaces between your fingers are where I feel the safest in the world.

If you want to save someone from suffering and deep pain, counter it by healing them with true and deep love.

Loving you gave me courage. It took me to places to I never thought I would go.

When there is deep love, there is bound to be no deep frustration and pain.

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Deep love is what has kept families standing strong throughout the years. Deep love is the foundation of friendship that lasts forever. Deep love is the string that binds two hearts together as one.

Deep love is needs no questioning. It only needs loving and constant forgiving.

My happiness stems from my deep love of life. The sunlight seeping through my skin gives me energy to keep pursing my dreams. The rain tapping in my window syncs with my heartbeat. Living is my happiness.

Tomorrows with you gives me strength to keep on fighting.

Deep love is what keeps people staying until the very end.

I would give a thousand years of my life if it means I could spend a day with you.

True love involves pain and risk. Deep love survives through it.

You taught me how to love. You’ve debunked the mystery of romance. You showed me how it feels like to be loved and to love. I could never thank you enough for deeply loving me.

How could I have lived all along without tasting the honey of your true love?

When something awesome happens to me, you are the first one I want to tell the news to. When something is worrying me, your arms are the one I seek comfort to. You are always the first one in my thoughts from the moment I wake up and before I fall asleep.

I thought I am just an ordinary man until I met you and made me feel so special.

I love you in Japanese is ‘aishiteiru. I love you in Spanish is ‘Te Amo’. I love you in French is ‘Je Taime’. I love you in Chinese is ‘wo ai ni.’ No matter which language, the essence of true and deep love does not change.

I may not see you every single day or hold you in my arms all night long, but you are in my heart and will be there forevermore.

Keep my love and let it heal your broken heart. Kiss me and take me to another world. Look at my eyes and unfold the mysteries of love.

Stars, so beautiful and bright, eventually fade and explode and leave comics stardust in the sky. Not in your case though. Even if you are exquisite as one, your dazzle will never die and will forever light my way.

I won’t be afraid as long as I see you smiling back at me, I am safe.

Each night, I go to sleep with you in my mind. Each day, I wake up in the morning with you still in it. You never really left. You are always in my thoughts, in my dreams and in everything I do.

I’ve always imagined growing old and wrinkly with someone. All along, I’ve never thought of who it will be until I met you.

With you, it’s never too cold or too hot – it’s always warm. With you, it’s never too sweet or too bitter – it’s always the right kind of balance. With you, it’s never too difficult or too easy – it’s challenging and fulfilling. With you, my life has found its perfect balance.

True and deep love survives any calamities that comes its way. No matter how pressing or dire the circumstances are it bears, conquers and emerges stronger than ever.

Deep love knows no death. It does not harbour any fear. It lives until all else has crumbled into dust.

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You know that he truly and deeply and madly loves you when he can calm your demons and holds you tight even when you say nothing at all.

I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never felt so wonderful, so alive and happy. Only you can make me feel this way.

Days with you are what kept me holding on when I’m at the edge of falling apart.

If you love someone, you have to remember that he is another world too. He needs the light of experiences to make him grow. He needs to learn from his blunders to be wiser. He needs his own space to let his roots unfold. Deeply loving someone means letting him grow to the best version of himself.

I’m always at my very best whenever you are with me.

Now, all love songs in the radio, all sweet lyrics in a poem, all romance in the big screen are all about you.

If you let me go, I don’t know if my heart can ever survive the fall.

Your words have the power to set things right. Your kisses have the power to shut the screaming voices in my head. Because of you, I kept myself from drowning in to madness.

I never thought I could things I never thought I could. I guess that’s the power of deep love. It breaks the limits that you have bound yourself with.

Love is not a fantasy or a sweet carousel ride. Love holds many dangers, pain and sadness. Love, though as scary as it may seem, holds many such wondrous and joyous experience that will change your life.

Don’t think twice. If you can’t get her off your mind, then go for it before she slips away from you forever.