60+ Character Quotes


What builds a man’s character?
How can you tell if a man has a good character?
Which virtues does he need to possess?
There are many factors on which a great character relies.
Take a look at the quotes below, which will help you determine what makes up a good character:


It is upon your own hands to build your character. You cannot simply dream and wake up the next day with a great feeling upon your lap. You can only make it happen with the use of your strength to build into a reality.


If you are only focused on improving your living standard, the quality of your life will never be good. If you shift your target into changing the quality of your life, great things will start coming your way.


Your reputation will forever be out of your reach. In the end, it is all about what people think of you, that which should not be your focus. Instead, concentrate on your character. It is what truly matters in this life, after all.


You can only do great things if you dare challenge the circumstances you are given.

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Of all the possession a man has, the only thing which has value is his character.


Lies tarnish your mind. Greed stains your heart. Hate tears a piece of your soul. The only way to keep your character clean is by deviating yourself away from these.


Circumstances reveal a man’s true character.


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No one will remember the luxuries you’ve had. No one will pay attention to the money in your bank account. People will forever remember you by the kind of character you have.


You can determine a person’s true character by the things he ridicules and laughs at.


I refuse to make the evil and brutality of the world turn my heart into stone. I believe, no matter how silly it may sound to your ears, that the world is still a beautiful place.


Character is not forged in the quiet seas or calm forests. The heart and soul gain strength and faith only through the fires of hardships and the jaws of suffering.


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The tears you shed from your trials and anguish will help you see what truly matters and that which you will need to succeed – your character and integrity.


Character does not need words from you to shine. It is upon your deeds which will cast light on it.


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Reputation is only a shadow of your character. Do not worry about it too much. When light is cast upon it, the greatness of your character is revealed.


Our families are where our character starts to take shape. However, it is ultimately in our hands as to how we want to shape it.


Knowledge is nothing compared to the value of one’s character.



The future of our society relies upon the character of its people.


Character is best nurtured in the wild rapid rivers and the scorching deserts. On the other hand, talent grows in the quiet walls of a room or a peaceful forest.


Character is the most priceless and sturdiest of them all.


Do not pay mind to what others think you are. Who you are is what matters.


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Character is the ground from which success stands.


Opinions can change in a blink of an eye. Character, however, does not. It only grows and blooms if one may choose so.


The things you do every day reflects on your character. Even more so, the things that take you by surprise.


It is your little habits and traits which are the pieces of your character.


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Character is built upon what we spend our time on and our attitude towards life.


The best investment worth devoting your time and energy to is your character.


A person’s character reflects how he treats others from whom he cannot get any good.


A good character is composed of kindness, sincerity, integrity, empathy, courage, and most of all, how well we treat others.


A man with a good character cannot be corrupted with power or money.

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Embracing life with bravery and honesty builds and strengthens one’s character.


Life is composed of a series of experiences and challenges. How we emerge from it is what builds our character. We can choose to lie down on the floor and succumb to darkness or stand up and keep on moving.


Sports may build your muscles more robust, but it also reveals your character.


You are giving yourself respect when you admit your mistakes and do your best to learn from them. Mistakes are there to challenge you, not to hinder you from growing.


If I am to leave my children something to remember me by, I will leave them with a legacy of love, faith and a great character to look up to.


Marriage is not the end of your growth. It is just the beginning. When you put your child’s needs above your own, you learn the virtue of love, perseverance and patience. The sacrifice opens the gateway to faith and everlasting love.


A weak attitude reflects upon an invalid character.


I hope to one day live in a world where people are not judged by the colour of their skin or their status in life. I hope for a world where people will see your character and integrity above all else.


All esteem geniuses. All covet the rich. All fear the powerful. But a man with a good character is believed by all.


Men and women recognize us by our reputation. God and the angels above knows us by our character.


Action blooms into a habit. Habits grow into a character. Character forges the road to your destiny.


A clear conscience does not fear the claws of a restless conscience or an unexpected knock from a door in the middle of the night.


A liar is disqualified from acquiring a good character.


Be kind to those you meet. You do not know what kind of hell they’ve been through.


Kindness goes a long way. Kind words uplifts. Kind acts heal. Kindness results to love.


Only people who trust you are the ones willing to risk doing business with you.


Follow what is. Help others along the way. Treat others with sincerity like how you wanted to be sincerely treated.


The most priced pots, the golden chandelier hanging in the ceiling, and even the tallest and mightiest of towers can be destroyed, but never your character.


How you do the job says how far you can succeed with it.


When doing business, always stick to what is right. It will echo within the company and to the services you provide. Eventually, you will enjoy the fruit of your clients’ trust and your competitors’ respect.


Your every thought, every word, and every action is the mirror of your character.


We may be different in every aspect of our lives, but there is one thing that we all share the same roles with – we are the architects of our characters.


Your character is the one that will guide you towards your destiny.


Each of us is responsible for building our character. No one can dictate to us what we should be and how we should be.


The character will always be superior to intellect. Intellect can be acquired through books and school, while nature is built and acquired through life’s experiences which no scholarly materials can tell you how.


Your opinion of the world says something about your character.


School teaches us how to develop physically and mentally, but it is a life that leads us to mould our character.


I don’t think that you can describe your character through your own words accurately. Let others find it out for themselves through your actions and decisions along the way.


Character is your strength against the tides of life. Character is the excerpt of your heart and soul. Character is your guiding light towards where you are meant to be.


A successful leader possesses good character. He leads his people with his sincere heart and his mind for justice.


You cannot follow a man who you cannot aspire to be like.


The character draws friends close to you. You reap their support which leads you to the priceless treasures of friendship.


  1. An honorable man is one which has an astounding character. Standing up to what is right is a great feat no ordinary man can commit to forever.


Dreams are the foundations from which we shape our characters too.


If you want to be respected, you have first to build sincerity into your character.


Sure, great talent is admirable. However, I do not think anything comes close to the greatness of one’s character. It is your masterpiece – one which you built with your own hands through courage, determination and hard work.


You cannot dictate a man’s character. It is something that you will never have control over.


The ultimate gift of our journey is not what we get from it – It is with what we became because of it.


In every situation you face, make the most out of yourself. You do not get another shot on it.


You will meet people who are complete opposites of who you are. Instead of loathing them, it is a great time to reassess yourself.


Never push others to do the things which you cannot do yourself.


Character is the ground from which the house of who you are standing upon.


A man with class is of great character.


Do not believe a man when he says he has a good character. You do not have words to see it. You only need actions to recognize it.


It is only within your hands that you can change who you are. If you don’t like your character, you can always build it over and start over again, just like how winter turns to spring with passing the time.


A strong character is the result of a life-changing situation. A gentle one is brought about by stability.


How you react and decide on a situation says something about your character.