The 60 Bullying Quotes

Bullying has become a worldwide controversy these days.

It has hit a lot of lives, especially those of teenagers.

Groups of sympathetic citizens around the globe has formed various support groups on anti-bullying, and the following quotes are thoughts of several people on the issue of bullying that could enlighten us all on the plight of the victims.

When you play safe during a critical period, then you are no better than the oppressor, no matter how neutral you think you are.

Thinking only of the right things would not gain anything unless you do and act upon what is right.

There are people who are quite happy to see you down on the ground. Do not let them pull you, stand firm and have courage.

Sandpapers hurt when you rub them on, but the result would be a polished masterpiece, much like the bullies. They will keep on hurting you, but in the end you will come out shiny and polished, and they end up useless.


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Never has bullying been okay.

Being an outsider also has its advantages. It can allow you enough space to be as creative as you can get.

Do not let bullies get the best of you. Keep yourself real, and by being real you are already very brave.

I have never thought of myself as weird. It was the other people who dubbed me as such.

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Being a nobody and small is so much better than being a somebody who is evil.

Not all of us have the guts to be a fighter in this fight called life. If we all are, then bullies would be extinct.

Anarchies always end up with the power given to bullies and I do not want any of that.

Imagine the kid you bullied at school grow up and become the only man who could save your life.

Vent out your frustrations in a bully through writing songs and then, not only you would be listening to your burdens.

You can pummel, crush, and beat a person’s dignity but you can never take it away unless it is wholly given.

Bullying could make the victim lose focus on his or her career path, and may ultimately ruin their chances of a good life.

Offense can only be felt if it is released by someone you give importance to.

Failures let you learn. They are your stepping stone, so just pass and learn from it, never dwell on it.

How they bully me used to disgust me; now it just plainly amuses me.

Scars inflicted by bullying could open up just like the rings on a tree for every season full of emotions.

People who dislike themselves compensate for it; that is where bullying starts.

Do not mind the places where you stood your ground. The only thing that matters is you stood firmly.

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Let everyone see that you are happy with what you are doing. It takes away the power from anyone who might want to bully you about it.

There is nothing more acidic than anger’ it corrodes its own vessel more than any vessel it pours itself into.

Do not let anybody define who you are. You define yourself.

Keeping a friend never uses ill means, and so is making a friend.

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Everybody may have drawn a line for you. All you have to do is walk along the various versions of it.

Other people’s expectations do not have anything to do with your life.

No one can bully you unless you let them. Only you can define yourself.

Everything has a crack where the light gets in.

Bullying does more damage than give power.

Educated people know acceptance. There is no fear where there is no ignorance.

There is no such thing as normal, only on washing machines.

Victims of bullying usually resort to introversion, for when they are alone no one would criticize or make fun of them.

Hard things make us tough. Take the hard path in life, and you will end up as mature as you could ever be.

If you want to give up power, then stop thinking about it.

Be like a coconut tree, tough and resilient. No matter how little nourishment it gets, it still manages to grow taller and sturdier than the rest of the trees.

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Being tough does not mean you are being a bully. You just know how to say no and learn to tell the truth.

Most fools always condemn and complain. That is what they are good at.

Bullies believe they are playing games that they need and enjoy. Some may enjoy it, but mostly it just makes you miserable.

Being confident and sure of yourself wards bullies away.

Always be yourself. Even if you are an introvert, just get on the stage and you will eventually break out of your shell.

Tight circles of chauvinist persons bully together.

We should know that bullies usually experience violence at their own homes, which they act out on others outside the household.

Every bully has a pain somewhere that made him who he is. He just have to know where to place it properly.

It is not the victim who has an insecure personality. It is the bully.

You will know how to live if you know how to trust yourself.

There is no excuse to bullying. No one should feel worthless and bad about themselves.

Bullies know only one strategy: they intimidate you so you will shrink back. Resist it and stand up for yourself.

Without enough adult intervention, bullying would continue to exist and affect.

Do not let yourself think that you are a victim. It only makes the bully carry on with the bullying.

God would be the one to judge your bullies. Do not allow yourself to be consumed with hate, it will only destroy you.

When older people bully younger people, what they do is they double team up.

Be strong and drive the bully at the back of the bus. It is time for them to fear us.

Bullying is just a smoke to your courage’s fire.

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Believing makes you strong as doubting makes you weak.

The only acceptable thing to fear is still fear itself.

Only love could make your heart light. Hate is too heavy to bear.

Being able to own yourself is the best privilege you can have despite the struggles to keep yourself afloat with others.

We all have our own ways to follow. But the correct way has never existed.

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Whoever I am, I have to be myself.

Bullies know bullying is wrong but they keep doing it anyway so they are not the only ones who are miserable.

Be as flexible as a willow tree. No matter how overpowering the elements are, it just bends and goes with the flow without breaking itself.

Bullies have the tiniest ounce of self-worth and esteem. They only survive through humiliating and dominating others.

I may look crazy to you, but at least I am not pretending to be anyone else.

I do not care how others perceive me. I can make a fool of myself, and I won’t care.

Act strong enough to separate yourself from a friend who bullies others.

Seeing someone turn their back is the most distressing action of all.

Let other people underestimate you, and smile when they get surprised by what you can do.

There is nothing more horrifying than waking up to a country ruled by your high school class.

Every people have their own insecurity. Just avoid being close to those who have a habit of pointing it out.

When you are a nice person, bullies often target you because they think you are weak. What they do not know is being a good person takes a lot of strength and character.

Claim yourself and prove that you do not fear bullies, and then the bullying would stop.

There is nothing better than being a first class version of yourself than assuming a second rate version of somebody else.

There is nothing as strong as the power of the mind. Believe in yourself, and then anything would be possible.

Having enemies also mean that you have stood up for yourself against others.

One who pushes others to the ground would never raise high in his life.

Bullying is like cancer. It affects every cell of the human body and depletes its life source eventually.

Bullying happens when a least competent but aggressive employee projects their frustrations on a competent yet least aggressive employee.

You will identify a bully if you can see those around him are devastated like a hurricane has hit them.

Going to school becomes less appealing when bullies dominate the area. Then learning would already be compromised.

Putting up with stiff standards is just as worse as being bullied. Act differently, and then you are ridiculed.

When guidance and authority are weak, bullies exist and thrive.

Most often, bullies target their victims by looking at their abilities and competence.

Unleash the fire within yourself to drench the bullies that might scorch you.

Bullying in the workplace could decrease the morale and ruin teamwork. Ultimately, it would decrease the entire production of a team.

Overworking employees can also be classified as bullying. It turns the workplace into a soulless and heartless organization.

The best manager could get the best out of everybody, not only the ones who are clones of themselves.

Even schools nowadays harbor bullying. This is mainly due to authorities who never take responsibility and denies the fact that bullying exists within their premises.

Bullying is as heavy as domestic abuse and stalking. It should receive the same penalties.

However you prepare yourself against bullies, when you experience the real deal, it would be the most devastating and horrible experience of all.