60+ Cheer Quotes


Cheer is a happy word bringing to mind encouragement and uplifting of one’s mood.
We cheer in happiness, expressing our joy, and we also cheer on, sending our good spirits to urge our favored people forward.

We all need cheer in our lives, so here are some quotes to inspire you to cheer.


To find strength, we must look for the cheer in the hearts of those who love us.


Warm cheer is a far more precious gift than cold gold or icy jewels on a dark stormy night.


A single cheer is a coin that, when given, multiplies and enriches us all.


Songs are there to cheer us in nights of solitude and silence.

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What you give is what you get, and when I give a cheer, it lifts me.


We can exist in silence, yet cheer can be found in a quiet smile or a wordless hug.


A cheer for a cheer, we lift ourselves off the ground by supporting each other to fly.


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When you see someone down, you are obligated to give a bit of cheer. Nobody knows when you’ll need someone to do the same someday for you.


A cheer is a contagious emotion. It begins in excitement, in anticipation, then it becomes a loud thrumming of your heart beating at the same rhythm as the people near you. It then builds in your stomach, rising to a shout that, when expressed by several, becomes an explosion of power.


Not all things cheered from a group are right. A cheer is only a sound of expression made by an idea, but the idea could be very dangerous.


A cheer made in your honor is a strong proof of your relevance in people’s hearts.


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Don’t try to cheer up a person who’s decided to be in a bad mood. It’s not your problem, and it’s his choice.


Running is a personal test of solitude and endurance. When one runs a marathon, the cheers of those at the start and the finish, people who support and push, will give a super boost of energy and vitality.


When you are sad, look into a mirror and cheer yourself up. The best person who can motivate you is yourself.


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We must cheer for those who are not with us anymore. Let our cry of joy be heard by their souls and carry them to paradise.


No matter how hard it becomes, never lose your good cheer, for it is the light that will sustain you in the darkest times of your life.



It pays to shower good cheer around where you work. A good atmosphere will liven things up and encourage us as the day goes by.


Always strive to give joyous cheer and smiles to everyone around you.


Cheer is a circle of light that protects you from the harshness of the world.


Cheer up, never cheer down. It is always forward positive with good energy.


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Be like a fire in the cold forest, bringing warmth and cheer to those surrounding it.


Let the emotion of joy rise from your lungs and give cheer to our victory!


Good cheer, despite the misfortunes, for we must always be grateful to still be alive and well in this changing world.


You can’t cheer up everyone, and if it is hopeless, all you can do is show that you care.


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Find a partner who you believe in, someone you can cheer on, and who can return the favor ten times over.


When people cheer you on to win, know that you support those clapping hands which are as happy as you are to have done something worthwhile.


It is easier for optimists to make their cheer and easier for alcoholics to drink theirs.


When someone has a goal, cheer them on! Encourage the fire within, and you shall benefit from the fire they will add to yours.


Cheer yourself up by doing what makes you happy.

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Good cheer is the best kind of medicine for those who feel cold in their heart.


Gloom is a pointless exercise, often futile and a waste of time. Look at the world around you and feel joy and cheer in the world and life blooming.


Cheer is a nice gift of happiness in a smile.


To give someone cheer is to give someone hope, for happiness in the future is better imagined with someone encouraging.


Even a simple flower, ibuprofen, or a glass of water can cheer someone up when they are sick and down.


General good cheer is inherited through the blood, but you can also learn it through compassion and empathy, inherited through the soul.


Children are walking buckets of cheer and snot that will lighten your day and make you sticky.


To read is to immerse oneself in another world that rests the present mind and cheers the soul.


We must stand up and cheer for all those who had come before us and laid a path to greatness.


Music is a source of emotion, a companion in our misery, and the cheer on glorious days of sunshine.


You are a player or on the bench, but all must cheer each other to be part of the team.


The person who cheers you on the most is the one you can call your family.


There will always be that one thing you will always cheer for, the thing that brings back a memory of a happier time to make you feel again that moment of happiness that was lost yesterday.


When your friend falls, you must cheer him up so he can stand and continue running.


Do what you must to get some good cheer. We do not have enough, and we must have all that we can get!


My heart cheers when what it was hoping for appears.


When you are sad, go to the sea. Her waves will ease you, and the sun will cheer you, and you will return to land renewed.


I am envious of the good cheer of others, so I go to them to partake and never feel envy anymore.


A simple smile to a stranger can cheer a little bit of the world.


It is always best to be positive and give cheer to others for the betterment of humanity.


Cheer is from the heart, not the bottle.


Those who love me give me cheer and warm my heart with their presence, and my only wish is to give back.


Men of cheer are mostly liked and loved for their energy feeds the starved people for kindness.


Do not underestimate the power of a bit of cheer. Even the silliest of jokes lift a spirit and heal the soul.


Triumph often comes before cheer, but one cannot triumph without out in the first place.


Sometimes, it only takes a gentle voice and a simple cheer to make life real and clear once again.


By your cheer alone, you can change the course of the game.


It is spirit, not the spin, that is the source of a delicious cheer.


The fiercest of all people are the best cheerleaders.


Cheer is often best when paired with good food and drink.


A festive cheer is all we need to start a party!


A cheer is a medicine that not only cures the self but those around.


A quick walk is an easy way to cheer oneself.


Cheer those who are brave, who need the support. For tomorrow is uncertain, and they need all the encouragement to move forward into the next day.


Sometimes you can find cheer in a bowl of hot soup, a cup of coffee, or a chocolate bar. You are bound to see it in the most surprising of places.


Cheer transfers energy from one person into another to strengthen them both and spur them forward.


A cuddle is a warm cheer from one body to another, full of love and affection.


Women have to cheer each other on. We need to be more supportive and encouraging of each other because if not ourselves, then who?


Remember the promises you made to yourself and let it cheer you never to giving up.


It pays to be mindful of cheerful people. They are often wise beyond what you see.


True friends are a source of cheer. A simple phone call can light up your face and lift the weight of your heart.


Becoming a cheerful person takes practice and a substantial amount of endurance.


Strive to be a person of good cheer, and good things will come.


When we are generous with our cheer and be grateful for what is around us, we are all blessed.


Cheerful people are the best because they can turn even the most ordinary days full of happiness and hope.


Look around you for cheer. The rising sun, the food you eat, the water you drink. Nature gives us her blessings, and it is up to us to be grateful for them.


Nobody usually pays attention to cheerful people, often looking at them with disdain, asking them why they have such hope in this world, ignoring them. It is only when we cannot feel their presence anymore that we start looking for them.


Always giving with a smile for the cheerful person is always significantly favored by many.


You will never be happy even if a million cheer for you unless you cheer for yourself.


It is the loyal fan you have to appreciate when they cheer from an empty stadium, coming all the way there to support you.


It is wonderful to be cheered on suddenly by somebody you did not think noticed your private battle.


Everyone can be cheerful. You just have to try.


We raise a toast and a cheer to art, for it sustains our love for beauty and lifts our spirits.


Visit the elderly when you can. Even if they can’t hear you or you don’t understand them, your presence alone is an excellent source of cheer.


A single person standing behind you with a simple cheer is more significant than a roar of a crowd who only knows your name.