Warrior quotes

A warrior must be brave, to be a warrior takes courage.
The signs of a true warrior lies in his ability to fight his enemies.
However, being a warrior also takes guts and intelligence.
After all, as a warrior, you would need to conjure up some battle strategies and know when to fight but also know when to surrender.
It is a tough job to be a warrior.
The good thing is that in this modern era, there are also warrior souls inside of some people.
Do you have that warrior soul inside of you? Here are some warrior quotes to help you figure that out.

The difference between someone who kills for fun and a warrior is honor, that it really does.

The brave soldiers would triumph in war as would the brave men would rejoice adversity.


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The most successful person in a war is just the average man who has the focus like a laser.

I have been wondering for the longest time how war would solve the problem, I still wonder.

They say that it is war that makes a soldier who he is but it also means his death, does it not?

Only a warrior would understand the true meaning of a battle when it comes to pride at that.

Even the very finest of sword can rust when it is plunged into the depths of the ocean, dear.

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The hardest part in being a soldier is when need to make a decision to leave your comrades.

You have to make sure you make the smart choices, that you try and get to the best decisions.


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A warrior is someone who is willing to pay the price of a life when it comes to getting victory.

The thing is that you never really know just how strong you really are unless you need to be.

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The wars in paper are usually the start of the wars involving cannon and rifles, the sad truth.

There is nothing stopping the men from seeing the horrors of war and I can only take pity too.

You see, everyone eventually dies and you just have to deal with it, accept it and get over it.

To have a real warrior on your side when it comes to war is to guarantee you will get peace.

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Before the real war, you think that this will not be your time until it is and the bullet’s fired.

Before science ever came, war often seems like astrology due to the bright lights of guns too.

The agony of being a soldier involves the moment that you get trained for war itself, that it is.

The point is that a warrior will not give up the things he loves but instead loves what he does.

I know now to choose my words wisely for they can be the last any time soon, I wonder too.

I have chosen this life and I have done so for a reason, to someday get the peace that I need.

We live in difficult times when there is a call for soldiers to fight the war that has never ended.

I just wish that one day there would be peace and that I can be brave enough to face it well.

The best thing about a warrior is that even in death, all he thinks about is valor and all that.

And yet I wonder about it and how things are going to be in case a soldier is not even present.

The thing is that even though we are sworn enemy, I would fight for you if you need me most.

Whatever you may be, regardless of gender, you will get what you want in this world, dear.

You are the light, you are the one that is striving hard to make things happen, proud of you.

A warrior knows to be prepared for any war means to preserve peace in the end of his time.

When it comes to getting to your ambitions in life, I hope you fight for them, that you try.

What you should learn now is how to pay people respect, to be the model to generosity too.

You should show the love to people before you are taken away by a bullet in the battlefield.

If anything else, as a true brave person, you should not let competition scare you, be great.

Suffering pain in the most silent of manner, a warrior is just born and melded that way too.

In all sense of the world having someone to compete with should make you want to try harder.

Now, it is the time to show the world what you have sleeping inside of you, make it happen.

Above all else, the finest quality you can have is the courage to see things through always.

I love tattoos and how they are symbols of who I am, of what I want to become in the long run.

The true warrior fights not because he hates the things in front but coz he loves what’s behind.

You should know as a warrior that the important thing is to always organize peace after war.

When the king orders a war, it is the bravest warrior that will die just because of that, really.

Even in my subconscious, I dream about fighting for what I believe to be right, that makes me.

It brightens up my day knowing that someone out there is rooting for me, wishing me luck.

It is through innate discipline that you would be able to achieve the things that you love most.

The most powerful warrior of all is time for nothing can be born without it, it is very special.

And for me, this is not just a trend, it is something that I dedicate my whole life to, practice it.

Just like running a marathon, I know there will be winners which is why I practice hard too.

You see, I know just how important it is to be courageous and to fight of this fear in my belly.

The warrior will fight hard and long if it means that he will get the peace his country needs.

Each great person have learned how to endure things and to overcome a lot in this life, really.

And above all, you should know your purpose for that will make you into a better person too.

You should really know to take responsibility for every action you make simply coz it matters.

Of all the trivial acts, it is when you do not speak your mind that you lose firsthand, believe it.

As one warrior to another, I hope you pray not for the easy life but for the strength to endure.

What you do is yours so make it count, make sure that your thoughts matter in the long run.

Death is something that is real when you are a soldier, it is not a fantasy but a becoming.

The sad part is that a lot of youth are dead now because of the wars made by the elders.

The only clear thing when you join a war is that there will be death, could be yours as well.

You can go to a battlefield, bleed out & still you would not be called a warrior, without valor.

Strengthen you soul and your spirit and make sure that you are ready if ever death calls out.

You do not need to accept you will die, you just have to realize that it is a big possibility too.

In the end, the only clear thing was that you are meant to do this, else you would not be here.

No warrior is without a wound, without a scar it is one of the things that makes him to be one.

You ought to know what you are doing coz else what else have you been training for years?

The victory goes to the people who aimed high and worked hard to achieve their own goals.

It is your journey and so you must seek ways in order to be armed to win and get that victory.

A great person never has to worry about what he fears but rather only of things that he knows.

Through devotion & loyalty, on person becomes a warrior who will fight to the very end now.

You seek to act instead of talking & that is one quality of a great person to the war up ahead.

The intention to die with a sword in your hand is the best thing you can ever see in a soldier.

You do not just fight with your bullets and your swords but with the belief you are fighting for.

The only thing you should care for not to be broken ever by anyone is your fighting spirit.

It is self-sacrifice that can make a warrior into the person he needs to become in the end too.

Though some look fierce and others mild, what makes a soldier a soldier is his honor inside.

Appearances ought to be vicious for it can put you in a big advantage when it comes to it.

Maybe what really matters is to just stay on the right path above all else and then just wait.

Brave is the warrior who is willing to be sacrificed for the better good of his country, alas.

Most of them do not know how to wait because they want things to happen and then it does.

You do not just win by bashing heads but by overtaking all the walls as well, demolish them.

You can realize just how much it weighs to do something that matters after the war is done.

And by now, you ought to realize that patience is as important as time and courage to fight.

There is power in knowing that you will be protected by your warrior for he is courageous.

You should have your senses heightened and sharpened by now you can hear a rabbit move.

By learning how to fight, you are preparing your best in order to move forward as well too.

It is men who knows just what a war is that knows how difficult it is to be a warrior today.