70 Uplifting Quotes


There will be times that the darkness will engulf your heart and mind.

Sadness, stress, anxiety, insecurities, and anger looms over, and it’s hard to break away from that weight in your heart.

Aside from the loving support of our family and friends, uplifting quotes help with coping up with the heaviness in your heart.


Life is a rollercoaster, my friend. It will be filled with ups and downs, of roses and thorns, of tears and laughter. Embrace its balance! When the dark times come, keep in mind that there will be a light at the end of it.


You are meant to pursue your dreams. Light up your way to the stars and leave behind footprints of your radiance. If darkness should stand your way, bring out the light inside your heart and keep it ongoing.


If circumstances should push you on your knees a hundred times, get up 101.

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Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and many other successful people won’t be able to claim fame and triumph if not for the hardships and challenges that forged them to be strong and resilient against the odds that came their way.


Always remember, when faced with the toughest of tribulations, life is polishing you into a tough diamond.


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Depression is an unwanted visitor. It does not knock but barges through the door. If it does come, it will soak you with sadness. Don’t forget that you have your loved ones you can lean on. You have God to turn to and shelter you. You are not alone.


The journey is never easy. But it will be worth it. I promise.


Stay Strong Quotes and never give up.


A positive attitude is a key to every success. A lot of things will test that light in you. Please don’t lose it.


Use the pain, the disappointments, and the tears to fuel your passion for achieving your goals.


Hold on to hope, and anything is possible.


Every step you take, no matter how small, is a stride closer to your dream.


A strong character cannot emerge without the experience of fire, thorns, and stone, only with a steadfast disposition that we can achieve success and victory.


Only through adversity will you know who your truest friends are. If he can hold your hands during the times that you are most unlovable, then he can truly stay with you during your sunshine and rainbows. When you find this friend, never let go. He is your hope during the toughest times.


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Our heartbreaks, scars, and wounds are reminders that we have survived adversities and difficulties in our lives. Please don’t be ashamed of it! You are a survivor.


You are important. You might not have realized this, but you have touched a lot of people along the way. Therefore, you need to smile and rise up. It will brighten up the day of the people of those around you.


Think of yourself as a pearl. Without the wounds from the past, you won’t be as beautiful and as challenging as you will be.



Inactivity is depression’s best friend. Write. Dance. Sing. Go on a trip. Watch the sunset. Cook. Read. This life is too short to spend in the dark.


I look forward to things in the future. Take out your feet from the mud of the past and keep moving boldly towards the future.


Things will fall into place. Everything will be okay. If not tomorrow, then it will eventually be. I promise.


Hey, there! Today is your day! Eat smart. Drink a lot of water. Dream high. Walk tall. Dance to your music. Sing a song. Exercise.


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Be nicer to yourself! You are a work in progress. Things don’t happen overnight. Take it one step at a time. Beautiful things take time.


Be yourself. Take risks and leave no regrets. If you love to paint, then go and paint to your heart’s desires. Your mistakes are part of who you are. You may not be perfect, but in God’s eyes, you are. Every tragedy and failure in your life is meant for your beautiful progress. Say what’s in your heart and live each day to the fullest.


If you can dream it, you can turn it into a reality.


If you keep escaping and avoiding your problems, it will not stop chasing after you. Face the circumstances with a brave heart. You’ll be surprised with how strong you are and how stronger you will be.


Remember, you are brilliant, creative, smart, kind, and unique. Every inch of you is lovely!


If your light fades out, rekindle the flame by remembering your passion. Your dreams are what steered you into this path in the first place. Look for you’ve come! Keep going.


When you feel empty and unsatisfied, look around you: you have a house, you eat three meals a day, and the fact that you are alive is your biggest blessing of the day. Stay positive!


Let go of the things that weigh you down. May it be toxic people in your life, angel, resentment, grudges, and something that you can’t control – do yourself a favor and unload it off your back. You will definitely feel better.


Stay positive. When the rain starts pouring, always remember that your optimism is your umbrella.


Each day is a chance to start over again. Rebuild what you lost and move forward.

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See every opportunity, no matter how difficult, is a chance for a new and learning experience that will cast you into a better person for tomorrow.


Do more of the good things. Dance more. Sing more. Think positively more. Love more. Forgive more. Appreciate more. Care more. Give more. Compliment more. Smile more. Help more.


Good days won’t feel as marvelous without passing through some storm along the way. It’s part of the formula. You have to go through bad to get to the good.


This should be your mantra when you wake up in the morning: today is going to be amazing. Let your mind be a magnet of good things.


When you get to the top, remember to keep your feet on the ground. Power and money mess with the hearts and minds of a lot of people.


Stormy paths often lead to rainbow paths. Keep on and persevere on your goals.


What people think of you is none of your business. No one should stop you from being who you are. You are amazing and unique! Remember that.


You have so much energy inside of you. Please don’t waste it by spending time being down and sad. Spread happiness and goodness all around you. Your optimism can make a huge difference in people’s lives.


Do what your heart desires. Follow your dreams even though the road ahead looks scary. Make every moment of your life count. Take that leap! Be brave.


Love yourself and be you with every second of your life. The best feeling in the world is being loved for who you are despite the imperfections and will love you perfectly.


You don’t need to be sorry for who you are. You are the only truest thing you have in your life. Don’t be afraid to shine. Travel, explore, discover, love, and live your passion.


Learn to forgive, to dance through the storm, love without judgment, take a leap of faith and paint the world with the colors of your dreams.


Be the miracle around you today. Smile and help those in need. Bring happiness around you—light other people’s lives. Not only will it bring a sense of fulfillment in your heart, but you will leave magnificent footprints to those whose lives you have touched.


Remember to breathe. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and disappointments. Treat yourself to the things that make you feel good. Surround yourself with good people who listen and are positive influences. Shine bright.


The river can’t go to the sea without going through rough rocks and tough currents.


Happiness is all about choosing to be happy in spite of the chaos and the craziness and recognizing and being grateful for the blessings unfolding around you.


No matter what will come today, remember you are not alone.


The little things in life are the important things. The smile from a loved one, a reassuring pat on the back, the sunshine through your window, the lovely sunset, and the cold breeze on a grueling hot day. Life is full of blessings. Enjoy the little things.


Things won’t go according to plan every time. What’s important is to have the persistence and the courage to keep pushing forward.


It is never too late to dream. You can dream of a new goal at 50. You can learn new things every day.


We have mistakes, but we are not our failures. We are our triumphs and our successes. We are our lessons learned and our victories. We are the light and the hope.


Never give up. It does not make sense now, but when you reach your goal, you will look back proudly on how strong you’ve become because of the trials you have surpassed.


The secret to a happy life is to drop any sort of expectations. Never assume. Let the magic of life surprise you.



Look out your window. The golden sun, the azure blue sky, the marshmallow clouds, and the calm wind – these are the beauty of life. There are more beautiful wonders to see in this world.


Stop worrying. Free yourself of the burden of over-thinking. Move forth with a peaceful and hoping heart.


The more thankful you are every day, the more good things will come your way.


Look forward with hope, leave regret in the past and make most of the present.


I know you are exhausted, you are broken, and you are burdened with worries. But you have to move on and to keep moving forward. You can do it.


Do not let the negativity of the world dampen your beautiful spirit. You are meant to spread colors in this world.


It’s okay to cry, to break down, to bleed, and to feel tired. You can stop and heal, but you need to rise, dust yourself off, and move forward.