65 Beauty Quotes

Beauty is often referred to a person with big round eyes, high cheekbones, slim and fit just like those models you see in the magazines.

In fact, true beauty is more than just the physical aspect of a person. It is something intangible. It is what stems inside a person’s heart.

Here are quotes to help you understand what true beauty really is:

I feel beautiful not because I am a size 34-26-34, but because I have helped people discover the inner beauty lying within themselves.

A beautiful woman knows what she wants and goes after it. She is not a princess waiting for her dashing prince to do the work for her.

True beauty never fades, whether you are 60 or 80, no matter what age you are.

A beautiful woman is comfortable with herself, inside and out.


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Beauty knows no competition.

A beautiful person is someone who does not wear a mask or make feel others ugly. She is someone who is real, raw and honest. She uplifts others and helps see the light in others.

Only in darkness can you see your shining light.

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The moment you choose to be yourself and nothing else, that’s when you discover your real beauty.

It is not the red lips or the fluttering eyelids. Beauty is the light that nestles inside your heart.

No other form of beauty can outshine a kind heart.

If you start looking for beauty in others, eventually, you will discover the beauty within yourself.

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There overfeeding yourself with words of beauty from a man’s tongue will eventually kill you when you hear the sharp knives of his condemnations.

To me, real beauty is accepting your imperfect yourself and the courage to show the world who you truly are.

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When you spread beauty to those around you, you are also healing your soul.

It is our quest in life to find beauty; however, we fail to realize that we need to carry it with us in order to find it.

A flower blooms when you let it drink the rain water and play under the bristling sunlight, not when you pluck and keep it trapped in a vase.

Our heart and soul will always be thirsty for beauty.

A smiling face is always beautiful, a sunshine filling the dark room with gentle light.

That which is shiny and dazzling will not always do you good, but that is good will remain forever beautiful.

A rare kind of beauty is one that you cannot see – a kind whisper from your lover, a squeeze of a hand when all you want is someone to lean on, or kindness when you need it the most.

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Despite the cruelty and madness, in spite of the image-driven world we have now, I still think that the world is beautiful. Not because I can so easily see the perfect bodies in magazines and social media, but because the flowers still grows, the birds still sing songs on the break of the dawn and simply, because the world is teeming with life. That, I find the most beautiful.

Some people, like my mom, whose beauty never fades, no matter the passing years, because her heart and soul are already brimming with it.

I see beauty in love, in forgiveness, in honesty, in humility, in courage and in kindness.

If eyes are made to seeing beauty, then the soul is made to tasting it.

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Oh, what have I ever done to deserve such beauty in my hands? What could I ever do to protect you from being tainted by the vileness of the selfishness and chaos? And yet, here I am, consumed of the thought of losing you someday.

I believe there is beauty in every man’s heart no matter how ruthless, brutal and cruel he is – a glimmer of light inside his heart never dies in spite of the darkness eating him away.

It takes as simple does of humility to recognize the beauty in others.

Beauty seen with mere eyes leads to misleading promises.

The most beautiful moments in my life are the ones where I can hear you breathing beside me.


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Beauty is defined by no size or shape.

It is true when they say that beauty is on the eyes of the beholder. For instance, I find awkward, shy and deep so captivatingly beautiful, while I cannot see beauty on the loud, vibrant and shallow.

Outer beauty shares a lot of disadvantages too. At first glance, people will fail to see your inner beauty, your intellect and will dismiss you as just another beautiful face.

I’d rather hear the word ‘beautiful’ once or twice in my lifetime since it speaks about my soul, rather than ‘pretty’ which means nothing but my body.

Dear God, I ask you to protect my dear sweet daughter. May you bless her with beauty deep in her heart that no one can shake or destroy. May you grant her love, forgiveness, patience and humility throughout her journey in life. Amen.

If you find it without your eyes, then you know that it’s beyond doubt, an authentic beauty.

Beauty holds the attention of the masses for a while, but it is personality that leaves a lasting mark in the heart.

If you find a person who is beautiful inside and out, despite her weird habits and imperfections, then you found a keeper – never let her go.

She’s not the type of girl who is covered in make-up or glittery dresses. She’s the kind you’ll wake-up next to in the morning with her hair all haywire and her mouth slightly ajar when asleep. She will tell you the ugly truth even if it hurts, but she will lift you up and hold you and she will never let you go.

He’s a train-wreck without his a.m. coffee but he is someone I can count on when my world is falling apart. He’s the type I find beautiful.

You don’t need to look far in your quest for beauty, all you need to do is look at the mirror.

Real beauty is simple, unadulterated, raw and relatable.

Don’t let insecurity eat up the beauty residing within you.

If find a mother’s love to be eternally beautiful. No matter how much the world taints me with its dirty fingers, the memory I have of my mother will remain forever pure and beautiful.

Plainness is a beauty I find quite unfathomable.

She looked into my eyes and told me, ‘you are beautiful’. No one in my entire lifetime has ever told me that. It is not every day you’ll hear the word so freely addressed to a man. Beauty has always been associated with women. I was captivated with how so boldly she used the word.

Beauty is a driving force that makes us want to chase after it and aspire to be it.

If you believe yourself to be beautiful, then you are. You do not need further affirmation from others.

We desperately try to chase after youth, tainting ourselves with thick make-up and night creams, forgetting that real beauty exists naturally in our skin, in the grace of ageing.

In wisdom comes an intangible beauty of words.’

It is more than your pretty green eyes and chocolate brown hair that captivated me. It is when you gave me back my broken pieces in the right places that I’ve seen the beauty in you.

The stars are beautiful because even in the dark, they aspire to shine as bright as they can.

You cannot call it truly beautiful if it is deprived of grace.

A woman who lets go of the desire of becoming pretty is a woman of true beauty.

Glamour is permanent, like the fireworks dazzling the night with its light then fades for eternity. Beauty is the stars in the sky, always there, never waning.

I see beauty as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. The ray of sunshine seeping through my window glazing my study table with light – that is beautiful.

What people are so desperate to hide like freckles, moles and curls, I find are the most physically beautiful.

I aspire to develop a habit of recognizing inner beauty and the courage to tell it.

It is the wise who recognizes beauty in the ugly.

Lovely are the eyes which see beauty in others. Sweet are the lips which speak words of kindness and wisdom. Graceful are the hands which are ready to help the needy. Beautiful is the heart which is filled with love and forgiveness.

Beauty at seventeen is outmatched of that of beauty at seventy.

A woman would endure anything for the sake of her beauty.

If I am beautiful in the eyes of who matters the most to me, I don’t need anything else.

Your body is made of the stars, the universe and the same particle that has inhabited the world for a thousand of years. It is a beautiful galaxy worthy of your care and love.

The best cosmetic you can put on everyday is a smile.

My friend, do not be afraid of discovering the beauty inside of you. Take it out and let it guide you to where you need to go.

Girls are beautiful, no matter the height, the weight, the colour of the hair and the freckles in their bodies. Girls are born with grace, a great capacity to love and gentle warmth and that’s what makes them so beautiful.

The power of believing in your own beauty will help you uncover your untapped potentials.

Why are you so afraid of being called fat and ugly? Is there anything worst than selfish, shallow, deceitful and vain?

All the paintings, the songs and the sculpture in the world can never define the real meaning of beauty.

Why are you complaining about your button nose or your how awkwardly tall you are? You should be celebrating the beauty of your uniqueness!

Anything unique, straightforward and raw, I find astoundingly beautiful.

God made me and that is enough reason to believe that I am beautiful.

The true measure of beauty is not that in the weighing scale, but that of the depth of kindness, empathy, understanding, and gentleness a person has.