35+ Cheating Quotes

Cheating is one of many reasons that destroy a relationship. It is like a poison that slowly kills even the healthiest foundation ever built. Read on these cheating quotes to find more about this treason of emotions.

Cheating is a choice, not an ordinary mistake a man can do.

Don’t say to me that you do not have a choice and you do not want to cheat with me after all. You have a choice to avoid it in the first place.

I think it is better to just kill me than cheat with me. I don’t know if I can actually take the pain.

I can never forget the time you just cheated on me. That was the same time my feelings for you just died.


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You knew it will break my heart. And still, you choose to cheat with me.

I will never cheat on my girl. Why should I find someone else if what I have right now is the best girl in the world?

No reasons can validate cheating. If you are not happy anymore, then end it. Remember that no one can love two people at the same time.

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I have the worst nightmare last night. I just caught my boyfriend cheating with me.

A cheater doesn’t deserve any second chances but a sweet revenge.

I do not see any valid reason why someone cheats with their partner except when love fades.

My boyfriend thinks I will not find out that he’s cheating with me. I can tell by the way he looks at me now compared before.

You will never cheat if you are contented with your partner.

The evil will tempt you with what is only beautiful, so make sure you are strong enough not to fall into temptation.

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Cheating begins when you start to keep secrets from your partner. It will grow until it destroys everything.

Cheating doesn’t need to be physical all the time, it can be both verbally or emotionally too.

Some people think cheating happens only in weak relationships. This was wrong because no matter how strong your relationship is, when one gives in to temptation, everything else will fall down.

No words will ever explain the pain after seeing your partner kissing someone else.

Think hundred times before doing something nasty with your partner. Once done, you can never erase.

The mind will forget, but never the heart.

I don’t care if she’s always busy as long as I know I am the only one in her heart.

To keep a secret, to hide a text message, to never reveal your password, is one of many indications that you are cheating.

A man who cheats one time is never different with a man who cheats several times. They are both idiot.

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Learn to be contented with what you already have. Never find someone else who will fill what is missing in your life. That never going to be successful.

Any form of cheating is unacceptable not only in the eyes of the mortal but with the eyes of the Lord.

Hoping that a cheater’s conscience will never make him sleep at night.

If you knew someone, or have experienced it before, you might have an idea now why is that possible for someone to cheat. If you haven’t known anything yet, then you are at the right place.
Here you can find different quotes about cheating. We hope you’ll enjoy reading.

Congratulations! You just broke someone’s heart. You are now a certified cheater.

You cannot hide your secret forever. One way or another, time will come that all your secrets will be revealed. Including the time you cheated on him.

Your partner is not the one who will kill you but your conscience when she found that you are cheating with her.

Cheating is when you become selfish for wanting to have more than what you already have.


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While it is still early, I suggest you start moving away from the temptation. Do not wait until it gets complicated and it breaks everything.

Your explanation will never change the fact that you just murdered your partner’s heart by cheating with her.

Just imagined her reaction when she finds out that you are cheating with her. I hope that will give you a sign with what is going to happen next.

You are already cheating if you looked at someone with lustful desire. It means you are starting to entertain some nasty ideas in your mind.

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Think before you enter into something you might regret in the future. Love only one.

Hurting me in the first place was not a good idea, and then you cheated on me. You are really a waste of my time.

Just tell your partner if you do not love him anymore. There’s no point to stay and at the same time have an affair with someone else.

There must be something wrong with me that push you to find someone else. But still you do not have the right to hurt me this way.

I am not as handsome as your other suitor or as rich as them, but I am a loyal one.

I don’t care about your apologies, whether it is sincere or not, all I want is to forget about a damn cheater like you.

When a guy cheat, the world look at them as a monster. But when a girl cheats, they always play the victim.

Don’t wait for the time you’ll realize the worth of what you just lost just because someone else makes you smile.

Maybe she looks prettier, but that doesn’t mean that she is better than me.

30 Cheating husband Messages to say I am sorry

I maybe crying today, my dear cheating husband, but I promise the day after tomorrow I will rise up and show you what you just have lost.

I think I should thank you after all lousy cheating husband. If you haven’t done it, I will never realize that you are not actually worth it.

Having an affair with someone else gives you only a temporary happiness. It is better to make things right and live happily .

You are only sorry because you got caught. If I know, you do not have any plan to tell me that I am not enough for you. Go to the place where all demons like you should be.

What happened to all your promises? It all gone in the wind. Just like your love for me.

