40+ Quotes on Relationships

They say love makes the world go round, but relationships are not all about sweet candies.
The relationship involves two people working so hard together to make it work.
Here are some inspiring quotes about relationships.

Beauty catches the eye, but personality captures the heart. And once the heart is captured? Everything will look beautiful.

Life will be more beautiful if you find someone who wants to share your life: the same goals and same aspirations.

If you start to think that you don’t want your daughter or sister to be in the same type of relationship you currently have? Leave.

Real relationship raises doubts and arguments. If you and our partner are not arguing? Something is oddly wrong about it.


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Every relationship should have a compromise: respect and appreciation should always be the centre of everything.

Do not be afraid of mistakes and heartbreaks. These are just preparation once you get to meet the right guy.

Love yourself first. Love yourself to the point that you enjoy the life of being single so much that whoever wants to change that will have to work hard to prove that being with someone is better.

60 Quotes About Love

Trust is something that can easily be given. But maintaining that trust is a choice.

I don’t believe in courtship because you get to know the person more when you are already in the relationship.

Don’t let your relationship pull you down. Be in a type of relationship which helps you grow as a person.

You know you are in a genuine relationship if they managed to make you fall in love a million times for them.

Cute Relationship Quotes

The worst mistake you could make for your partner is making them feel alone despite your presence.

Not because I am not in a relationship doesn’t mean I am sad. Why? Are all people in a relationship happy?

What made you think he’s your prince if he doesn’t make you feel like a princess?

Status on Love Quotes

People might not always verbally show you, love. They will show it through actions.

A good relationship is not measured by how great it is initially but how long they make it together, happy.

You are accused of being assumed at that moment, but in reality, we expect too much because that’s precisely what you are giving.

You can never love someone without starting as friends.

Loving someone is unexplainable since you can’t describe how that person rubs you in a way no one else can.

A relationship won’t have a finish line if you keep doing what you did in the starting line.

Sweet I Love You Quotes

Always choose to stay with someone who brings out your best, not your worst.

Every commitment should always make you look forward to another day together, happy.

Sometimes, being single is not knowing anything about relationships. Sometimes, it knows what it is.

Arguments arise when we don’t understand our partners, and we overreact without even listening.

Respect Quotes

No matter what we do, everything will still fall into its proper places, if it’s meant to be.

Every relationship should have a clear ending for us to grow better for the next relationship and not burn the friendship of a once happy relationship.

The best relationship is when you treat each other as friends where you are comfortable and respect each other as equals.

If you don’t love and appreciate the one you love, then somebody else might.

Your love is yours. It doesn’t need approval from anyone else.


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Relationships, good or bad, teach us lessons. It teaches us what we want and what we don’t want.

If you love someone, their happiness comes first. If you see them happy, you will be satisfied.

If someone is unique to you and occupies ample space in your life, show them while you can.

A real boyfriend will always know and understand the sentiments of his girl without needing the girl to say it. That’s how true love works.

Don’t be in a relationship where you have to lose yourself in the process. You are worth loving just the way you are.

Relationships don’t need to be perfect. It just becomes perfect when two people stand up for it no matter what.

You know you are in the wrong kind of relationship when you give more into the relationship yet get less from it.

The strength of the relationship is based on its foundation. Not the time you spent on each other.

The best person to express your concerns about your current relationship is the one you are in the relationship with.

If it has already come to the point that it’s hard for you to keep the conversation, then that’s the point when it will be twice harder to keep the relationship.

The best relationships are the ones you never expected to have and change your views about your ideals.

Once the trust is broken, a relationship follows.

I don’t believe in forever because love needs to be constantly taken care of to grow. So if you keep on showering me with your pet, I’ll grow with you.

The greatest love you will ever find is the relationship within yourself because you know that person will always take care of you and not betray you.

Lovers will always argue and disappoint each other at one point. What makes the relationship stronger is when they choose to stay and fight for their love no matter what.

Communication, trust and respect are the essential elements of true love that every relationship should be built with.

Any relationship would be successful if the two parties worked hard to nurture it with love every day.

Whenever a relationship is tested with great trials, a great relationship will go through it and comes out even stronger. A weak relationship will fall.

You know that you need someone in your life when that person shows you how much you are necessary for him.

True love is when he sees your worst side and embraces it like it was your best asset.

Sometimes breakup makes a relationship stronger, and sometimes it makes one person stronger on his own.

If you cannot make yourself happy alone, why else would you expect that being in a relationship will?

Jealousy is not necessarily destructive since you are sure that the other person is afraid to lose you.

It’s common for girls to dream about marrying the man he goes out with. But when a guy is dreaming of marrying the girl? That means he loves her so much to let go of everything for her.

Be careful when you make your girl cry because another guy might be waiting and is making efforts to make her smile.

All relationships will undergo trials for us to realize which relationships are strong enough to make it through.

There shouldn’t be any relationship if someone is already cheating. One shouldn’t be in a relationship that he is not serious about, and the other one shouldn’t settle for anything less.

If you got a man to yourself because he was cheating, be sure that the same guy would do it to you with somebody else.

The story of Romeo and Juliet so inspires people that they want to keep fighting for a relationship to prove other people wrong.

Whenever you and your partner argue, think of the things you love and not what you hate about each other.

Relationship status is just a label. Being in a relationship will change you into a better person, not just your title.

To stay happy in a relationship, you must continue trusting and loving one another. It’s easier said than done.

You know that your relationship is on the next level when you manage to stay in love despite differences and arguments.

You know that you are in a significant relationship when you have your own life and identity on your own and manage to have your identity together as lovers.

If you are in a relationship, you will realize that love is not enough to keep the relationship. It would be best if you nurtured it with trust and understanding every day.

You don’t make your relationship stronger by being happily in love every day. You make it stronger by choosing to love one another despite difficulties.

The greatest challenge in life is not finding true love. It’s creating one and choosing to be in it for the rest of your lives.

There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. Every marriage should have difficulties and struggles for the couple to test the greatness of their love for one another by choosing to stay.

Name one successful marriage that didn’t have any arguments. None? Because successful marriages are those that stand trials.

Do not wait your entire life for one person to love you when somebody else can do that in just a few moments.

You know you are genuinely in love when you realize that home is where the person is.

Before you tell me you want to protect me, let me ask you first, what are you protecting me from?

Now that men can be so difficult and self-centred, don’t you think that our girlfriends are our real soulmates and men are just there for the fun of it?

I don’t get this relationship thing. I know that being with you feels so good, and I am so afraid to lose you.

When you are in love with someone, everything about them becomes special, even when they are just looking at you or saying your name.

Any woman will always be bitter about love not unless someone new will make them taste sweetness.

Love is not for the weak, the cowards and the cynic. Love requires strength, courage and optimism for it to work.

You get to love someone when you stop being idealistic and love them for what they are.

Being married to the right person feels like you always have someone to catch you each time you fall, even if you are in an argument with that person.