Wake Up Quotes


There are moments when we are getting too comfortable in where we are that we forget about progress, so we need a wake-up call.
You get that wake-up call from many people, may it be someone you just met, your parents or family, your friends and a whole lot more.
When someone tells you to wake up, you will feel flabbergasted at first, but eventually, your entire body and soul will.
Here are some wake-up quotes that you can use for yourself or someone else.


Wake up, set some goals and make sure that they make you want to get up every morning.


What matters the most is that you get to see the morning once again; believe me, I have tried.


Find the reason to look forward to every second of your life, for your matter; we all matter too.

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You should find yourself being thankful that you are still alive this morning; I hope you are.


The truth is that you won’t get a recap of this day; you need to make sure that it counts too.


I hope that every moment that you wake up, you are grateful to the Lord for giving you that.


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Stop worrying about the things that you would not get to change and instead have fun.


Start early and realize that some things are better; you need to try and make the most of them.


You should go and smile at the people you do not know; they may be fighting something too.


We are all going through something, so do not forget to give out some compliments there.


You opened your eyes, you woke up, and that in itself is a gift for being alive and being good.


Say thank you and never forget the way someone laughed because you did; they are happy now.


When you have a rough start, all you need is to breathe and remind yourself you’re alive.


The purpose of this life is to keep being alive, to remember that you are better for this day.


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You get to be a new person with each passing day, so make the most out of it as well now.


There are just some days when you have to be your light, so for now, just try to wake up.


Your purpose in staying alive is to make the most out of things, and so you really should do.



If you find yourself having some problems, slap yourself and remember your goals for now.


Wake up; there are so much happening around you, so make your hours and days count too!


Every day is not always a good and happy day, but you can find something suitable.


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A bad day is not bad unless you let it be that way, so do not and stay happy now.


Stop looking back at your past and instead look towards the future that you will soon be into.


Every morning, you get another chance to make your life better, and I think that matters too.


Whenever I wake up to your beautiful face, I am filled with happiness inside of me; that’s true.


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If you start focusing on the good that this life has, you will be better for it.


I believe that we all have the opportunity to make our lives better. We just have to take it too.


The thing is that the only time that you should stop giving is never, keep some for you too.


You are the reason that I am still alive today because you exist, and I hope that alone is enough.

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Do not worry about what tomorrow will bring, and just pray that you will wake up to the next.


Make this day something to remember; you should try and make the most of it just as well.


The moment you think to give up is the one time you should remind yourself why you are alive.


I hope that when you are given a choice, you will choose to be the one to make others happy.


Be happy and make the people around you feel the same way you do; that is a gift in itself.


When you wake up, I want you to smile so that you can start your day bright and suitable as well.


The point is that the moment you smile, everything else in the world seems just calm.


Do not waste your days waiting for things that will not happen and instead focus on the light.


Be a gift to the world that you are in, and start celebrating the small things that are good now.


I guess the most challenging time in this life is the moment you decide what to do with your life, right?


If you wake up, you will feel your heart beating, which is one of the perks of being alive now.


There will be times to feel lonely but now, focus on becoming a better version of yourself.


I know there are days when you do not want to wake up; I am so proud of you for still going.


Think of waking up a gift every morning that you have yet to open as your eyes do now.


Choose to be the person who helps others to become the better version of themselves, my dear.


I love the feeling of seeing all the possibilities in every morning in my life; it is just so awesome.


You wake up each morning because you still have a mission to fulfil in this life; that’s the truth!


You should sleep and feel satisfied so that you can wake up in the morning determined.


It would help if you stopped thinking about what can go wrong in life instead of focusing on the good.


Every morning that you are awake means that you can do what matters most to you.


Something spectacular is going to happen today, claim it now, and it really will come true too.


You have a purpose, and that is why you still get to wake up each day; believe me, that’s true.


Each morning has to have a new beginning, and you deal with that, have a great day now.


You are a blessing, and the miracle is you, so for now, just believe that you can do more of it.


To begin with, you may not be great, but you can make sure that every start of your day is excellent.


Wake up to the sound of your beating heart and realize that this life is truly worth living.


Attack this day with the hope that your tomorrow will be a lot brighter and a lot better as well.


You should keep going even when you make mistakes; just keep charging them to experience.


Everyone is bound to make mistakes, which is okay as long as you learn something too.


We fight for the things we know are correct, and somehow that is enough to be just yourself.


You should wake up and keep on looking forward to the things that will happen later on.


Today you shall make it worth it; you shall try your best to get on with your life as well.


I want to get up and realize that some things you have to fill with the good side of life.


Go ahead and make your plans for the day; let no one stop you from getting to where you want.


There is so much more to this life than you know, so wake up and start your day right, okay?


Life will offer you a lot of chances to try; every morning should be enough to try again, right?


The sun is up, and all that is left is for you to smile and start another great day, to begin with.


You should wake up and focus on the good things in this life; I sincerely believe that today.


The past is another lesson that life has decided to teach you; do not be scared of it.


In the past, there is pain; in tomorrow, there is hope, but in the present, there are things to do.


The past has taught you things so you can use them in the future, do so wisely now.


There is a reason to wake up each morning feeling good and alive; you have to find yours.


Be thankful for this day, and remember that everything happens for some reason too.


I wish you would have a ridiculous day so you can relax and have a good time now.


Waking up ain’t easy, but if you try your best to make the most happen, you will like it too.


Every sunrise gives you another hope, another chance to get to where you want to be.


Every time you wake up, you get another chance to make your mistakes into opportunities.


Believe in the possibilities; there are a lot of them; take the chances, and you will be genuinely okay.


There is nothing impossible if you believe that you can do things, go ahead and enjoy life.


The only one that can make a change happen in your life is you start working hard for it.


I am grateful to have someone like you in my life; I am just letting you know that for now.


In the end, what matters is that you tried to be a step closer to your goal and dreams by today.


Whether you feel life is unfair or not, you move on and deal with the hand that is given.


Every morning is a gift from the Lord, so you can try to be the person you are one more time.


You inspire me to be a better person, and that alone should make me feel like being better too.


I think you wake up because you still have a purpose in the world, so go ahead and find it.


One day you will realize the reason for waking up every morning and start doing it.