50+ Inspirational Quotes


Nobody is safe from the perils of life.
Everybody needs a boost every once in a while to keep that spirit up despite the disheartening and cruel things that pass along the way.
All you have to do is look around you! Inspiration is in the eyes of a loved one, the wind blowing through the trees, a smile from a stranger.
Indulge yourself in some of these quotes that will help sprinkle inspiration into your heart:


A word of encouragement in time of defeat is worth more than a thousand rows of trophies laying on your feet.


Everyone has that sleeping greatness inside them. The good news is you are meant to discover them along your journey. You will learn the capacity of how much you can love. You will realize the beauty you possess in your heart. And you will find out how farther you can go in your life.


In the midst of a challenge lies an amazing opportunity.


Have we got haters? The best counterattack is through your colossal success.

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A beautiful person is not surrounded by glitz and glamour nor money or gold. He is beautiful because he recognizes the splendor of others and the world around him.


The only competition you have is yourself. The only person you need to impress is yourself. And the only person you need to defeat is yourself from yesterday.


Mornings open a fresh chapter for you to write better than what you had already written yesterday.


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Forgive, and you shall be free of resentment. You and love shall be free of hate. Be humble, and you shall free yourself of arrogance. Learn, and you shall be free of ignorance.


Begin where you are standing right now. Use what you have for your journey. No matter how dark it gets, please do what you can to get to that finish line.


What good is a talent, an excellent education, or a genius if it is never put to use or contributed to society and for the greater good?


Many young women today are sadly unenthusiastic. Scared of getting hurt or broken, these young women need the encouragement of women who have survived such tragedies, that risk and danger are part of the learning process.


Inspirational Quotes About Love


Grace the runway. Take off. Soar high! No one will push the airplane. Only you can make it fly. Adjust your attitude and gain some height from the ground. It’s worth the risk. You’ll love it up there in the skies.


No problem or suffering stays permanent unless you let it.


Early on, I have learned to ride the tides of this journey. I’ve never expected anything special in my life to happen. And yet, so many amazing things have come to me.


Today is the oldest and youngest you will ever be. Relish every moment!


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Remember, my friends. Love is better than hate. Optimism is better than misery. Hope is better than despair. A daily dose of goodness can change the world.


You may not be able to change the situation, but you can still change something – you.



It is best to encourage your children. They will strive better in everything. And they will gain the confidence they will need in their life.


We have the capability of stretching our learning. There are no limits, no matter who you are!


We learn something about ourselves when faced with danger. That is, we always come out stronger, that’s for sure.


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You don’t have to sit and wait around for something nice to happen. You have all the right to treat yourself nicely anytime.


Taking a genuine interest in someone’s work is praise worth a thousand words and more.


Character is not honed under quiet roofs and comfortable sofa chairs. Only through pain and suffering can the soul emerge inspired, stronger and successful.


A talented one compares nothing to the hard-working one.


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The biggest jobs are awarded to men who can outgrow the smaller ones.


It doesn’t take a single action to change the course of your entire life. It bent and shaped with actions done inconsistency.


Fall a thousand times, stand up a thousand and one more.


A bit of praise and encouragement is a lifesaver for someone swimming against the waves of trials.


When you are at the edge of giving up, there you will find God.


It’s not the highest of mountains that we need to conquer but the walls of your own.

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Think about this – what you have right now is once what you’ve always wanted before.


He who knows how to cherish his journey can get by with anything you throw at him.


Defeat is meant to awaken your fighting spirit, your courage to overcome more.


Every woman in this world has a great fire waiting to be awakened. In times of immense darkness, it shines so brightly that it chases away all that is dark.


Just like a whetstone, God uses trials to make you sharper and stronger.


Often, we find ourselves looking regrettably at that closed doors, oblivious to the fact that we must be embracing the doors that are opening.


Life is a compilation of lessons that we can read as we go along the journey.


Challenge yourself to do things that you think you cannot do.


The only way for you to dismiss a negative thought is to overpower it with positive ones.


Put your heartache on paper. All of it. Sketch it. Paint it. Write it. You will be surprised by how you can create something so beautiful.


Do you remember how great it feels like to remove the old, heavy, and unwanted baggage from your room? It is the same with discarding hate, resentment, and anger towards someone else. It sets you free.


In the midst of darkness, the brightest moments in my life are the ones that give me hope.


When you are thrown into the abyss, it is where you will find the riches of life.


Many goals remain untouched, for there are those who give up so easily, not knowing they are a step away from the finish line.


It is never too late to learn new things, dream new dreams, and conquer new goals.


Be miserable or get up and make something – Your choice.


Learn from your mistakes. Take a closer look – what would you have done better? Take that and turn it into a detailed plan for the future.


The best way to discover who you are is through action! You are what you act!


The secret ingredient to surviving this cruel world is to surround yourself with people who will only uplift and see the best in you.


Words are so powerful that they can either have a devastating or amazing effect on your life. Speak with integrity. Hold to your words. And speak only words of truth and love.


Act as if your purpose is to make a difference. Believe me, it does.


Many of us are afraid of pursuing our dreams, lest from lack of talent, resources, knowledge, or experience. A fact unknown to many is that we hold a new strength only to unfold as we trek the roads towards our dreams.


Planting the right seeds will bloom into blessings that will grace the pavement of your life.


Being perfect is not being genuine. In fact, when people see how human you are, it builds a strong connection because it shows how you are just like them – human, imperfect, but an amazing masterpiece by God.


If you feel like giving up for the last time, try a little harder. Encourage yourself instead of dispiriting yourself.


Your life can radically change at any time, so treasure every single minute. It will never be the same again.


Learning is the beginning of spirituality, wealth, and health. It is a road that leads to miracles.


I choose to attempt something great and fail rather than do nothing at all and thrive at it.


Are you seeking happiness? You will find happiness. Are you seeking hope? You will find hope. Are you seeking blessings? You will find blessings. If you know this secret, you will understand how the world works.


Rise above the disappointments, heartaches, and sadness. Soar high to where you are meant to be and find that greatness in you.


We must remember that we are never allowed to judge anyone, for we have our inadequacies. It is best to remember to look back to our faults to forget the shortcomings of others.


The fact that you were born and breathing makes you precious, important, and unique.


To make the effort of breaking out from despair and aim for success, to allow yourself to experience challenges and take risks, is a success in itself already.


The terrible things in this world are those who are desperately thirsty for love.


If you are going through a rough road, keep going. Every step takes you closer out of it.


There is no suffering in the pursuit of your dreams.


To relish the present is the secret to a healthy mind and body.


In the middle of chaos, keep your peace still and unrelenting.


Good humor is the elixir for the mind and body. It relieves stress and gets you out of depression. It keeps bonds with friends intact. It lightens the load. It’s a road towards peace and happiness.


Children are curious little creatures—Foster that inquisitiveness.


Don’t waste your time worrying too much about things that will waste your time. Pray. Find peace in God. Do what you are passionate about. Don’t let anything bring you down.


An answered prayer is a blessing, and so are the unanswered ones.


Correction can only do little, but encouragement does way so much more.


The boldest of purpose is useless without an ounce of the action.


The formula to happiness is simple: contentment + gratitude.


There is no better way to utilize pain than to fuel your passion and will to go on.


Be patient and be kind to yourself. Self-growth does not happen overnight. Just like a seed blossoming into a tree, it takes time.