70 Good Day Quotes and Sayings


There is a reason why every day is a good day, and sometimes, you want to share your excitement with the world. Good Day Quotes are here when you want to wish your friends, family, and your loved ones to have a good day or to show them that you are having one. Here are beautiful Good Day Quotes that might help you with just that.


Every Day is good as long as you are by my side and we are together. Have a good day!


It feels good to be alive even when the sun is shining bright or is hiding behind the clouds.


Every Day is a reminder that you are one step closer to all of your dreams and goals.


Have a good day! I hope that you will be able to accomplish all that you need today.

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If you feel like every day is not always a good day, you should try to miss one and find out.


I hope that whoever is reading this is having the best day of his life.


It only takes a minute to change your lousy Day into a good one; take that leap of faith.



Today is another reminder of how awesome you are, so enjoy this Day to the fullest!


Every Day is a good day; it’s just that some days feel better than other days.


Someday, you will realize why every Day is a good day.


If you love the life you are living, every day is bound to feel like a good day.


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All you need to do is take a deep breath and prepare to make it a good one on bad days.


When I do not have to bring my umbrella, those days are good days for me.


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When you can be yourself even for a day, that is one of the good days.


Every Single Day of the year is a good one, no matter how sunny or rainy it is.


Every Day is a good day because it is an opportunity to do something new.



Good days are the days when you can positively influence the people around you.


On one of these good days that I met you, I was able to get my thoughts across to you.


Sometimes, it feels as if every day is a good day ever since I had fallen for you.


My gloomy days turned into better ones the Day that I met you.


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It may not have started good, but if it ends in a good way, then it is a good day.


When you think about it, if you feel like you are living a good life, you must be having good days.


Every Day is an essential day because missing one would not be the same.


Today is going to be a wonderful day, another chance to change the way things are.


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Days are good because there is that uncertainty of tomorrow, the vast unknown future.


We are unsure of what will happen tomorrow, so all we have to do is have a good day today.


You have to make sure that you are living for today, to relish every moment.


Sometimes, you need to take that lousy Day and work hard to turn it into a good one.


It may have started as a bad day, but it will turn into a great day if you try hard enough.

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I hope you are having a great day today; that is all I could wish of you.


Today is going to be a happy day! I know this because I said it so that it will be.


From the second I woke up today, I knew this would be one of the best days of my life.


You need to keep on going against the flow and live another good day of your life.


Sometimes, running makes me feel alive, and a day that I run is a good day.


Every Day is a sign that you are still alive, which should be enough to turn it into a good one.


If you do something good for someone today, then it is a good day.


Every person has that one Day when they feel so low, but they should tell themselves that it will be okay and it is going to be a good day!


Start every morning by telling yourself that today is going to go your way!


There are bad days to remind us just how wonderful good days are.


Not every day will be a good day, but I can make them all good if I work hard enough.


Whenever I can see your face, my worst days turn into better ones already.


The moment I wake up and know I am still alive makes it a good day.


What you need to achieve in your Day is the capability to grow mentally. I hope you have a good day.


A good day is a great day, and a bad one is but another great story to tell.


In the end, it is practically minded over matter, so do not mind your problems, and you will have a great day!


Try to achieve a new milestone today, and everything else will fall in place.


Your goals should be big, just like your dreams are, and you will see that you will get so far.


If you do not let the little things get you down, your life will be full of good days.


If you can accept yourself and love other people despite their flaws, you will have a good day every day.


Another day is gone, but the smile on my face is not because you caused this. Have a good day.


I hope that you enjoyed your Day today, that it was good enough to be remarkable.


Not every day is going to be memorable, and that is the challenge you must take.


It takes only a day to bring forth changes in your life that will matter, and have a good day every day.


Keep on challenging yourself, and there will never be a dull day in your life.


I hope that you might find what you are looking for today. Have a great day!


If you are lucky, maybe things are going to be a whole lot better than they are.


The biggest weapon that you have is the capability to make decisions for yourself so use it wisely.


Another day means another chance to do things the way you want them to.


There is no backwards button; all you can do is keep on living your life forward.


Do something today that will make you look forward to tomorrow.

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Today is a day to enjoy. have good day quotes for the best Day in a year!


Life is short, so you might as well enjoy every day that you have.


Never regret a day in your life because they are what complete you.


All days are essential, whether they are good or bad.


I hope today is filled with all of God’s blessings for you and that you have a good day.


I always wish you a good day because you are a kind person and deserve it.


I am still waiting for the day when I can turn my bad days into good ones.


There is no secret formula in life; you just need to believe in yourself and hope for the best.


Life has its own pace, and days would be good if you could catch up with life.


Follow your heart and close your eyes; things are going to get better, I promise you.


I want you to know that life will be full of challenges, and I believe you can overcome them.


Make today the best day of your life because you can do so.


Stay young and stay true, and sooner or later, things will be a whole lot better.


If you look at it the right way, even the bad days can be good.


Stop looking at the past, stop thinking everything will go wrong, and you will have a good day.


Once you learn to enjoy every moment, you will realize that every day can be a good day.


Every Day I spend with you is a good day, and I wanted you to know that.


I cannot go back to the past; time has taken them; tomorrow is still a mystery too, but today is mine, and I wanted you to enjoy it.


Today might not be what you imagined it to be but thank God all the same for it.


A good day is another day where you can breathe the air that God made for you.


I hope you have a good day today, that things might always go your way.


It is within your hands the decision to make today a good day or let it stay a bad one.


Well, at some point, you need to realize that not every day will be good.


Sometimes, it realizes that there will be bad days that make a day good enough.


I hope you have nightmares because waking up from one makes you feel good that it is not valid. Have a good day!


Life is full of ups and downs but remembers that every rainbow comes with rain. Good Day!


Sometimes you do get what you want, just not the exact way you expect to get it.


Right now is where I want to be because you are right here beside me, and that is all it takes to make a day good.


Good days are days I spend with you, and bad ones are those I spend without you.


Let me know if you feel like hanging out today; I feel like it will be a good day.


By the way, the sun is shining so bright; I can feel like today will be a good one.


I hope that you get to have a good day today despite the rainstorm that is coming.


No matter what situation you are in, you have the power to turn days into good ones.