The only choices you have are either stay with me or let me go.

People who hide something from any one are actually committing a near cheating thing.

When trust is gone, it is hard to love again. Always keep your promise and stop hurting the one you love. Otherwise you are just another cheating husband.

My only mistake is that I trusted you with your words and not with your actions.

Never allow yourself to be just an option. You all have the right to choose to be the top priority.

I fell in love with a man who already belongs to someone else. I know it is wrong, but I am willing to take the risk.

Why can someone accept the love that is not whole? Not whole because in the first place he already gave it to someone else.

The sad truth about some relationship is that one chooses to fight for it even though it is not worth fighting for.

I can’t even think of the right word to describe who you really are. You are more than a monster, much of a devil.

Out of all your lies, the most painful is when you said I am your only love.

I choose to believe your words even if I know that it is exactly opposite of your actions.

You lied about your feelings for me. You are no different with any other cheater in this world.

Cheating wife sayings to say I am sorry

She never told me that she already belong to someone else. If only I knew, that she would be cheating wife, I will be the one who will choose to leave.

Don’t cover your lie with another lie. That will never change the fact that you are a goddamn liar, a cheating wife, that loves to lie.

I am crying not because you cheated on me. I am crying because I still believe in loving you.

At the end of the day, our love for each other will never be the same again. Thank you for making me realize that life isn’t better when I am with you.

You lied, you cheat, you cheating woman. I don’t know why in the first place I choose to love someone like cheating wife.

It hurts being only an option. You are only here when you needed me.

You broke my heart and now you are asking me if we can still be friends? Are you really out of your mind? I don’t need another friend. I need a good wife not a cheating wife. I already have lots of them. And to tell you, all of my friends are loyal to me unlike you.

Things will change just like your feelings for me. But I cannot deny the fact that I never regret loving you.

I cheated on my wife, because my wife cheating on me.

I cheated on my husband. He still doesn’t know. I do not want to break his heart, that’s why I decided to make things right. I hope his love for me will be enough to forgive me.

You broke up with me simply because I cannot be the girl you wanted me to be. You think your new girl will be better. What if she’s not? Then what? You will cheat on her too? You are an asshole.

Let me give you a piece of an advice. When you tell a girl you love her you should prove it to her. Never think of breaking her heart because when a girl loves, she gives her whole life.

Cheat only when you are nearly dying. Because when your partner finds out about it, you will be killed eventually.

There’s no such thing as secret relationship. You are an idiot to think that I will not find out that you and one of my closest friends have an affair. Oh, before I forgot, she’s not my friend anymore.

I think it is easier to forget your name than the fact that you cheated on me.

You are wrong to think that being sweet to me will bring back everything. It only brings back the pain I’ve been through and not my love for you, so please stop it for good sake.

I never even dreamed of cheating on you so how could you dare to cheat on me?

All I ever did was love you with all my heart and cheating is how you repay me then?

Cheating is the ultimate form of betrayal, it is the worst kind and the one that leaves scars.

You pained me so much with what you did, I do not think I can ever love again after this.

Who would have known that finding out that your partner have been cheating on you would hurt this much?

I trusted you, I loved you, I told you all my deepest secrets and you cheated on me, why?

Why did you cheat on me when you could have just told me that you loved me no more?

It hurt so much when the person you love and trust the most in this world cheats on you for someone else.

When I remember what you did to me I still want to take out your heart and feed it to the dogs.

You cheated on my friend and I would never allow you to do the same to any other girl, boy.

Boy, you make me so mad that I actually want to punch you in the face for cheating on her.

How dare you cheat on the person that only wished you nothing but happiness forever?

All she ever wanted was to keep you happy but you insisted on cheating on her for how long?

Just how long have you been cheating on me when you could have just told me instead?

I pity the girl you cheated with because I can be sure that you will do the same to her soon.

This was going to happen sooner or later, my friends were right when they said you were nothing but a big fat liar and a cheater.

I am telling you now that I did not deserve to be cheated on, I never deserved any of this.

Up until this moment, I still cannot believe that you have cheated on me with someone else.

It was all you that I thought about every second of every single day and you dare cheat on me?

I am not a person to be angry upon others but the moment you cheated, all the anger burst.

I never knew that it was possible to be mad at someone so much you want to see them die.

If you wanted to leave me, you could have asked to do so instead of backstabbing me, cheater.

You are someone that should never be trusted by anybody else because you are an ugly cheater.

