Top 70 A New Day Quotes


There are those days when we feel so down that we no longer want to go on with life.
But we should never forget that every day is a different story. We should consider every day as an opportunity for us to do better and move on from the heartbreaking stories of yesterday.
So here are some new day quotes to inspire us to welcome every single day of our lives.


New strength and new thoughts would come along with the arrival of a new day.


Being with you feels like every day is a new one.

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Every time I wake up in the morning, I first do to thank God for the new day.


Consider each day as an opportunity for you to change your life in a significant way.


A new day should be celebrated with shouts of praises and grace, as well as a beautiful smile on your face.


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Every morning is a chance to welcome a wonderful day.


Each morning will start with a new page in your story, so make sure you have a great morning today.


Just imagine if we treat every new dawn of every day with the same joy and reverence that we do every time we welcome the New Year.


When another day starts, dare to welcome it with a grateful heart and a great smile.


Every morning we tend to be born again, and what we do today will indeed matter the most for the rest of the day.



Remember that even the darkest night will end, and a will soon rise.


Yesterday had already ended last night. Today will be another day, and it is all up to you to complete this day with a positive mind.


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Each morning is a new day, and you will not be able to find the happiness you deserve if you do not learn to move on from the bitter memories of yesterday.


Wouldn’t it be nice to think that tomorrow will be another day without any bad memories on it yet?


The following morning will dawn a bright and sweet morning, just like that ribbon in a candy.


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Every day will bring in new opportunities, but it is all up to you to search for these opportunities yourself.


Today will be a new day, and it is your day. So please do not allow it to be shaped by someone else’s fear or bitterness.


Every new day gives us a chance to start anew and achieve what we have been dreaming of.

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Remember that today will be another day. You may not get it right yesterday, but you have the chance to make it happen today.


When you wake up in the morning, think of the precious privilege to be alive, to be able to breathe, enjoy, believe, and love.


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Today will be another perfect opportunity and an excellent reason to move on and start over with life. No matter what happens, always believe that a new option will always come, so never give up.


Today is another day so forget about all the things that have happened yesterday. Whether they’re good or bad, it does not matter, for what matters is that you are still alive, ready to face the future with a positive mind.


Wake up! It’s another beautiful day, so focus on this day and make it the best one you ever have.


I’m happy that tomorrow will be a brand new day since I had messed up yesterday.


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On the other side of these negative things, another opportunity will eventually come along with a promise of a positive outcome.


Every day will be a new opportunity, so it’s better to start your day feeling lucky, and the stars will indeed align with you today.


If the sun comes up, then that means that you have a new chance to do something right even if you have messed up.


Every day will be a blank page in your life’s precious diary. The secret to success is in turning this diary into having the best possible story.


It would help if you worked hard to realize the possibility of every new opportunity and to make it an awesome one.


Tomorrow will be the first blank of your book with 365 pages, so make sure that you write a good one.


Here in the pulse of this brand new day, you might have the grace to be able to look up and out into your sister’s eyes, brother’s face, as well as your country and say with so much home, good morning.


Today will be a brand new day, and remember that you will be able to get out of it just what you have put into it.


Today is another opportunity to a new one and come up with Everything good.


A new day will surely come, and when the sun shines, you will know that it shines out clearer than yesterday, so cheer up and welcome your future with lots of hope and enthusiasm.


Remember that when you take the letter U out of MOURNING, the result will be another fantastic day, waiting to erase your sorrows away!


The light of a new day will always chase the shadow of the night away. It will show us that the shape of our fears is just the ghost created by our minds.


Each day is a brand new one. It is a new day that I look forward to every single day of my life.


Welcome, another day in your life. Be open enough to see new and exciting opportunities. Be wise enough to make choices and be courageous enough to stay happy no matter what.


Every single day is like a new page in your story, so make today a great one.


Never start your day thinking about the troubles of yesterday. Remember that each morning that we wake up is the first moment of the rest of the days of our lives.


Every single day is a new beginning, so smile, take a deep breath, and be ready to start over again.


Remember that a new day is a beginning. So stay away from things that might have been and look forward to what can be.


Always smile when you wake up in the morning for a brand new day is waiting for you.


Finish every single day of your life and be done with it. You have already done what you could, and tomorrow will be another day.


We can no longer undo the things that have happened, but we always have the opportunity to start a new day and make a great ending.


If you want a happy life, then you should stay happy on purpose. So every time you wake up each day, you should decide for yourself what kind of day you want to have.


Remember that every day is an excellent opportunity for you to change something in your life. Every day is also your chance to be grateful for all that you have.


Your life will never be behind you. Your life will always be ahead of you. Today is another day so seize the opportunity.


Rise, start anew, and seize the opportunity waiting for you.


You cannot be ready for anything new if your hands are still filled with the junk of yesterday.


Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days where an old day passes while the new ones appear.


I’m always delighted at the thought of a brand new day, a fresh start, and perhaps, a prospect of a bit of magic that’s waiting somewhere behind the day.


You might shout and cry and say, I want to give up! Then you go to bed and wake up, realizing that it is once again a brand new day and you need to pick up yourself again.


Every day has a different shape, so you have to roll with it.


Every day that you are on set is another opportunity to learn something. Every time you are there, there is something new that you will notice something you will miss and think of something new that you can do instead.


I’m the kind of person who will suck it all up. Every day is a brand new day, and you will never find happiness if you do not suck it all up!


I want this to be a brand new day. I hope we can all focus on doing each other’s business.


Do not just run through a study because you are not familiar with it, but use this study to see what you can get out of this brand new day.


Today is another day, so get up and move forward, and see what God has in store for you today.


There is beauty laced in every single day, so be courageous enough to look for it. Be kind enough to share it, and in the end, be wise enough just to let this go.


It’s such a nice feeling to wake up in the morning knowing that God has given you a new day to live.


Another day has come. So take a deep breath, pick yourself up, then dust off and start all over again.


Finish every single day and be done with it. Forget about what happened because tomorrow will be a brand new day.


You do not need every new day to be able to start over. All you need is a new mindset.


An unresolved past will not go away unless you find that courage to revisit your pain and accept the fact that there’s nothing you can do anymore. What has happened has already happened, so all you need is to move on with life and welcome every other day that will arrive.


Every morning will have its beginning. We all should consider every day a perfect day since it is God’s gift. Choose to be happy no matter what, for tomorrow will be another brand new day to welcome.


Consider each day as an excellent chance for you to correct the mistakes you made yesterday.