The 60 Beautiful Love Quotes

If you are struggling to put the precise words together to express your feelings, you will probably have a more difficult time expressing your love to your special someone. But you don’t have to worry anymore because this list of ours of beautiful love quotes will take care of your problem. All you have to do is read through the list and find the perfect selection of your liking. Spread the love!

Beauty is growing in you because love is growing within and inside of you. For love is the beauty of one’s soul.

The marvellous things in this world are not visible to the naked eye, but they can only be felt by the heart.

One of the gifts of life is when you find someone as crazy and as peculiar as you are.

A song becomes lovelier whenever I am listening to it with you by my side.


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All the foods that I have shared with you make me complete in the stomach and heart.

Nothing is more beautiful than a friendship that blossoms into unconditional pure love.

It is great to have a life partner who will also become your partner for life.

Sometimes a simple smile is all it takes to start a new love story that could last forever.

Love can’t exist in violence. That is why it is one of the beautiful things in life.

No matter how high the walls are between you and me, I will tear it apart for us to be free.

Hatred leaves hideous and horrible scars, but love goes lovely ones.

60 Cute Love Quotes for Her

Every love story is unique and beautiful in its way, but still, our love story is and will always be my favourite.

Love inspires almost anything and anyone in this world.

The 60 Funny Love Quotes

A sincere heart with the purest intentions can overcome all the obstacles to be with his beloved.

A very good woman will inspire a man, a stunning one will get interested in a man, a beautiful woman will mesmerize him, but a compassionate woman will get him.

Love is like a rose, its beauty is captivating, but like a rose, it will use its thorns to defend itself from someone who wants to destroy its beauty.

You should not love a woman because her beauty is captivating. She will become entrancing because you love her.

The naked eye can only see a pretty face, but the heart can see the beauty within, which explains why superficial beauty does not matter in love.

The natural beauty cannot be seen on the face; the contents see it of the heart.

Love is beautiful and enticing, but not everyone can see it.

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I love you not because you are good enough for me but because you are everything to me.

How can I feel lonely if my entire universe which is you are inside me?

Anyone can fall in love with the flower, but it takes someone special to love a leaf. It is plain to love what is beautiful, but it is lovely to love something plain.

Love comes from within; you can’t give it if you don’t have it in yourself.

Birthday Love Quotes

I love you; I am not sure why I can’t tell you why.

Your love brings me happiness like ice cream to a child.

Nothing is more comforting than your pure love.

I saw you the moment you fell in love; I saw it because you fell in love with me.


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I wish that by telling you I love you, I get to keep you forever.

I love that we do not use words or voices to express ourselves to each other; I think that is one of the magic of love; it mysteriously connects two people.

You take my breath away in ways unknown to you.

I love the way of how your eyes tell me how much you love me.

I only want one thing in this world, and that is for both of us to grow old in each other’s arms.

You are why I am right now; I am so glad that I met and fell in love with you, my angel.

Your smile is my happiness; it makes me happy in a way that I can’t put words into it.

I only started living my life the moment you found me and taught me what love is.

Each time I see you smile, my world suddenly halts.

30 Beautiful quotes about love for every day

You are the reason I became whole, but you are also the reason my heart melts every time.

I always have butterflies in my stomach because of you, my angel.

There are twenty-six letters on the English alphabet, but what matters the most are the letters I and U.

Even if you have experienced it many times, nobody knows how love moves because love moves in a very mysterious way.

Nothing can and will ever come between us that explains why there is no space in the US.

Loving can and will cause you to hurt, but it is the single thing that will give you happiness that you can’t explain.

A person will never truly understand the genuine meaning of love without a series of heartbreaks and lots of sacrifices.

A day or an hour without by my side you is like an eternity to me.

If I become one of your everyday things, I won’t become your lip brush. Why? So I can touch and kiss your lips every single day.

The instant I lost you, my heart refused to beat.

My mother and grandmother’s utmost advice is to tie the knot with my best friend, and I’m so thankful that I did.

She asked me what kind of married do I wish to have. I replied The weddings that will make me your husband.

Just like trees, love needs space, not to put and break you apart but for both of you to have adequate room so you can continue to grow up and flourish.

Love at times mean that you have to release from your hold the one you cherished the most so you can give her delight without minding how much pain it will provide you with.

Destiny is the one who brings two different people together. Still, it is the preference and choice of those two people to make the relationship work out and be together until eternity.

I need you just like how a fish requires the water of the ocean.

The natural and utmost essence of love is to work your relationship out regardless of your many differences.

You are the only apple for my eyes and the sole beat for my heart.

My love for you is like a bird; it soars towards the blue sky.

To attain your goals and your dreams is called a success, but experiencing how to love and be loved in return is a precious gift.

You stole my precious heart, and then I stole yours in return. Didn’t we commit the perfect crime of love? I think we did.

If I am given two things to choose from, which are breathing and loving, I will make use of my very final life to say I Love You, my honeybunch.

Love is analogous to diamonds for the reason that they will last forever.

The very moment you find that extraordinary someone whom you want to spend your lifetime with, you can’t seem to wait for both of you to start your journey to evermore.

Love does not need words to explain it; it has a language only the loving heart can decode.

I need a three-letter word which is YOU, and you need a two-letter word which is ME.

Every time somebody utters the word love, you are the very primary person who crosses my mind.

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I prayed to the almighty God to bestow me an angel; then, without any delay, He sent you to me.

Love is not truthfully blind. It sees clearly, but it does not mind.

The only thing I will request you to alter about yourself is to substitute your last name with my last name.

From the instant you arrived into my boring life, I knew that you would stay with me for the rest of our now happy lives.

I by no means knew what love was until the fateful day which I met you.

Science stated that a human being couldn’t survive a week without food or water, but your love is all I need to keep me going until the end of my days.

The most delightful and priceless gift that you can give to a person is to provide him with your love.

You are but the lone star that cheers up my dark and dull sky.

I lost all my hopes and faith in love, but you returned it to me unexpectedly.

Your presence, and most especially your absence, is valued most by the one who loves you.

Loving, caring and serving you are the only things I desire to do for the rest of my days here on earth.

Aren’t you tired yet? You have been running in my mind the entire day, my sweetie!

I will love you continuously even if the stars decline to shine in the dull sky.

If I am awarded twenty lifetimes on this planet, I will utilize all of them in loving you unconditionally.

Love knows how to spell happiness, but it is also well verse is spelling out pain, heartaches and extreme sacrifices.

Time did not heal the wounds in my heart; it is you and only you, my sweet angel, who did.

I was not afraid of anything in my life; then, when the time came that I almost lost you, I was scared to death.

In love, no one is not deserving of a second chance.

I will not mind staying alive forever as long as you are by my side, my sweet angel.

Love is the sole thing that can cause the eyes to cry and while making the heart smile at the very same time.