You can lie all you want, cover it all up but I have seen it with my own eyes that you cheated.

You may have cheated on me but you can never cheat your way out of this confrontation.

I will gather all the girls you have cheated on and let them meet your new girlfriend, that is how bad I am going to be.

How can you accept that someone has cheated on you when you have done nothing to them?

I never expected this to happen but here it is, you have cheated on me with another girl already.

If this is how being cheated upon feels like, I never want to trust anyone else ever again.

I still think about how happy we were and how you laughed all the time, so why did you cheat?

What did I do so wrong to deserve being cheated upon when I just wanted to see you smile.

Every moment we spent together, I only wished you happiness and this is how you repay me?

Does love mean that you get cheated on in the end of it? If so, then I have to pass on love.

I hope that you never experience what it is like to be cheated upon, because it is too painful.

I promised you that I would never cheat and so did you so how did this ever happen to us?

There was no way I was ever going to let this one slide, once a cheater, will always be one.

I do not believe in second chances, if you were bad enough to mess the first one up, you do not deserve a second one, indeed.

If I give you a second chance, how would you ever make me forget that you cheated on me.

We were so happy, so peaceful and then you cheated and ruined it all for us two.

Let me tell you that cheating is practically the worst thing you can do to the person you love.

I am going to tell you this up straight, once you cheat on me you can never go back again.

You do not deserve me if you ever plan on cheating on me ever, do not even dare to do so.

If there is a chance that you might cheat on me, please do not enter this relationship.

I cannot believe that I trusted you all this years only to have you cheating on my back.

For so long, I believed in your make-up stories and make believe lies but I was so wrong.

It was the worst day in forever, the moment I realized that you were cheating on me.

How can I believe that you were cheating on me when you were so good to me always?

It was so hard to accept that you cheated on me because I have fallen for you so deep.

Loving you was the best thing that I did but you cheated on me and proved me wrong.

How do I accept that the person I love the most in this world actually cheated on me.

You have been cheating on me all this time, you backstabbing, lying, ugly guy!

I will make sure that cheating on me will be the thing that you will regret the most, stupid guy.

I cannot believe how stupid I was, loving you when you were out there loving someone else.

Do you know how hurt I had been when I found out that while I was waiting for you all night, you were out there making love to somebody else?

There is nothing that can ever make me say that I love you anymore after you cheated on me.

There is no point in talking this over, I am telling you, I would not give you another chance to cheat on me again.

I know that you will just cheat on me anyways so why would I bother trying to hear you out?

I will not listen to all your nonsensical explanation of how this happened, you wanted this too.

Do not tell me you did not want this because cheating is not something that happens by accident.

It was never my fault but always your choice to cheat on me in this love that we both shared.

You were my source of happiness and then you cut me off, I was stupid to love you, it is sad.

When the person you love cheats on you, how do you tell yourself to stop loving that person?

How do I tell myself that I have to cut you off of my life now that you have done this to me?

By all means, tell me why you cheated on me and prove to me that you did not want any of that.

If you can tell me why you cheated on me, I might have it in me to forgive you, but not take you back again, ever.

There is no chance that you are going to go back to my house after what you have done to me.

Do not even attempt to sweet talk your way out of this, there is no going back to what we had.

What we had was nothing because you threw it all away the moment you cheated on me.

You decided to do this, to betray on me by cheating on me with someone else, man up and have the balls to stand up for your decision.

I blame myself, not you for ever giving my trust to somebody like you that knows only to cheat.

I cannot believe that I had been fooled for such a long time now by your silly disguise.

Honestly, I thought you were my prince but you were such a liar, a disgusting cheater.

I still tell myself every day that I should forget you but what you have done had left a scar in my heart, so deep, it hurts.

How can you tell me you love me only to tell it to somebody else as well?

You were my biggest mistake because you were the one who cheated on me.

I am telling you right now there would never come a time when I would forgive you for doing this to me.

You cheated on me, so you might as well just cheat your way out of this one if you can.

I just hope you do not cheat on her to, I pity her for you will surely repeat this thing to her.

It is not just boys that cheat on their loved ones, girls also do it sometimes for fun.

You are telling me you cheated on me for fun? Just how low can you get to have this fun?

Cheating on someone is never right; you may be forgiven now but karma works fast.

Before you tell me that you will never cheat on me, have you ever cheated on anyone else?

People tend to repeat their behavior so if you have cheated once, you are bound to do it over and over again.