The 60 Quotes About Beauty


We may not want to admit it, but beauty is one of life’s greatest accomplishments, especially among women.

Being objectively beautiful and way more beautiful than other women is deeply ingrained in the psyches of most women all over the world.

So here are some great quotes on beauty that can somehow help women understand the real meaning of being beautiful clearly.


Beauty is not something in between a size zero and a size eight. Beauty is, in fact, not a number at all. It is all about physical.


Beautiful is a woman who knows what she wants and is not waiting on anybody else to get something for her.

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You can be gorgeously beautiful at thirty, stay extremely charming at forty and be irresistible all throughout your life. Beauty is basically a choice.


A person is beautiful if they often see the beauty in other people.


For me, beauty is about staying comfortable in your own skin and having that perfect red lipstick.


A flower will not compete with the beauty of the flower that’s right next to it. It simply blooms on its own, and that’s what being beautiful should be like.


Beauty icons are those women who have self-created images.


Only in the darkness can you see the stars, and that is what beauty is like.


Beauty starts at the moment that you decide just to be yourself.


Beauty is not about the face. It is a light in the heart.


You define beauty for yourself. Society will not define your beauty, for it is your faith and your spirit that defines beauty.


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No other beauty shines brighter than that of a pure heart.


If you seek beauty in people and other things, you will not only find it. Instead, you will become like it.


If you live based on a man’s compliments, you will eventually die when he criticizes you.


Beauty is being the best possible version of you, both inside out.


It is not how you look that really matters, but it is what you see.



Nothing is more beautiful and rare than a woman being unapologetically by herself, comfortable in her own imperfections. That is what the true essence of beauty is.


It is not how you look that really matters, but it is what you see.


Nothing is more beautiful and rare than a woman being unapologetically by herself, comfortable in her own imperfections. That is what the true essence of beauty is.


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No matter how many times you tell a woman she is beautiful, she will not believe you if she herself does not believe in her.


A beautiful facade does not really mean having a beautiful interior.


To women who think they are fat since they are not a size zero, they should know that they are really beautiful and that society is ugly.


Beautiful people are not really good. But good people are often beautiful.


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Beauty is only skin deep, and what is important is looking for a balance between your mind, body, and spirit.


We will not notice the beauty because we are just too busy trying to recreate it for ourselves.


A pretty face does not always mean having a pretty heart.


If what you see by your eyes will not please you, then close your eyes and try to see from the heart. Remember that the heart will be able to see beauty and love more than what the eyes can.


Beauty is not really about having a pretty face. It is about having a beautiful mind, a pretty heart and a good soul.


The problem with the beauty of today is that it is being compared to being rich.

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Beauty is what seduces us on the road to the truth.


Beauty will not last forever, but a beautiful personality will.


Sometimes, people can be beautiful. Not in looks, but in what they say and in just what they are.


Perhaps, it is really a great thing to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to have a beautiful heart.


Everything can be beautiful, but beautiful is not everything.


Beauty will get the attention, but it is the personality that gets the heart.


I wouldn’t say I like standard beauty, for there is no beauty without strangeness.


Nothing makes a woman feel beautiful than believing that she is really beautiful.


Everything has beauty in them, but not everyone is able to see it.


The beauty of a woman is not in the facial aspects, but the real beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she gives lovingly and the passion that she shows.


The love of beauty is taste, while the creation of beauty is what we call art.


The real beauty of a woman grows with each passing year.


Beauty and truth are the two top prizes in life. We can find beauty in a loving heart while the truth is found in a labourer’s hand.


As we grow older, the beauty steals inward.


It is just amazing how complete is the delusion that being beautiful is goodness.


Beauty is just skin deep, but being ugly goes clean towards the bone.


Just because you feel that you are beautiful and perfect does not mean that you will act conceited.


It is what you do and the way you think that makes you beautiful.


Youth is a happy stage in a person’s life for it can be able to see the real beauty. Anyone who will keep the ability to see beauty will never grow old.


Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but it might be necessary to give a misleading beholder a black look from time to time.


Natural beauty will take at least two hours to last right in front of a mirror.


Beauty is a smooth, soft and slippery thing from a nature that easily slips in then permeates deep within the soul.


Although we often travel the world to seek beauty, we should also carry beauty with us, or we may not be able to find it all.


Our hearts are drunk with a beauty that our eyes will not be able to see.


Beauty is not in the face, but it is a light in our hearts.


We live only to understand what beauty is all about. All else is just a form of waiting.


Some people, regardless of how old they become, never will lose their beauty. Instead, they move it from their faces and onto their hearts.


I wouldn’t say I like the standard beauty, for there is no beauty without strangeness.


Do not ever lose that opportunity to see anything that is beautiful for being beautiful is God’s handwriting, which is a wayside sacrament.


Wisdom is the abstract of your past, while beauty is the promise of your future.


Beauty is the shadow of God in the universe.


You cannot take credit for beauty at the age of sixteen. But if you remain beautiful at sixty, it will be your own soul’s doing.


Beauty in perceiving and projection is basically 99.9 per cent an attitude.


Taking joy in living is a woman’s best beauty cosmetic.



Beauty is not worth thinking about. What is more important is your mind. You do not ever want a fifty-dollar haircut in a fifty-cent head.


Beauty is not a word without sense since you will not know where the meaning of this word will come from or where it will lead you to.


The best and the most beautiful things in the world can never be seen or touched. They are to be felt by the heart.


No object is so beautiful that in certain conditions, it will not turn out ugly.


People can be compared to stained glass windows. They often sparkle and shine if the sun is out, yet their real beauty is revealed when darkness begins to set in.


Beauty is how you feel within you and reflects in your eyes. It is not more about the physical aspect.


Beauty is more than bitterness. It makes the heartbreak.


The most beautiful people are those who have known how suffering, struggle and loss are like. Remember that being beautiful does not just happen.


It always seemed so ridiculous that people would often want to be with someone who is beautiful. This is like choosing breakfast cereals according to colour and not merely on taste.


People often make a big deal about their looks. But after a while, when you get to know someone, you will not even notice beauty anymore.


The most beautiful women in the world have one thing in common aside from their beauty. It is humility and shame that those women with less to boast about do it the most.


A mismatched outfit, a defective denture and an exquisite mediocrity of the soil are the details that make a woman real alive. They are not born of human bodies, but they are hatch ready-made out of the computers.”


A cultural fixation on the thinness of women is not an obsession with female beauty. But instead, it is all about the obsession with female obedience.


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Beauty does not matter because in the end, we all will lose our looks, and all we have left is our heart.


The ugliest thing in this world is a beautiful woman with no brains or even the courage to know that beauty is nothing more than an accident.


When I was your age, I wished I knew that I already had everything I needed to be happy, instead of searching for real happiness at beauty counters and testing out beauty cosmetics.”


When you are truly beautiful, you will not have to prove anything to anyone visually.


What is true about music is also true about life: beauty is everything, for it expresses nothing.


If it ever occurs to people to value the honour of the mind equally with the honour of one’s body, then we shall get a social revolution of an unparalleled sort.