What is the definition of love


Love is very difficult to define. Can we avoid mixing it with lust? Psychologists both have tried to define love without success. Try to find out what love is reading our definitions of love. …More

40+ Quotes on Relationships


They say love makes the world go round, but relationships are not all about sweet candies. Relationship involves two people working so hard together to make it work. Here are some inspiring quotes about relationships. …More

70+ Mother and daughter quotes

mother daughter quotes

The connection between mother and daughter is truly one of a kind, a unique bond that no one can ever sever because it is strong, because even when it seems to be weak, they are connected with strings that no one can see. There is something special between a mother and daughter that just inspires you, that helps you realize that loving so selflessly is truly possible. It is a love that is unselfish, unrelenting, never ending and truly one that is pure. The love shared between the two of them is something to be treasured. Share your story to the world, share the love that is between you and your mom by using these quotes below to express yourself and feelings. …More