60+ Adoption quotes and sayings


Adoption is not an easy process, but the result is definitely worth everything in this world.
The moment that the child gets to be your own, the moment they call you a parent.
Yes, the journey is long for adoption may take years, there may be a long wait, some heartbreak involved, even suffering, but at the end of the process, there is nothing but happiness.
Adoption is one of the best things out there for foster children to eventually find a home with a father, a mother and maybe even a sibling.
Here are some quotes about adoption that you might appreciate or maybe you can relate to, something you have already experienced.


Adoption is indeed challenging, but it is the best feeling in the world when it’s done.


God has given you someone to take care of, and you should be responsible and take adoption.

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Adoption is a challenge to you, something that you must overcome with all your might, dear.


When you go through adoption, it will feel better once you are through it, when you are done.


Adoption makes the soul more satisfied; it makes it feel better than you have saved someone.


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Be that person who thinks that adoption is one of the best laws ever passed.


If adoption is a challenge already, wait until you get to start raising that kid as your own.


Adoption is hard, but raising a child is even harder, so I hope you feel him up with lots of love.


It is your choice to go through adoption or not, but I am telling you that it is good too.


You may not be of my blood, but I hope you know that you are of my heart; that is the truth.



You, child, are someone that I plan to love and give all the love that I have to, my dear kid.


Adoption may not always go smoothly at first, but eventually, it becomes the perfect thing.


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You need not stay in foster care; you can come live with me and have a family from now on.


I am going to be your family from now on, we are, so be comfortable and live your life, girl.


You now have the right to decide for yourself; I know you can do this; we trust you, dear kid.


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I have prayed for you for so long, and I am just so happy now that you are here with me today.


You are mine now. I can call you my child, and it just makes me so happy to know that.


I feel so lucky to raise a child and be called a mother, knowing that I cannot bear it.

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The first moment you smiled at me, I knew we had a connection, that I was able to adopt you.


Some people do not realize the purpose of adoption of actually choosing to adopt a child.


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Ever since I saw you, I wanted to adopt you, make you mine legally, kid.


We will have so much fun together, you and I, we will go around the world, my dear.


I love the feeling of being called a father, of being called a parent, of actually having a child.


I am officially adopting you. I hope that it would be okay for you to take my last name.


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I promise that I will try my best never to lose my patience with you and raise you with care.


I will do my best to become the best parent to you so that you do not feel lacking.


I do not think there is something wrong with adoption at all because it can benefit one child.

adoption quotes


I have read many books on being a good parent, and maybe I can become a good one.


I cried for this; I waited so long and prayed as hard as I could, and now here you are, indeed.


You are my dream come true, girl; you are the one who will make me happy, that I think so.


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and see you awake, and together, we laugh.


I wish you nothing but the comfort that you will learn to love me as much as I already love you.


How do I show you just how happy I am that you have finally come into this life of mine, dear?


I promised myself that I would notice everything about you, so I knew if you were uncomfortable.


I will take time off from work to spend long hours with you, my dear kid.


Adoption is the process of giving a child another chance to have a regular and better life.


You are a miracle to me; that is what you are, a gift from the heavens so that I will love you so.


If you need me to comfort you, I will be here with both of my arms wide open; come here.


When you need me, I will be there for you; I will hold your hand when you are sick, my kid.


You are my kid from now on, which means that you will never be alone in this life ever again.


I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a kid like you in this life that I have, girl.


Adoption may sometimes be bumpy along the way, but the truth is that it is worth all the fight.


I think that adoption is a blessing in this world, especially when done the right way.


Adoption has been something that has brought a lot of happiness in the world we live in now.


I think you should consider adoption if you want to fill that missing piece in your heart, girl.


You are my princess. You are the light in my world. I do not know where I would be without you.


I think that God gave me you, and I cannot help but be so grateful to Him.


I will stay with you until the end; I swear I am nothing like those foster care you were with.


I will be kind; I will be patient; I will adapt to you to promise you with my soul.


Some things in this world are genuinely worth the wait, and I think adopting you is one.


Thank you for telling me that you will try to give me a place in your heart. It means a lot to me.


Unconditional love is what I will give you, just like any other mother out there in the world.


Sometimes, adoption is the only answer, the only choice you have if you want a family here.


You have already given up a lot, and I promise to try not to make you give up more.


I will never give up on you; that is something I can assure you, my dearest child.


I may not be the best parent in the world, but I promise to try and be the best for you, kiddo.


It is a miracle for me to become a mother to a child just like you; I cannot be prouder of it.


Children will always be children, so we must constantly remind them what is right.


It takes some faith to adopt a child, to put up some risk to give someone a good life.


The best choice you can make is to go on with the adoption, even if it takes you too long.


The thing you need to remember is that you are adopting because you are rescued, okay?


You may not look similar to me at all, but I promise to give you my heart, give it all to you.


I feel privileged to raise a child like you because I know you will be great.


You will make a difference in this world, and I am glad that I raised you so well.


I hope that when you have the mind to, you will accept that you are my child.


There is something about adoption that makes your heart go mushy makes it so happy, woman.


If one day, when you grow up, you will want to search for your birth mom, I wouldn’t stop you.


Family is defined by those who trust enough to love someone that is not blood relative at all.


I want you to know that I love you even when the world tells you. Otherwise, I promise I do.


I am not an adoptive mom, and you are not my adoptive child; we are mom and child, okay?


No matter what the world tries to throw at us, I promise you that I will love you all the same.


When things get rough, I swear I will try my best to be by your side at all times, my dear.


I do not know what I would do if you were not here with me, and I am telling you I am glad to.


You are my child. No matter what others may think of that, I love you with all of my heart.


In this world, we are in it together, believe me, for that, is the truth of this life of ours.


Adoption requires a connection with the child you want to adopt, to have something in common.


I wonder what it is about adoption that captures the heart of everyone there is here.


The power of adoption is a gift to both parents and children because it makes them all happy.


Adoption is one of the things in this life that is nothing but kindness and generosity, woman.


Adoption means letting a child into your home and your heart; that is the truth.


Adoption is basically when a child grows in the heart instead of the uterus; that is what it is.